Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Picture Review

A Unique Sleepy Hollow Picture Review

SLEEPY HOLLOW SEASON 3 PICTURE REVIEWWhen I first viewed the image to your right a few weeks ago, I joked on Tumblr that Ichabod looked like he was picking out granite slabs for his kitchen countertop. However, now that I have seen I, Witness, the episode that features the scene depicted in the photo, I know that what we’re seeing is actually so much more.

The concrete slab you see is actually a very old tablet Ichabod got his hands on, and it may very well be the new key to the Witnesses’ mission. Should this tablet’s importance not vanish, say the way the Kindred did, it will be interesting to see where the writers take things.

Having read so much fan fiction, I am excited about what this tablet, and it’s ancient depiction of a man and woman, could mean for Ichabod and Abbie. Will season three focus on deciphering the ancient text and its meaning, or will it once again fall victim to the ghosts of Ichabod’s past (I’m looking at you, Sexy Betsy) ? Only time will tell.

Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow kicks off October 1 at 9pm|8c on Fox.


Episode Quote: “Those guys look kinda like you two.”

Click here to view full size image; it’s pretty awesome.
This is the first of several reviews we plan to write based on previously released images from season 3.


  1. We’ll see. You never know with Sleepy Hollow. Like you said they’ll probably never mention it again, like the Kindred.

  2. Good luck Sleepy Hollow fans cause I think it’s time to hop off the train. I saw the Betsy kiss too and it’s obvious the writers are always going to make things about Crane and his bed mates. I hear Daniel isn’t even in the first episode and that he and Abbie are going to be kind of antagonistic with each other. Typical. Abbie angry with every man except Ichabod. This show will never focus on the witness and I bet we won’t see that tablet again until episode 18. Sleepy Hollow is going to flame their own fans this season and sew discord with this Betsy character. Watch.

  3. I ditched Sleepy Hollow last year. Worst show ever. How a show like this remained on the air while Almost Human was canceled is mind boggling.

    I’m hoping for better things from Minority Report. Sleepy will never regain the black female audience it had and spit on. It deserves to fail and the ancestors can’t help them.

  4. I’m hoping we discover that Ichabod and Abbie have some sort of powers they can harness as a team. I think the show needs to add some sort of element that actually makes the Witnesses special.

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