Solange: Global Ambassador For Armani Jeans

Designer Georgio Armani announced today that singer-songwriter Solange Knowles would be their new Global Ambassador for Armani Jeans. Global Ambassador- sounds like a fancy way of calling the sista a spokesperson. This reminds me of the time my friend referred to her laundry room as a fabric care center (lol). Anyway- Solange’s duties as Global Ambassador include wearing the jeans while promoting her album during her European promotional tour, which is due to kick off in early September. Giorgio Armani said in a statement about the singer, “Armani Jeans expresses my vision of a young, independent, casual lifestyle with a strong and cool fashion sensibility. Solange epitomizes this style perfectly and brings to it that swing so evident in her new single, I Decided.

This is the second time Armani has teamed up with a Knowles family member. As well reported here, sister Beyonce is currently serving as the face of Armani’s Diamonds fragrance. Her new ad campaign can be seen on page 2 below.


  1. Greetings,

    It would be better if they go to Beyonce knowles rather to her sister because beyonce is much popular than to her sister. Anyway it is just a suggestion…

  2. Go head then Solange!!!

    Good thing Bey doesn’t have big curly hair cause that ad would’ve been mimicing Erykah’s ad…

  3. Wow, Solange is getting more promos and press than Michelle Williams. Hmmmm.

  4. Tell the truth and shame the Devil Chey 😆

    Michelle’s album has also been pushed back. Po thang. The Knowles family curse is hot on her tail.

  5. I knewthey was going to push michelle album back because of solange. I do not care for her all something about her. Michelle and Kelly need to jump off that train and start all over with new management. They be know for girls that was in a group with beyonce and taking the back seat to solange.

  6. prime example of how it’s all about who you know and what connections you have cuz this just doesn’t make any sense to me kelly and michelle really need to find new managers it’s so obvious that matthew knowles shows nepotism

  7. i really do not like that pic of bee, u can see all in her nostrils

  8. Congrats to Solange… I hope it goes well for her :). BUT I just cannot help thinking that maaaaaybe she got this little promotional deal due to the her sister, who shall remain nameless on this post, I just find it ironic that the sister gets her Armani thing going on & now Solange…. hmmmmmmm makes one think.

  9. If this does not show Kelly and Michelle that they need new management then nothing will. The Knowles makes asses out of them.

  10. @bria

    It’s NOT just Kelly & Michelle… it’s obvious that M.Knowles shafts his baby girl as well. B/c as I said I find it IRONIC that the sister got her Armani thing going on & now Solange… it seems like Solange is riding on a coat tail or daddy felt sorry for her b/c she is his blood & helped to throw her a bone. Solange is in the same boat as Kelly & Michelle. However, unlike the 2… Solange is stuck b/c that’s her family.

  11. @Blameitontherain i agree with you she getting the shine because of her sister and her father. Kelly or Michelle should got that ad not her but like RIZZA

  12. When have you ever heard of a non-Grammy nominated/winning, lackluster album sales artist getting such a major print ad? I’m so sick of this family trying to sell this young lady to us as some hip, retro fashionista. Her “talent” alone is not enough to open such doors. A part of me wishes she would just say “yeah, my talent isn’t luminous enough to render such results so solely rely on my sister’s connections,” as oppose to always dropping that boot-strap story. And where is Michelle? I’m hearing nothing from Michelle. Where is her buzz? Uhhhhhh! Where are the big-name producers/artists on her album? Solange’s is loaded with them. I could go on for days but I’ll end with this, this family is pushing to make this girl as big of a star as her sister.

  13. You bet it’s that family connection. It’s been this way for a long time, so why act so surprise? Is it fair? Probably not, but should Solange turn them down [Hell no lol if she’s smart].

    Because of B’s PROFESSIONALISM in the business, she is crashing some doors open for her little sis [and others]. I hope Sol Angel don’t eff it up. Her cursing, and her putting her foot in her mouth [All for the sake of being ‘real’] is a turn off for me. Since when did that equate ‘real’ I don’t know.

  14. Solange got the hook up from her sister. That is not hard to see. Good for her, but I can think of a number of other people who could have that job.

    As far as Beyonce’s pic, I don’t like it. She has on too much makeup and it’s a bad angle. The other pic of her for Fashion Rocks is much better.

  15. You go girl! Solo is slowly making her moves! Can’t wait for her album to drop!

  16. Something about this girl I just don’t like. She just seems so fake and doesn’t have the presences or is not quite the performer like her big sis. She may have ink this deal, but deep down inside, we all prefer Beyonce and know that is the only reason she got it. Enjoy the ride of your big sister’s coat tail. Hold on tight, because a huge bump in the road is just up front.

  17. well done to Solange for using her connections and all, doesn’t matter how she got the gig, she just got it and she represents a different sect of fans.

    As for the management i don’t see why they just can’t release both albums at the same time to get things more exciting either way its up to the fans to support the acts they want.

