Sleepy Hollow Ratings Rise… and Fall

So, in its second week of airing on Friday nights at 8pm, Sleepy Hollow managed to both rise and fall in the ratings. The good news, more people watched- 100,000 more to be exact. The bad news, its demo slipped from an anemic 0.9 to an even more anemic 0.7. And for those of you who don’t know, it is the demo that counts. So while, yes, more people watched, it wasn’t the desired demographic of 18-49 year olds that advertisers and networks covet.

Still, I think Sleepy Hollow fans should remain hopeful. I’m sure the demo will rise, and the fact that the show did not lose viewers is beyond excellent news. Friday nights may turn out to be just what the show needed to stabilize itself and grow a loyal fanbase. Stay hopeful, Sleepyheads.

Now, on to the really good stuff.

Fox didn’t make last night’s episode (The Incident at Stone Manor) available for previewing in advance and I did not watch live. I did however follow the happenings via Twitter, and most fans appeared pleased with what they saw. So pleased, I stayed up until 4am waiting for Hulu to add the show to their rotation.

I read so many great reviews of Nicole’s performance, I had to watch, because while I can’t stand the show, I loves me some Nicole Beharie. And while I wasn’t as wowed as other fans were, I was pleased to see her character return, and boy did she look amazing. Abbie was trapped in the Catacombs for ten months and clearly she must have found a stash of coconut oil and shea butter, because her hair was everything.

Nicole Beharie once again proved that she is irreplaceable. No one will ever bring to the show what she does and fans will never accept the writers trying to drop another broad in her place. She and Tom Mison continue to be the best thing about this show. Though clearly tested, their chemistry remains unmatched and the sooner everyone involved in the show accepts that (I’m looking at you, Lyndie Greenwood), the better off they will be.

If ever the writers should play the Ichabbie card it is now. Your ratings have stabilized, now bring back your younger viewers by focusing on the one thing fans have always responded to: Ichabod and Abbie being Ichabod and Abbie. And I don’t mean the two of them just fighting demons. That was never the show’s strength. It was those quiet moments in which they bonded and relied on the other for strength and sustenance that roped fans in. Focus on this. Put everything you have into the Ichabbie ship and mark my words, your demo will rise.

Next week’s episode is titled Kindred Spirits and sees the return of the Kindred and that Zoe Corinth chick. Apparently the Kindred wants a bride. Hopefully Zoe will be scarified, but something tells me Crane and Abbie will be forced to save her like they did Katrina over and over and over and over again during season two. So while Abbie had to rescue her own ass this week, along with Crane, next week will more than likely feature them both rescuing another one of Crane’s precious snow bunnies.

FYI: Tom Mison referred to Zoe and Crane as “kindred spirits” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year. Interesting, don’t cha think?


  1. “FYI: Tom Mison referred to the Zoe and Crane as “kindred spirits” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year. Interesting, don’t cha think?”

    The above makes me wonder what are they up to….Sigh.

  2. If it wasn’t for people gushing over Nicole’s performance all over my timeline I would have never watched last night’s episode, because I knew Zoe was returning next week and her return could only mean a renewed focus on Crane and his dull as dishwater love life.

    This is Sleepy Hollow and at every twist and turn they have gone outta their way to shipper bait fans, but to then follow that up with something showing that it is another woman that Crane desires romantically. That’s why I don’t watch and won’t ever again get attached to this show.

    Abbie has never been their focus. Her personal life gets glossed over while Crane’s gets the spotlight. Its no accident Zoe returns just one episode after Abbie does. It is to remind fans that Crane and Abbie are just friends. Its to remind us that Crane’s heart lies elsewhere. I’ll be shocked if Crane and Zoe aren’t doing it in Abbie’s house before the season/show ends. LOL. They’ll probably have Abbie come in afterwards and change the sheets 😆

  3. The gushing got me too Sista. I love Nicole also but the episode was terrible. Not even she and Crane could save that catastrophe of a script. The monster of the week wasn’t needed and neither is Sophie. They’ve added yet another character but Danny is still basically absent and Betsy is a drain on episode she’s in. Why, Show? Just why? So many people and yet so few interesting stories.

  4. Sista I don’t agree with you. Enough of Ichabbie. It isn’t working anymore. Let Crane have Zoe and whoever else he wants. The show needs to explore Danny and Abbie. That is where I believe potential gold lies. Ichabbie hasn’t been worth a damn since season one. I no longer see that magic because it isn’t written. Ichabod and Abbie have become just roomies. I see nothing more. Not even the friendship that existed in season one. The writers have shown that they have gone as far with Ichabbie as they are willing to. So let it go and try something new. Bring on the Danabbie. Bring on more Papa Mills. Ichabbie died when Katrina, Abraham and Jeremy were brought into modern times. Lets move on. Enough is enough.

  5. Julian, I agree with you why not pair Abbie up with Daniel. They seem to not want to do so for whatever reason. They do not think she is good enough to have a romantic relationship with anyone, unless it is off screen. Personally I do not think there will be a Season 4. At this point they do not deserve it. Yes, there are interesting bits and pieces, but overall the show is redundant and boring. Also, I also it is sad that some of the fans are practically begging people who are not listening. Just let it go and let people move on to, hopefully, greener pastures.

  6. I agree with you on this, Brown Sista, although I was more impressed with Nicole’s performance.

    Personally, I’ve let Ichabbie go. Although I think your take is dead on, and that more genuine attention to their relationship would bring back the show’s magic, the writer’s and producers won’t go for it. They’ll just keep propping up one dull, safe, cheap romance after another, keep losing the mythology of the show, and keep messing things up until cancellation.

    Too bad. The show is doing a few things right here and there, and Nicole’s career is shining, with more to come. They talky are squandering an opportunity to do something great.

  7. 1. Nicole’s hair looked amazing.
    2. The Hidden One is a whining ass baby.
    3. Sophie is unecessary. No need for her to be hanging onto Jenny and Joe or Ichabod and Abbie.
    4. The hand porn was yummy.
    5. Daniel is so underutilized. Why is Sophie now getting more screen time than him?

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