Snippets of “Girl” by Beyonce

Though Beyonce’s new single “Girl” is expected to officially be released to radio tomorrow, small clips of it have started leaking today. I have posted a very small snippet below of what appears to be the hook. I have also heard several other clips, though I am having a bit of trouble getting them to play on the site. I’ll keep working on it, but in the meantime, check out the six second clip below. It is a very typical sounding Beyonce track. I think her fans will be pleased.

Here it is, the other somewhat longer snippet of Beyonce’s new single.


  1. I’m not even going to listen, I love Bey too much for that.

    Reports this blog to Sony hopefully you guys get shut downe!!!

  2. This hoe listened to the song already because it is posted all over the net and Beyonce fan sites. I know that is where I heard several of them last night.

    As for the song, I need to hear the whole things to truly judge.

  3. Keeping sucking Beyonce’s cooch Hello and maybe someday it will sprout oil and you’ll be rich as she is.

  4. Won’t listen to it because what’s the point. And I haven’t seen these on set pics yet. The anticipation is rising.

  5. Yesssss you better take to your twitter and release that fucking anger 🙂

  6. Brown Sista sound mad on twitter.
    Mad that this site is getting reported?

    Having a goddamn meltdown via twitter…
    Weak bitch

  7. I was laughing at you on Twitter KORI, Hello, Jamie, WINSTON, Cruz, and the other many aliases you use on this site.

    You can’t get me yanked offline. I’m self owned baby, like Oprah.

    I laugh at you and the snippet stays up 😆

    Stay commenting and driving up my page views. Every time you whine I make a few more dollars.

    And thank you for following me on Twitter 🙂

    You are quite the little follower aren’t you? Me? Beyonce? Do you ever lead?

  8. Get their asses Sista. Crazy stans. Shouldn’t their asses be in school this time of day? Opps I forgot. A study showed that Beyonce fans were stupid and uneducated. Even the Lil Wayne fans were smarter and you know that ain’t saying much.

  9. love the pics above with the red dress 🙂

    And get ’em Sista- Like who does multiple aliases?!

  10. Grow up! I hate when ppl’s songs get leaked to, but it’s bound to happen, and sites ARE gonna post it whether you like it or not.

  11. I want to know what happened to the song that people claimed was going to snatch wigs. Team Bey must have changed their minds and decided to release this song instead.

  12. LOL @ Sista…I see you know how to throw that Latoya Jackson classy shade…I LOVE IT. Anywho, Im going to wait until I hear the full version because I was hoping for something a little more different and from what I am hearing it is the same over-singing Beyonce.

  13. Not even gonna hate, the track sounds really tight! And I’m honestly not even a B.Fan…but gotta give her props from what I heard. Sounds memerizing and gonna be a GREAT summer soundtrack song 🙂 Thanks Sista for sharing such good quality snippets and dealing with the hateration for the enjoyement of simple blogreaders like me. Stay up beautiful, and don’t let anybody bring you down. Keep up the good work.

  14. lmao..tltltl.get em sista!

    “u quite da do u eva lead?” lol..

    i hav to say…im posibly beys biggest fan…but..the way some stans are behavin is quite embarassing…some of yal need to grow up..for real…love and suport bey and leave it at that…

  15. @Sista thx 4 the samples…I know this is going 2 be a Banger. Now 4 u hating a** ppl plz stop because you know y’all the first to buy the Records SO KILL YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!

  16. I swear, some ppl make me embarrassed to say I’m a Beyonce stan. I’m a member of her biggest fanboard and they are taking this way too seriously. They’re calling Sony, MusicWorld(for what?!), emailing riaa, etc…It’s ridiculous. They turning ME off.

  17. LOL, I’m not even mad at you SISTA your keeping it real classy and chopping folks down at the same time. I like to call it NICE NASTY:) And this is coming from a hard core Bey fan who happens to be VERY educated and non illiterate as @Jessica happened to mention Bey’s fans are stupid. Now that comment w/you putting Bey’s fans in a bubble seems pretty stupid and childish to me.

    I haven’t had the chance to hear it yet because I’m at work but my friend said it sounds like a bunch of different genres mixed into one and the beats really knock. I cannot wait to hear it. I’m not even mad at you Sista for posting it, this is YOUR site and you do as you please. Some sites may have chosen not to post it like Jia and so on but it’s still YOUR choice.

  18. Snippet or not…the big reveal is soon!…I always thought the artists/producers/labels leaked snippets, like movie trailers…it builds anticipation and sales…Sista is doing what she does and well!…no complaints about unfair coverage…she gives all artists (brown sistas) who’s doing something time to shine on her site or fans a place to critique or criticize!

