Sleepy Hollow Ratings Remain Steady


Sleepy Hollow Ratings Remain Steady Thanks to Nicole Beharie

Since its move to Friday nights three weeks ago, Sleepy Hollow’s ratings have remained consistent. Low, but consistent. The show seems to be hovering around the 2.9 to 3 million viewers range, and the 0.7 to 0.8 demo range. Now, if they can get their demo up, Sleepy might actually stand a chance of getting a fourth season, something many of its fans are obviously rooting for.

I’m kinda on the fence at this point. Two weeks ago I really thought the show was moving in the right direction, but now, the bad writing mixed with the annoying attention levied on Jenny and Joe, has left me not really giving a damn. Still, when I behold Nicole Beharie on my screen every week, I find myself flip-flopping between wanting Sleepy Hollow to go on forever, and wanting it to be put out of its misery so hopefully Nicole can land another lead role and continue to bless us with her amazing talents.

She’s the sole reason I continue to quietly root for Sleepy Hollow. The show is a steaming pile of garbage left on the curb in the middle of a heat wave. It stinks, y’all. I find myself laughing at the writing. I mean, how convenient was it that everything needed to make an antidote to cure Ichabod in last night’s episode just happened to be in that underground dungeon? Seriously. Every friggin’ ingredient was there and apparently it didn’t matter how much of it was mixed together. Abbie just haphazardly threw the ingredients in a bowl, mixed it together and bam, Ichabod was cured. If you weren’t side-eyeing the writing like I was, it’s probably because you’ve already stopped watching.

And then there is Jenny and Joe. I’m not gonna like, I want them dead. Like, right now. The writers throw in these two kissing and hugged up on each other in damn near every episode. Why? What do they bring to the show? Do the writers think Joenny is a replacement for Ichabbie? Do they think the fans just wanna see any old romance and will accept these two as some sort or consolation prize for the lack of Ichabbie interaction? I know I won’t. Jenny and Joe are getting way too much screen time and it is at the expense of the Ichabbie screen time.

No one cares about Jenny and Joe’s childhood scars or their feelings. Tell us about the tablet? Yeah, the one that alluded to Ichabod and Abbie possibly having existed in another time or having magical powers. That storyline got dropped pretty early in the season and instead we got Ichabod and Betsy, Ichabod and Zoe and now Jenny and Joe. I got $5 that says before the season is out Sophie and Daniel start eyeing each other.

At any rate, based on next week’s promo, it looks like the Joenny madness is set to continue. I doubt I’ll watch. I tuned in late to last night’s episode. I had no plans to watch, but relented after logging on to Twitter and reading fan comments. I caught the beginning on Hulu this morning. Like the two previous episodes, Nicole Beharie was and is the show’s only bright spot. I want all the rainbows and unicorns for Abbie Mills. She looks so amazing. She needs a life on this show. Not possession or turning her soul over to the devil. An actual life.

Anywho, check out a short preview of next week’s episode, Into the Wild, below.


  1. That film on the Hidden One and Pandora seem to go on and on and on. I damn near fell asleep. 😆

  2. Nicole is looking so good with the curly hair. I love it. I watch just to stare at her. She deserves better than this show. I heard the show just wrapped up filming. I hope she does something in the off season. I miss her while the show is on hiatus for almost a year.

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