Snapshot: Meagan Good’s New Do

I knew actress Meagan Good cut her hair sometime ago; however, it wasn’t until recent days that I got to see it from all angles. I must admit now that I have seen it all, I love it even more. Meagan’s bold choice to take it nearly all off in the back really adds to the sophistication of the style- and the pops of color do a wonderful job of accentuating her features.


  1. I had no idea she had gone so short in the back either. It looks darn good though and her style seems almost identical to the one Toni Braxton has now. I like the wisps of color that both of them have and I do think Meagan’s looks a bit more sophisticated than Toni’s.

  2. It is good to see the sistas rocking their own hair again. The weave and lace front wig era must come to an end and now.

  3. wow. she looks good. she should go Halle Berry style, she would be so hot!

  4. it’s to much goin on on the side of her head and the back of her hair is to choppy and un-even 🙄

  5. as much as I love Megan, i just don’t love this style on her. i can’t quite put my finger on why though. she’s still gorgeous either way you look at it!

  6. As someone who went to beauty school and know a thing or two about haircutting, I can tell you that it took skill to cut the back of Meagan’s hair. The layering is just beautiful and it suits Meagan’s face and head shape wonderfully.

  7. Agreed that it took a lot of skill to cut the back like that. Two different styles on either side gives her personality. Very original, well done.

  8. I love the side of it in the middle picture and the back of it. It’s very rare that I see her where a style with this cut that I like. I’m still trying to get use to it cause sometimes the way she wears the side part (that’s longer) looks awkward.

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