‘Sleeping with the One I Love’ Video


Fantasia Unveils ‘Sleeping with the One I Love’ Video

Fantasia has just released the video for her newest single, Sleeping with the One I Love. The track is the latest to be lifted from her The Definition Of… album, which is reportedly set to be released sometime this fall.

As with her previous visuals, Sleeping with the One I Love is directed by photographer Derek Blanks, who recently referred to Fantasia on Instagram as his “muse.”

The video is a play of Blanks’ alter ego photo shoots, and features Fantasia playing a multitude of female characters, all locked up behind bars.

Fantasia called the video her most “exhausting to date,” saying it required her to tap into parts of her personality she didn’t know she had.

You can check out Fantasia flexing her acting chops above, as well as on tour, where she recently told fans she plans to incorporate aspects of the video into her live performances.