  18. Solange keep doing you! Hey, folks have gotten gigs by giving up the goods! All she had to do was give her God Given Name! Love that track by Solo!LOL

  19. Regardless of how she got this gig congratulations to her. But I have to wonder how Armani Jeans will fit into her 60’s-inspired, retro-themed style she.s been sporting since news of this album hit the news.waves a year ago?

  20. Hmm Does it matter how she got the endorsement?
    Some people will give their lives for the knowles clan and nothing that you me or anyone else say can change that only god will decide when enough is enough …
    Kelly and Michelle are grown and i’m about 2 dollars and 35 cents tired of accusing Matthew his wife and daughters as if they have a gun pressed to their temps forcing them to stay , No one is , So if michelle and Kelly are staying under matthew’s wings its willingly so enough with the whole “Conspiracy theory”

    So leave Solange Alone Even by being a spokesperson for gucci “destiny” decided which one of her or her sister will be and stay popular and it aint her


  21. She totally got this on her own with her amazing accomplishments in the industry and her undeniable influence on consumers. I don’t dislike her, truly I don’t. She had a few points in my book for trying to differentiate herself from Beyonce and do her own thing. Thing is, she’s done nothing to merit any kind of deal with Armani. Beyonce has true enough, she hasn’t. Her album hasn’t even had the chance to prove her success, her first single isn’t getting the radioplay nor is it hitting hard on the Hot 100. Congratulations to her for getting it, good for her. But let’s not pretend she got it on her own merits.

  22. that right there aint nothing but BullllllllllllllllllISht!

  23. More than likely Armani is sponsoring her European tour as posted above. Sponsors are now are requiring more than just having there name flashed in the back or on a program. So, I’m sure the gig is tied into her tour.

  24. SnijanaFleur—-you are so right. But what people fail to realize, these people and companies don’t be knocking on Beyonce’s door either. The ONLY way she gets majority of these deals is because her Daddy is a hustler and knows how to con people. He was a car salesman. They con people 90% of the time. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for Solange. Because she has been trying to get out there in the recording industry for sometime now. But it is kind of funny how she booked this Huge campaign. As far as the other two members of DC. Whatever the get is what they deserve when it comes to promotion. IT’s their stupid fault they can’t realize they will ALWAYS get the least exposure, publicity, and love. I haven’t even seen Michelle on anything lately. Heck she hasn’t even graced a magazine cover. Good thing Kelly is smart enough to stay out of this biased country. Glad to hear the deals she is getting over there. Nevertheless, this fall shall be interesting. Watch how Michelle gets kicked under the bus while the knowles both outshine and promote her.

  25. ^^ Actually her deals are broker through ICM. Beyonce is global. Matthew could never pull that off. They are the talent agents of many A-List stars. There was just an article about them gearing up for her 2009 world tour . Here’s a quote!

    Brandweek: Give a peek into a project you and your team are working on now, and how it’s progressing.
    Carol Goll: We’re talking to brands about Beyonce’s 2009 world tour. In addition to significant exposure, brands want experiential marketing opportunities, ways to leverage the association outside the tour, through retail and sweepstakes, products, point-of-purchase materials. We’re looking for key brands that make the most sense, and then we start with their marketing strategies and create a custom proposal. The days of sending a sponsor deck are over.

  26. There is nothing worng w/ getting help to get your foot in the door…heck many of us have done it several times. But there comes a time when we all must take a stand on our OWN. It’s not a good thing to constantly ride on another’s shoulders b/c there will come a day, when that person that you have rode on will come to you & expect something in return… and this will more than likey be AFTER you have shown your gratitude towards them. Sometimes you want people to see you more than a last name & etc. I am glad that Solange picked up the deal, but I am also sure that she is tired of living in a VERY big shadow. As for getting over knowles management, that’s a negative b/c his image is branded w/ dc & the other chic for life…there is no way to difrentiate(sp?) the 2.

  27. I can see that Solange is really trying to come out of her sister’s image. She is not even the face of house of dereon kids any more. She said she didn’t feel it represented her. I think it’s really good that she is trying to establish her own. I have to agree with some of you guys though, Michelle and Kelly need new management…get a clue 😐

  28. Just now seeing the second pic of Beyonce. WOW. She is OTHERWORLDLY in that image. She needs to do a fantasy/sci-fi flick, like seriously. She looks alienesque here with the diamonds and the black and white of the image. Alien-esque but still gorgeous. Great images 🙂

  29. I think this is the ultimate proof that Mattew does not want kelly and michelle to succeed unless they get a clue a life and a new management they are doomed

  30. This is exactly why Kelly or Michelle can’t shine, why in the @@#$ is Solange even thought of as someone in fashion come on RIRI should be first if any thought was put inot this, we know it was all Ba dn her dad helping this child out!!! WHACK!! IF anything at least Kelly if they were keeping it in the family she looks more like amodel with her skinny frame!!!

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