Sleepy Hollow’s Season 3 Opening Credits

Video: Fox Unveils Sleepy Hollow’s Season 3 Opening Credits

SLEEPY HOLLOW SEASON 3 OPENING CREDITSWhile several new characters have been named as series regulars for Sleepy Hollow’s upcoming season 3, it appears not all of those characters have been included in the show’s opening credits.

This is one of the main things I was really interested in seeing and while browsing FoxNow on my Roku, I came across a preview of the show’s opening sequence, which as you will see, features quite a few surprises. Faces you thought you’d not see are there, and faces you thought you would see are not.

So who made the cut, and who didn’t? Check the video below to find out. And sorry, I couldn’t find the video online so I had to do things the old fashion way and record it straight off my television with my iPad.

S3Credits from on Vimeo.

So, there you have it folks. Of the seven people we assumed would be featured in the credits, only five actually are. Naturally, Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills), Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) and Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) are seen. As is Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross) and Shannyn Sossamon (Pandora). Missing are Zach Appleman (Joe Corbin) and Lance Gross (Daniel Reynold), who were both reported as series regulars and are pictured in the show’s official cast photo.

Also seen is Katrina Crane, or her likeness, and the Headless Horseman, who we’ve been told will not be seen this season.

Was Fox too cheap to really switch things up? Who knows. But this all makes for some juicy gossiping about why certain faces were left out.

Have at it… lol.


  1. Ok that is odd. Maybe it’s not officially official. You never know until it airs. I wish they would change the whole thing. The lighting is terrible and no one really looks good.

  2. Lance and Zach better not quit their day jobs. Especially Lance. Sleepy Hollow police chiefs and captains don’t last long. Corbin, Irving, Reyes and Abbie’s most recent FBI boss all met tragic endings or just vanished.

  3. I can’t stop cracking up, omg! You can’t even see her face! Spooky Titties, indeed!

  4. it is significant because in one of the promo’s of “work to do” featuring Pandora, she meets Headless and puts him in the proverbial Pandora’s box. Hence that is why you are seeing headless in the opening sequence. Its kind of a “he’s around if she lets him out or when she lets him out”. At least that is how I took it.

    Oh and Collene, if that is your opinion then go watch Scandal or Blacklist or whatever else it is you will obviously be watching. People that have been watching Scandal most likely wouldn’t be watching Sleepy Hollow. At least none that I know would. One would think however since Scandal has been such a ratings bonanza for ABC and that Sleepy Hollow could be in danger if the ratings aren’t good, that many would use today’s technology and DVR Scandal, Blacklist or whatever else and watch Sleepy Hollow. I’m hopeful that the audience that watches Bones will stay and watch Sleepy Hollow. After seeing some new promos and reading some other things that have just come out this season looks very promising indeed.

  5. I don’t believe Headless has been put in the box. I think he is dead. But should they try and resurrect him one day, that’s a great explanation, Cali.

    But you’re wrong about Scandal. It and Sleepy Hollow very much have the same fans. Both fan bases are comprised of women, many of them black, who watch and support both shows because of the amazing female lead.

  6. Have you all noticed how we never see Lyndie Greenwood and Nicole Beharie together? Ever. I’m not a fan of her because I think she sides with every white woman the show brings in to take over Nicole’s spot. I saw her earlier today cheesin’ with the new white girl Nikki Reed. She was also friends with Katia Winter and team Ichatrina even though it was killing the show. As a biracial woman born and raised in Canada I don’t think she sees herself as one of us and I don’t think she recognizes the significance of Nicole’s role. It’s why she’s always talking about the other women on the show, but never Nicole. Nicole fans fought just as hard for Lyndie but she seems ungrateful and anti-Nicole and anti Ichabbie. Someone needs to tell her it is Nicole and Ichabbie that is keeping her arse employed.

  7. Selina, has she said anti-Nicole or anti-Ichabbie stuff lately? I know what you mean about her. She’s so not here for Nicole/Abbie and everything related to her, it affects my views on Jenny, who I’ve never liked that much to begin with.

    She does love her white co-stars. The eyeroll when I saw her pictures with Reed was epic.

  8. I haven’t heard her say anything. I’m just not feeling her based on the vibe I get. Last year when everyone thought Ichatrina was going to lead them to the promise land she was right on board with it. Right on board with the sidelining of Abbie and her own character. She also spent a lot of time in interviews caping for Katia Winter and trying to make her out to be a victim. She totally turned me off from her character. I don’t care what happens to her now.

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