Solange: Don’t Count Her Out

I spent the past few days moving the site(s) to a new dedicated server and now that the migration is complete we can get back to doing what it is we do best around here. We will start things off with Solange Knowles who is gaining my respect more each day. It is not easy being the sibling of a superstar and trying to carve out your own niche in the industry. More than likely you will not be taken seriously and people will assume you have no talent and are simply trying too ride the coattails of your famous relative.

Such is the case with Solange and yet she keeps persevering. She describes herself as a singer, songwriter, producer and EMI has seen fit to sign her to a world wide co-publishing deal. This tells me that maybe, just maybe, Solange has some talents we may not all be aware of. I’m not saying she’s the next Beyonce, but I am willing to give her chance.

Solange performed at R & B Live Concert Series on Tuesday night and word is all the songs were brand new and due to be on her new album which she says is scheduled to drop sometime next year. Mama Tina and big sis were also there to support her and I think the look on Bey’s face pretty much says says it all.

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  1. I heard she sounded terrible but who knows if that is true. But Bey’s face does say something 😆

  2. LOL that look is funny!! What’s also funny is the video of Beyonce flashing the audience during her performance of “Deja Vu”!!! This just ain’t her year lol!

  3. I hope that look is directed toward something else other than her sister’s performance. family should be more supportive. I’m not saying she should jump up and cheer if she dosen’t like the performance but the look of disapproval is not necessary.

  4. [quote comment=”12131″]Pictures tell 1000 words!!![/quote]

    It sure does! WOW! Well Solo looks great. that MOD look is cute on slim chicks like her!

    But lawd that weave is CRAZY LONG!

  5. Beyonce’s look is funny but I don’t think it’s towards her sister’s singing. :booty:

  6. Solange needs to go and sit down and good grief Beyonce and her mom look alike with all that makeup on. My goodness!!!

  7. beyonce is such a jealous human beign idk about solange only for the reputation of her family im not down to give here any chance dad is the pimp mama is the ex b… that is suporting and training the new b… beyonce so she can bring home the bacon
    HOWEVER i respect that lil sista she has a family she is a great mother and she is not envious like her sista

  8. I think they all look so great!!! I am sure Beyonce’ was not looking at her sisters performance in disgust. People love to hate on this family…. and with good reason! They are doin it so big. With the clothing lines and not to mention Beyonce being so successful. And Solange does alot behind the scenes writing. I think she is very creative as well, but many people dont know what all she has done. I wish them all the best succes. I am a fan of Both Beyonce and Solange. I wish people would let them do their thing without saying something negative.

  9. On an other note bit off topic and coming from my heart : i must say beyonce has the best fans on earth everyone is looking on that direction i supposed because solange is performing rite? then once beyonce makes that look sudenly she is not looking at her sister,she fall down the stairs and her stans try to pull the she is human card after they feed up people with her amazing talents that she and only she posseses
    (she was singin better then mariah carey when she was 2 years old so…)she accidentaly flashes the public and they pretend it never happens she described herself as the aUTHOR of irrepleaceable then when she get caugth lying she changes her speaches then again her stans are here making excuse
    she can kill one of her stan’s mama they will still have an excuse for it n

    one thing she will take to the grave is that over protection from fans and family that is so great i wish people could make excuses for my mistakes every other day and make me feel like superwomen
    go ahead beyonce you’re a goddess you’re imortal dont listen to critics you’re perfect :bowdown:

  10. The OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL is here, i mean where would this website be with out me :lol2: NEwayz solange is just going to be compared to BEE we all know this right. Bee is way diffrent then her sister but i won’t know until i see her do her thing GOOD LUCK

  11. I like the two singles that i have heard are supposed to be on new CD! they are HOTT! I wish solange the best!

  12. All I can say is that Solange looks a lot like Kelly in these pics. I almost thought it was Kelly until the skin tone caught me. And um…that’s a lot of foundation Tina and Beyonce are sporting… 🙁

  13. Tina and her daughters have a new found interest in hot pink lipstick and it looks terrible. There is a red and pink lipstick for every shade of skin but the one they are using do not compliment them.

  14. I ‘like’ Solange and wish her the best, however, let me reference an Essence article from last summer/fall…

    In it, she said she wouldn’t want her sister’s job or being like her sister (I took it to mean that she wouldn’t want to be an entertainer) because of what Beyonce is faced with everyday and has to go through…

    YET HERE SHE IS…promoting a new release? WTF???

    Good luck, Solange.

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