Slam Or Glam: Rihanna

Rihanna was among many stars who attended the NRJ Music Awards last night in Cannes, France. She looked stunning in a lace Jean Paul Gaultier design, she was all smiles as she took home The International Female Artist Of The Year Award. I admired her look. She def gets a glam stamp of approval from me:) Wat do you think, Slam Or Glam?


  1. Not all that crazy about the dress and I think it’s that bronzy material turning me off but otherwise, she pulls it off and looks great!

    The International Female Artist Of The Year Award, eh? Cool beans, Rih Rih 🙂

  2. GLAM! I love the dress. It’s very different. Work it out then, Rhi Rhi! I am not mad at u. Hate her or love her, this chick is BAD, absolutely FLAWLESS!!! And Congrats on her award!

  3. And Jesus wept…daisy-patterned lace and eyelet. Her makeup is skrong!

    Pretty lady; nothing new here. Congrats on her award.

  4. Wow. Her makeup is really nice.
    The dress looks nice. Kinda confusing, towards the bottom, but I love the back of it.


  5. @Lmao you have got to deal with your own personal issues before they eat you up, you are a sad character,everytime there is a rihanna post here you are degrading her , what is it? weight issues? dark skin issues?no money issues? Please give it a rest you comes off as an bitter jealous woman and it is not a good look
    i don’t like rihanna or beyonce or ciara when is the last time you saw me under their posts slamming them down?

  6. She is just a fashion icon. NO matter you say about her singing and there is a lot to be said about it her fashion game can’t be knocked. People are trying to copy her with the high fashion and it is just all wrong on them. She has such confidence in the way that she carries herself that she can pull a lot of things off.

  7. Fabulous Rihanna makes it work!

    Hey BS, ever notice that your favorite female celebrity crush never walks the red carpet when Rhi Rhi is in the house. LMFAOOOO

  8. I like the makeup. i like parts of the dress but not the whole thing. the mixture of the eyelet and solid materials are throwing me off but i must say, she carries it well. this is one woman who knows how to WEAR clothing and doesn’t let clothing WEAR her…

  9. Rihanna looks glamorous as she often does! I love the fact that she doesn’t only wear safe gowns that have been basically the same style & same fabric choices since the early 90s. This is definitely glam from head to toe!

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