Solange Chats It Up With “Honey”

Solange Honey Mag Shoot (6) Solange is covering the latest digital edition of Honey Magazine. The singer shot a fabulous fashion spread for the mag and gave a great interview where she spoke openly about her music, her personal life and the backlash she experienced when she abruptly cut her hair earlier this years.

Excerpts below…

On her [supposed] relationship with Wale

“Wale is definitely not my boyfriend.”

On who she would like to work with musically in the future

“I would love to work with Pharell or Kanye West because I think they’re incredibly talented. They could probably go as left as they want to and I would be that artist that would say, I don’t care.”

On why she decided to cut off her hair

“I was pretty much at the point where I needed the change and I needed to focus my energy on more productive arenas. I was putting too much into my appearance and I needed to make this about growth and going to the next stage of my life.”

Click here to read the entire interview… it really is quite good.


  1. Solange style, her mental is so advanced and unique. ANd her cd-out of this world. Im feelin her.

  2. but not her sister lol jp wit you ruserious.

    Oh yea and I knew Beyonce was going to look stunning accepting her woman of the year!!!!

  3. I love solange she speaks her mind and doesn’t care what ANYONE has to say about it, and her music is also great very diff. which is what i likes.

  4. I love Solange. We have a lot in common as far as being the over-shadowed baby sister and our views and styles.

    Sista, are you gonna post The Billboard Woman in Music ceremony? Bee looked great!

  5. I >3 every last photo It’s funky & fresh looks like japanese fashion street couture!

  6. Give me a break people. Now all of sudden she is a trend setter. India and Jill be wearing natural hear for years now all of sudden she is the natural girl. Please I will not give her that credit.

  7. Solange is fierce and flawless witht that hair, her style is crazy too. And that album was hot, what happened with that?

  8. @ TRUTHTELLER I wuz thinkin’ the same thing “what happened w/ that”

  9. I wonder how she is taking the news spreading on the net that she is going to be a big sister soon.

  10. OMG! She looks much more interesting and beautiful with a TWA. There is no way some one can say she looks tranny. She looks fabulous!

  11. Interview is refreshing. Shopping cart pic is fierce.

  12. @truthteller-Well, we all know it didn’t go platinum, i think it had decent numbers,but Solange even said, she knows she isn’t mainstream and won’t do mainstream numbers. Her music isn’t for everyone-she ain’t talkin bout shakin her boomboom, taking sum1 $, or nonsense so you know mainstream don’t allow music that is thoughtprovoking-i know i ranted

  13. @ Ruserious

    That is true about her music, but you know what else, I think a lot of people won’t give her play b/c she’s “beyonce’s little sister” people should give her her own shine b/c she is talented and her music is nothing like her sisters. Those songs were hot, I feel if it were anyone but solange that put that album out, the songs would still get airplay today.

  14. One of the best photo spreads for 2009. They really connected, Solange, the clothes, the stylist, the photographer, her essence and timing!

    Great Job!

  15. truthteller, i don’t agree look at ashley simpson. she started out as the little sister of jessica and paved her own way with a different style of music.

  16. I notice on this blog that u block comments for no legit reason sometimes. What kind of a biased blog is this???

  17. I couldn’t get into Solange’s ‘music’ because her voice annoyed the crap out of me. It just DOES. She’s a talented writer but her singing…meh.

  18. @ BEE,
    I ageree!!!

    There is something about Solange that I cant quite put my finger on! Hmmmmm…..get back to you on that……
    But, I do think her attitude sucks. Yet, I had an open mind upon reading this post! I was expecting to read something great to be stated from Solange that would change my opinion of her!
    Her second answer has confirmed one known reason why I dont care for her:

    On who she would like to work with musically in the future?
    “I would love to work with Pharell or Kanye West because I think they’re incredibly talented. They could probably go as left as they want to and I would be that artist that would say, I don’t care.”

    She always has to make it a point to say that she doesnt care what people think of her and that she HAS to prove that she is different!!! There’s no need to shout out everywhere she goes that “she doesnt care what people think and that she is SO different from any other music artist.” Your swag and music should say it all! She’s TOO aggressive!

  19. She looks better with her hair cropped than she did with the weave. We can see her facial features more plus she has a softer look now.

  20. I think thats a really great attribute not to really care what people (mainly behind computer screens) thinks about you and you being real 24/7 I think bey should start being the same.

  21. I love her new look like chris rock said on oprah she looks stunning. I love them pant on the cart order them in black last week. Go girl.

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