Sleepy Hollow Cast Going to Comic Con + New Writer Promises Season 3 Greatness

SLEEPY-HOLLOW-SEASON-3-CAST-GOING-TO-SAN-DIEGO-COMIC-CON-0Rise n’ shine Sleepyheads, we’ve got some great news for ya. Sleepy Hollow’s new pared down cast of Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison and Lyndie Greenwood are all set to appear at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

If that’s not enough to get your heart racing, we hear fans in attendance will get a sneak peak at what we can expect to see in season three.

Quiet as kept, the actors have been taping the upcoming season since mid-May and writers are now starting to give small glimpses into where things may be headed when the show returns to Fox’s line-up this fall.

Fans hoping the show would return to the winning team of Ichabbie (Ichabod + Abbie = Ichabbie) are in luck. In a recent interview, executive producer Heather Kadin said “We’re really looking to bring back the fun relationship between Abbie and Crane,” something that was sorely missed by fans and critics alike in season two.

Two new writers for the show, Shernold Edwards and Leigh Dana Jackson, have also been very vocal about the upcoming season, not only promising a return to the gloriousness of Ichabbie, but also the wonderful addition of Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) as a full-time character and member of #TeamWitness.

Fans still on the fence about returning for season three should definitely tune in according to Jackson, who in a recent interview said “Season three is going to be great.” Jackson echoed the sentiments of Edwards, who also told fans the show would not disappoint them again.

Those of you familiar with Sleepy Hollow know the show strayed from its original season one premise during its sophomore season, leaving many fans disillusioned and ratings in the toilet.

Late season course correcting, resulting in the death of two characters and banishment of another, left fans hopeful. However, the announcement of Orlando Jones’ departure was a dagger to the heart of an anxious fandom who’d hoped to see the original gang back together again.

And while Jones’ loss was indeed a disappointment, I have nothing but good feelings about the team of Mills, Mills & Crane. Abbie, Ichabod and Jenny make an awesome team. Look no further than season one’s the Lesser Key of Solomon and season two’s This is War. I’d secretly hoped this trio would be paired together and now they have.

Season three can’t come fast enough for me.


  1. Really?! I thought a director said they would start back filming in July instead of May because of the late renewal!! OMG.

  2. Sleepy Hollow actually wasn’t renewed late. It was renewed early, just not as early as some other more popular shows. It was renewed March 18, but Fox had until May 11th to announced their renewals. People thought they didn’t start shooting season two until May 2014, but later Mark Goffman admitted they’d actually started shooting back in February.

  3. So glad they ditched Mark Giffman. He nearly tanked this show with his Crane family obsession. Bring on Ichabbie and Jenny. I’ve always loved episodes where they work together. Will miss Orlando at the panels though. He’s funny and understands the fandom.

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