    Beyonce will garner number one chart spots, award nominations/wins and the usual major media blitz for a star of her caliber…it’s all sales and marketing…when People Magazine had J-lo to top their most beautiful people list…I know we’re in a recession (I’ma huge J-lo fan)…it is truly about branding…she got it because American Idol is a powerful brand!…The Grammys changing their game plan…you won’t see as many artists winning as many grammys…popular music will now have to compete against other genres of music that may not sell as well…the music industry has seriously changed…so the takeover that fans are waiting on won’t be the same. Lady Gaga is quietly reiging…she knows how fickle the public is…Katy Perry is laying low while still flying high on the charts…Rihanna plays chamillion daily/weekly…these women are brands…they are avoiding over-exposure…as for black artists…they will only allow a few and we will only support even fewer…but, it won’t be just one…we have a few (Keri, Rihanna, Ciara, Nicki, Jennifer) that fit the editorial and brand needs of advertisers and editors…Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in the world with talent and this alone will keep her at the very top for a long time to come! Relax and enjoy your Bey-Ride!

  19. @Cynthinia

    im glad im not the only one who really knows how the game works. You are speakin nothing but the truth. Let them know GIRL, let them know.

  20. Get em Sista. Shut them multiple personality Sasha Fierce possessed me ppl down. Ppl need to learn that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Yall know what happens when you get a brownsista mad. If you don’t like her or the smell of her ish, then stay out of her a$$.
    This song is a club song, it’s not exciting, it’s just ok. I could see myself getting annoyed by it though because she got kindergarten lyrics and its repetitive.

  21. “Typical”
    “Not Exciting”

    U only heard 24 seconds from the song. Somebody who heard is says its nearly 5 minutes. Are you guys serious. See thats why believe yall are haters because thats not even fair.
    I wanna hear it in Full. Poor Beyonce. People are so quick to judge her music but groove the likes of Rihanna, Jlo, Gaga and Britney and that dance trash.

  22. What y’all think?
    Rihanna cant sing and she proves it on a regular but what keeps her here is the beats, do we dare say that Lady Talent Beyonce will come with some nice beats to add to her powerful vocals? Maybe it will take away from it who knows in this pityful place we call the Music Industry. She will come strong for sure but will it be what we need anyway I will support her because I know she will deliver something on this new joint regardless.

  23. I wonder if Beyonce stans reported the super huge blogs like Perez Hilton that also posted the link. Every site huge and small, including MTV, posted the snippets online. Was Perez and MTV also called out or was it only the little urban blogs that annoyed the childish stans?

  24. Jessica I’ll have you know that I am a PhD candidate for Psychology and I am the utmost Beyonce fan. Only someone imbecilic would make such claims as you did.

  25. Just heard more snippets from I BELIEVE “Girl” and it’s very interesting and different. She really is mixing up different sounds in one song.

  26. It sounds like the same beat Diddy Dirty Money used on “Ass on The Floor” – it’s the Pon De Floor beat that been used. Sounds good just like all her other stuff but this def ain’t anything new.

  27. The other snippets I heard sound like 3 different songs but it’s really “Girls”, I think it’s pretty innovative.

  28. The 3 new snippets I heard sound like they’re all 3 different songs but it’s all really…”Girl”, it’s seems pretty innovative, but we’ll see.

  29. @Ranjay These crazies reported EVERY link they found, including Perez Hilton. According to them, Columbia said they didn’t want the song to leak, so they appreciate their efforts. I usually don’t go against the board, but after the mess they said to me yesterday, I could care less.

  30. The snippet is too short and from experience, you can not judge the whole song from this short one.

  31. Now, for all the haters, kiss my ass. Move along, our sister beyonce has got this. Screw all haters!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Only GIRL in the WORLD (rihanna)

    GIRL that runs the WORLD (beycomessecond)

    Could she have been more unoriginal, geesh. Out of all the concepts out there

  33. @Ral Talk, just because there’s a couple of similar words does not mean the concepts are the same. The beauty of the English language is that with the slight change of syntax or punctuation, an entire meaning gets changed. For instance:

    Only Girl in the World= The concept that a man can make a girl feel special, as if she were the only one in existence (in his eyes).

    Girls (That Run the World)= The concept that a series of girls…dare I say the entire female race, is actually IN CHARGE, RUNNING THINGS, being “BOSSY”, etc.

    So how is Bey being unorignal, if the concepts are blatantly different? Or were you too unoriginal to be blinded by word order instead of meaning? #girlbye

  34. The song sounds like the same stuff she has being singing for the last 3 years and counting, no difference at all. I am not a big fan of this girl becuase she doesn’t evolve. Her publist and team are paid to say that but clearly this could be ring the alarm, single ladies the same mess and beats but a new title, whatever. Rand B sucks and I have been pushed to Neo soul becuase the rest of the music is wack. However at least RIRI brings great music, Sorry but it is what it is. Beyonce is a talent singer but her music has been garbage for a while. I will listen to Marvin Gaye for years to come but who in the world will be listen to single ladies 20 years form now saying that’s hot, NO ONE! Her first album was the best she ever made and after listen to this mess she still hasn’t found it yet. Oh well! It sounds like garbage!

  35. @TLD

    U got that all from a 18 second snippet? Yeh, and we just learned that that snippet is Fake.

  36. @ Real Talk Anyone that has Girl in their song is coping Ms Goat mixed with Donkey?

    Get a Grip!

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