So What’cha Think?

About the new color of the website that is? I was really tired of the pink but didn’t want to totally change themes so I decided to just change the font and the main font color. Singer Rihanna is actually responsible for the new look. When I saw her album cover I immediately fell in love with the dark turquoise text and knew it would be my next chosen color. For those interested, the cursive font is Black Jack and the hex color is #1C8694.


  1. The pink made the site look really girly and I liked that alot. It will take a moment to get used to this color cause it’s a bit darker and harder for me to read. I like the font but didn’t you use it before?

  2. Aha….so you stole from Rhianna, I think you owe her some money 😆 Naw….I like it though. Its perfect. :thumbsup:

  3. I wanted to mention it yesterday when I first noticed the color that I like this feel. I loved the pink, but this color is just as good. I think I prefer to other cursive font more. Though they are both very similar.

  4. I’m glad you guys like the color. I was sure you would all think it was too dull as the pink really popped and this color is very much laid back. I truly love it but I become bored easily so I know I will probably change it in about a month, and when I do, I will be taking suggestions from everyone. :thumbsup:

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