Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Promo Pics

SLEEPY HOLLOW SEASON 3 PROMO PICSI wish I could get excited by these new Sleepy Hollow season 3 promo pics execs released to fans over the weekend, but I cannot.

How can I? Have you guys seen the promo images for Empire’s season two? If not, check here, here and here. Fox’s hit sophomore drama is slaying souls in support of their new season, while Sleepy execs are busy releasing the worst cropped promo images I have ever seen.

How can fans get excited when all they see are the character’s necks? Were Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison naked from the waist down? Seriously, who thought these pics were hot?

Sleepy Hollow is set to return for its third season on Thursday, October 1st at 9pm. I heard another blogger refer to the time slot (Opposite Scandal and the Blacklist) as the GO TO YOUR ROOM AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE time slot. It’s the slot Fox awarded the show after its second season pulled a Titanic and sank in the ratings.

Once the darling of the network, Sleepy Hollow switched up its formula in season two and promptly lost 60% of its viewing audience. It also ditched over half of its cast, leaving only Abbie, Ichabod and Jenny to fight the forces of evil.

All these changes have put the show in a very precarious state, making promo for the upcoming season essential to wooing what the show desperately needs: new fans. And with less than a month left before the season three premiere, we think it’s time Fox got on the money and started promoting this show.

Likewise, the show’s writers and producers need to spend more time promoting their own show, rather than Star Wars, Orphan Black and all the other shows they seem to be more interested in. Let’s face it, if Sleepy Hollow’s own creators can’t get excited about the upcoming season, then why should we?

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  1. I’m here for the Mills’ sisters and the show. It’ll be the last season I watch if they don’t do right by the true lead characters.

    Also, autocorrect got me in the Meagan/Minority post. Meant to say “Sista”.

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