Beyonce’s Latest Vogue Cover


Want a preview of what you can expect from Beyonce’s upcoming Vogue photo shoot? Well, look to your left. This image hit Instagram earlier today and has been verified as totally legitimate.

As previously reported, Beyonce is set to cover the March edition of U.S. Vogue, which is set to hit newsstands in late February.

However, just like the singer’s GQ cover leaked in advance, so has the Vogue cover. Though the finishing touches are obviously not there, word is this is the image that will indeed be used.

Vogue has yet to respond with take down notices like GQ did. However, you know they have to be just a lil ticked off.

Oh well. Their pain is the public’s pleasure.


  1. Nice photo. You can tell some thought went into it. Annie Leibovitz doesn’t just try to get get folks naked like photographer Terry Richardson does.

  2. Is it Bastille Day? LOL With that said, I DO like it.

  3. Who is the real Beyonce? She is always in character mode or make believe land. So who is she supposed to be now in this picture???? LOL Gotta love her though

  4. Beyonce dont know who the real beyonce is. Its a nice pic but them boots are sexy as idk what.

  5. Nice, I’m sure it’ll look million x’s better when HQ gets released.
    SN: They should just start inviting the public to these photo shoots, recording sessions, etc. because nowadays it’s a guarantee their work will get leaked way ahead of time anyways.

    Well it looks like in this picture that it was her *duty* to pose/get dolled up as a queen or a black Marie Antoinette circa 1700’s….

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