Sleepy Hollow ‘Whispers in the Dark’ Review

SLEEPY HOLLOW WHISPERS IN THE DARK REVIEWI’m going to be honest, I don’t know if I still consider myself a Sleepy Hollow fan. I still have affection for the show and its characters, but because my third eye stays open like a muthfucka, I tend to be able to see things others can’t until it is too late.

Case in point, I first had concerns about the treatment of the Abbie Mills character back in October of 2014. We were only about four or five episodes deep into the second season, but I could already see that Abbie was being sidelined so the show could focus on Crane and his wife Katrina.

Now, here we are in season three, Katrina is dead, but my fuckery is afoot senses are still tingling. Here’s why. Two episodes in a row have been solved thanks to Betsy Ross and her work with Crane in colonial times. Though Crane and Abbie are the Witnesses, it once again appears that Crane does not need Abbie unless something needs to be shot at.

The key to solving all of Sleepy Hollow’s supernatural problems seem to lie in colonial times and usually between the thighs of whoever Crane is involved with at the moment. The diminishing of the second Witness’ importance is what tanked season two and what will ultimately tank season three if someone isn’t smart enough to nip it in the bud NOW.

As for tonight’s episode, it was aight. I loved the opening scene with Ichabod cleaning Abbie’s house as payment for her allowing him to live there. Seeing Abbie in her own home has been a longtime wish of mine. The two of them being all domestic was adorable and pure gold. As always, when Ichabod and Abbie are together, the show just can’t can’t go wrong. Kudos to Leigh Dana Jackson M. Raven Metzner who I believe wrote this episode.

Another high point of tonight’s episode was Abbie discovering Daniel Reynolds, her former flame, is now her new boss and Crane’s reaction to the news. It was pure shipper baiting gold and fans fell for it hook, line and sinker. Ichabod’s jealousy was everything the Icahbbie fandom asked for and more. No complaints from me. It’s what fans wanted and the writers delivered. Good fucking job.

The night’s low point was of course that too long ass scene between Crane and Betsy Boobs. Writers need to let it go. Nikki Reed isn’t sexy (yeah, I said it). Her teeth are big and what the hell is up with her voice? Who cast this woman and why? She cannot act. Her one scene had me embarrassed for the writers and many fans on Twitter seemed to agree. Like Katia, her beauty (WTF?) seems to be the only thing fans who are on board with her character appear to notice. Go figure.

I was over Whispers in the Dark thanks to that mess, but outta nowhere Leigh Dana Jackson M. Raven Metzner knocked this episode outta the ballpark with news that Abbie has found her and Jenny’s father. I almost screamed when Abbie confessed her secret to Crane, and as always Nicole Beharie played the scene beautifully. She truly is this show’s most undervalued asset. More of this, writers. Please give us more of this. Keep your slave loving colonial heroes and your flat chested, big tooth pseudo-heroines and give us more of Abbie Mills looking the fuck out for Abbie Mills.

Searching for her father, going to Quantico, building a life for herself that has nothing to do with Crane and fighting the apocalypse is what I am here for. Go, Abbie. You go, girl. Now make Crane get a job and charge his ass rent.


  1. Betsy serves no purpose. Her scenes are actually embarrassing to me. They are trying too hard to make her relevant. Shall I say Katrina 2.0, without the whispering. I just hope they do not bring her into the present. TPTB need to just let it go before unnecessary damage is done to the show.

  2. Didn’t watch, but have read the reviews and critics are skewering sexy Betsy. No shock there. We all saw it coming.

  3. The key to solving all of Sleepy Hollow’s supernatural problems seem to lie in colonial times and usually between the thighs of whoever Crane is involved with at the moment.

    And that’s the doggonne rub, isn’t it? And it’s so lame! JUST STAHP. No1Curr ’bout ‘no Betsey Ross! or any “colonial” womenz that he might’ve lain with. It’s already a stretch that Ichabod seems to have been involved in every conceivable aspect of this country’s beginning moments.

    I only got to watch the mid-to latter half, so I’ll be re-watching again. I enjoy the Pandora character. She is…a villain; THE villain, I’m thinking for this season. I enjoyed hearing of Abbie’s father and her want and desire to reconnect with him. I look forward to that. I even liked Jenny and the Corbin kid. Him wanting to continue in his father’s footsteps makes sense to me. More to say after I view the episode in full.

  4. Why do people keep calling Nikki Reed cute? Am I missing something. Are Abbie and Jenny chopped liver? Are they not attractive women? I need answers.

    The final scene where Abbie confesses to finding her dad was beautiful. Finally, Abbie is coming into her own and thinking about her family rather than Crane’s.

    I hope they don’t bring him in as some loser drunk who just walked out on them. That would be too cliche. I want better for this black family. Can’t wait until Jenny finds out. She’s gonna be like let’s go get him.

  5. I finally got around to watching. The writers are laying it on kind of thick if you ask me. Ichabod being all territorial of Abbie seems to have come out of nowhere. His treatment of her last season was abominable. Anyone remember him telling Abbie to go with Katrina and protect her? Abbie is the second witness you asswipe. She is needed to save the world. It was Katrina who should’ve been sent to protect Abbie, not the other way around. Also, remember in Magnum Opus how Crane made Abbie go down that dark stairwell first? I’m still heated about that shit. Crane would never have told his wife to that and that bitch was supposedly a powerful witch. So I ask why now? Why start trying to sell Ichabbie to fans now? I swear, low ass ratings will humble motherfuckers in a minute.

    It was nice seeing Lance and Nicole together again. They work well together. I prefer them to Ichabod and lame Betsy Ross. I agree, Sista, Betsy is not sexy and the scene where she walks out with her clothes missing was laughable. The character is so bad the writers are undressing her in hopes fans won’t notice. But judging from the reviews I have read I think they have.

    I hope news of Papa Mills leads to the character actually being cast. I am here for that. I suggest actor Keith David. He’d make the perfect father for Abbie and Jenny.

  6. I hope the Mills’ sisters father has some sort of importance or insight into the world of supernatural, kind of like their mother—except minus the mania and “crazy”. I hope he’s like a black Indiana Jones + Bond 007 type character and I hope that his reason for being out of his daughters’ lives is a legitimate one and not a stereotypical one, you know.

  7. In my experience the only people who say anyone besides Abbie is their favorite are just plain racist. Seriously. I’ve read people freaking out over how much they love some white chick who is literally just an extra with one or two lines and saying that they want to see her with Ichabod. It’s annoying. Some idiot on YouTube actually made a video devoted to Ichabod and Katrina’s “sweet chemistry”. Um, what? What show were you watching?? And you’re right, Betsy is not hot. At all. She looks good in the opening credits but during the show I’m like “Wow, this is one plain woman. And her accent is atrocious.” I think that Ichabod’s having run into every single monster he and Abbie have to deal with is becoming laughable. It’s a new cliche. “This creature!” *Ichabod has a flashback* “Of course!” They need to introduce monsters Ichabod hasn’t personally met with before because this is stupid. Jenny’s actress deserves a pat on the back for her delivery of that line about the silver powder in the Tooth Fairy episode while Ichabod’s flashback of a room he couldn’t even see into, if I remember correctly, gave him some answers.

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