Sleepy Hollow Finally Gives Fans What They’ve Been Asking For


It’s Time for Sleepy Hollow Fans to Come Back

If you guys have been following me on Twitter, then you know that I am loving this week’s upcoming episode of Sleepy Hollow. As you’ve already no doubt heard, the episode is titled Kindred Spirits and features the return of season two monster-of-the-week, The Kindred. He’s been summoned by Pandora and her husband, and he’s none too pleased. Fans who wondered what happened to him and what he’s been up to, won’t be disappointed in his return, though for me, his re-emergence was hardly the highlight of the episode.

Yes, The Kindred slayed like Beyonce, several people to be exact, but this episode isn’t so much about The Kindred as it is LOVE. Yes, LOVE. Kindred Spirits is Sleepy Hollow’s Valentine’s Day episode. Whether it’s Lost Love, Unrequited Love or Zombie Love, this episode covers it all and manages to never bore us in the process.

For those of us longing for the return of season one Sleepy Hollow feels, the show gives us that, while simultaneously looking forward. Kindred Spirits is the show’s turning point. Kindred Spirits is officially the episode that declared “Abbie Mills Deserves Better.” Yes, y’all. They actually quoted the damn tag in this episode and I am only mildly ashamed to say that I am all in my feelings.

However, I gotta be honest, there might be a downside. This episode is just too good to be true. It can’t be real? Is Abbie dreaming this? Hell, am I dreaming this? I worry writers may have already gotten the word they’re canceled and are trying to give the fans everything they want before it all comes to an end. Hopefully this isn’t the case. Hopefully Sleepy Hollow gets a fourth season, because now more than ever they are deserving of one.

Sleepy Quotes

“Truthfully, Ichabod, I think you are ready for someone, it’s just not me.”

“You made me push myself, made me a better man.”

Want more? You’ll have to tune in to Fox this Friday at 8pm to watch the amazingness for yourself. Sleepy Hollow is back, y’all.

Here also is my audio review I did prior to seeing the full episode.

Please excuse any errors I didn’t catch. I wrote this on the run 🙂


  1. I’m going to trust you and watch this week Sista. The fans could use a pick me up.

  2. Finally I hope Ichabbie happens if it does I would literally scream I love this show hopes it gets renewed for season 4

  3. You make it sound like Crane is taking directions on who to date or love. Not very encouraging. The development of this relationship matters, the cost matters. It doesn’t make any sense at this point.

  4. Precisely, EL. Precisely. Nothing’s been earned. And there’s no way of going back and fixing over a season and a half of missteps, so there’s no way of those kind of directions and options making it sense now. These writer’s have severely limited the show, but that’s where we’re at.

  5. I didn’t say Crane and Abbie fall into each other’s arms, only that I believe this is where things are going. Zoe has stepped outta the way and acknowledged that she believes he has eyes for someone else and Daniel likewise has been enticed to reveal his feelings for Abbie. Neither couple comes together on Friday night, but I believe the groundwork is being laid for Abbie to eventually have to choose which man she wants. I personally think Abbie and Ichabod will gravitate towards one another over the next several episodes. They aren’t just being thrown together. Neither has acknowledged anything to the other, but like I said, the stage is being set. It started last week and continues on Friday.

  6. what we’ve been asking for is Ichabbie, and Crane and Abbie via season 1. Aint nobody here for Danny and Abbie or any love triangle, so if that’s what you are referring to, please recant and tell us to temper expectations.

  7. I hate Ichabbie shippers. You all have done just as much to ruin the show as the writers and producers. All you care about is that Abbie and Ichabod end up in bed. The author has told us to expect a good show from beginning to end but all some of you can talk about is Ichabbie. When this show is finally cancelled look in the mirror and you’ll see why.

  8. @TINA
    As a Sleepy Hollow fan myself, I think what fans have been asking for is a return to the show focusing on the two main characters, which is what I believe will happen. I also believe that given both Daniel and Ichabod are now free agents and clearly have feelings for Abbie, a love triangle might happen. And by triangle, I think Daniel and Ichabod will both want to be with Abbie. You may not care for that, but given the attention Ichabod’s love life has gotten the past two seasons, I am more than okay with Abbie being the center of attention for a while.

  9. I am an Ichabbie shipper, but it’s not my desire to see them “fall into bed” with each other, as one of the commenters suggested. It is moreso exploring the dynamic between two complex, fascinating people and seeing how they grow together. Some of the other storylines (Katrina, Zoe, Henry) get in the way. It is also seeing how their bond facilitates them going and getting the bad guys. SH would not be what it is without the chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie, nor would it be what it is without delving into history, discovering new evil critters, and vanquishing evil! Just as important as the Ichabbie vibe is the intelligent writing, quirky humor, and scary monsters. Add a Biblical calling and lots of myths from all over the world, and you have one of the best shows on TV. Rolling around in bed? No! Lots of extraneous violence? No! Cursing and ugliness? No! This is a family show, but smart enough for grown folks…

  10. Excellent comment from you DJINNA. We all know Ichabbie is the life and blood of the show, but it takes more than them being in love and making heart eyes at one another for this show to be successful. I’m tired of the hateful Ichabbie shippers trying to ruin it for everyone else by demanding things simply go their way. Asking the author to recant her opinions is an example of their entitled hubris. Ichabbie is not becoming canon this week. The writer didn’t say they would and neither did any other reviewer. Please go have several seats in the balcony and let us who want to see good writing and storytelling enjoy the coming episode.

  11. At no point did Ichabbie shippers destroy the show, as some commentors are saying. The only thing that destroyed the show was the terrible direction and writing the show took. At this point, Ichabbie is all this show has left because the writing has become so horrid. So if that’s all that is left, and the only thing people are willing to come back for, then use it to save the show, only do it in a believable way, at least.

  12. I don’t think the Ichabbie shippers destroyed the show, but some of them are out of control on social media, especially Twitter where they constantly attack the writers. If I was a writer, for no other reason than spite I’d keep Ichabbie apart. Some of you all do go too far with your demands and are shortsighted. You need to look at the big picture, not just whether your ship will set sail or not.

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