Solange Has Found Her Groove

Who knew Solange had this type of soul in her? I sure didn’t. The singer, who recently parted from her record label, has been quiet for a while- but now she is back with a sound that in my opinion suits her a lot more than those Amy Whinehouse 1960 knock-offs she recorded on her last album. Solange has gone all sexy on us and recorded “Stillness Is The Move”- a tune originally recorded by Indie Rock band Dirty Projectors. You’ll also hear a sample of Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady” in the background, which really gives the song it’s pop.

Check out Solange’s version above and click “Dirty Projectors” up top to listen to their version. Honestly, you will wonder how Solange turned such a simple sounding song into this soulful R n’ B masterpiece.


  1. the only reason ppl think solange has no talent is because of who her her sista is. rather than giving her a chance the public just assumed she was trying to ride her sister’s coattails. if everyone just opens their minds they will see solange has a lot to offer too.

  2. Don’t y’all know that Beyonce was just the opening act for Solange?!
    This girl can sing like Beyonce wishes she could.
    She has her own sytle and she is naturally beautiful, short hair and all.
    Her cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” is what got me open to her. If you haven’t seen the video of that go check it out.
    I think her star will eclipse Beyonces if she can get good producers and keep working on her voice.
    Her individualism is very refreshing.

  3. She actually had a real nice cd. If she wasn’t Beyonce sister she would have gotten more pub. It’s not that she is better than Beyonce but just different.

  4. Solange is a no talent.. “borrowing” just like big sis

    She would have had decent album sales had she not had such a nasty attitude, putting on a fake rebellious vibe.. folks saw thru that fakes stupid facade

  5. mr. vee

    LMFAO at beyonce being the opening act for solange. as part of their contract, beyonce had to INTRODUCE solange at her little after parties around the world AFTER beyonce’s major arena tour.

    anyway, solo is talented. always has been!

  6. Solange sounds great and seem to have found her niche, vocally…first, the Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson vibe was cute, but this is better, it’s very similar to Keri Hilson (“Slow dance”) and Amel Larrieux (“For Real”) with a little Badu flava and mood…it works!

    Good for Solange in creating her own identity outside of her big sister and family, she deserves it! Her soul comes through the music and that’s what matters!

  7. This is hecka nice! Man, this feels so good….Solange should definitely stick to this smooth R&B soulful vibe, man. I feel bad I didn’t give homegirl a chance. Shoo, her breaking from her former label shaving her head, which looks great on her by the way, and really finding and growing into her own is awesome. After reading a few of her newer interviews, I believe Solange is a very authentic soul and she seems more of a real human being than Beyonce. Not comparing the two, but honestly I feel as though Bey is a product of so many different forces–from her father, to her husband…in all of her actions B seems coached…she’s 28 years old but doesn’t seem to have her own 2 legs to stand on, I believe that’s why her song “Listen” was perhaps one of her strongest vocal performances because it’s autobiographical to how she may truly feel. But anywho, enough about B, I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent, Solange is truly her own artist and she deserves to be treated as such. This is a phenomenal record 🙂

  8. Solange is no different from the rest of the artisist out here. She is getting the same treatment just about everyone else is getting. She has to get out here and hustle. Look at Amerie, LeToya, and Kelly are getting their hustle on everyway possible.

  9. Solange sounds great. I bet her and Bey give each other vocal tips lol.

    P.S. SOME people need to stop BELEIVING mto.


    I,am from the Bronx into the Entertainment thing…ohhh if y’all didn’t know how much talent this women has shame on everyone!!! Lol.. Solange has wrote plenty of plenty hits for her sis..(ghost writer) but the truth will come out and everyone will see who has the most talent….in my opinon bey is an entertainer and does it well…but not gifted lke her sister….

    All this time Solange been trying to make and I never seen bey supporting her in anything that she does…..if that was my sister the word would be…….listen iam beyonce and I do what I do but me and my sisters are differnt people with differnt things to offer…but she does nt so I think people thinks she lacks talent and she wants to be like beyonce..only beyonce can be beyonce…….Solange knows deep inside where her music comes from and she beleives in herself so she won’t stop!

    Its it me or does beyonce make you feel like she is hidding something? Always trying to over do it? Let me not judge there is only one JUDGE! The truth never lies……………….

  11. Her voice is really nice. I love the harmonizing.

    She never really gets much credit. But she deserves some. This is a different style compared to the music we hear today. glad she took that route

  12. Solange makes very good music, Too bad for her she failed to be a “thick redbone” so people refuse to pay atention to her, I love sandcastle disco still rock it, And T.o.n.y is my Jam too

  13. Solange album was ridiculous-ridiculous good i mean. Her lyrical ability and content surpasses many out there. And the girl got soul for days. Too bad her image just isn’t what mainstream want but guess what? that’s a good thing if ya didn’t know. Who wants 2b a clone anyway? Solange sure don’t. C;mon the girl is bald and bold. Talk about renegade from the heart. Luv it. most people wish that had that type of sway of “i don’t care what ya think, imma do me”

  14. @some stranger-ur right about the “thick redbone” the only slim female that gotta away with that was Aaliya cuz her face was beyond. but yeah, but her image also puts her on the margin. Solange just aint mainstream.

  15. WoW I really like this…I always liked bag lady it sounds nice in the back drop

  16. I was wrong about Solange. This is her genre–neo-soul/smooth R&B. She has a funky style, I’d love to see her do some rock music too. Good song Solange.

  17. EXCELLENT! RUSERIOUS you couldn’t of said it better BALD&BOLD!

    Which women nowadays don’t have the BALLS to be differ. I have so so so much respect for Solange…. she decides to do what she feels and not let people judge her charcter….I must admitt when she went bald I was lke sweetie what the HELL! But this is deeper then just a stunt of publicty.. the entertainment business has brain wash us all comming from NYC and be in to the fashion world,entertainment etc… I notice that these huge company’s paint a picture of how a women should look to be excepted into the world of entertainment..(which majority are run by…..ummmm let’s just say a differ shade).. as if we have to look lke another and not ourself! Making us feel as we are less than wen the almighty GOD himself made us differnt for a reason…..(we can have church but ill stop here)….

    All iam saying if we stand strong and believe in ourself then no one and I mean no can knock you off your path! So I applaud you SOLANGE for being a black single parent of a real women at your young age….and provining that everyone doesn’t have to look lke Beyonce to make a mark in this world!

    As women I think that we are under rated….The world we live in wants us to look up to celerbritys as role models etc. But I think WOMEN in general should be treated like the real Celebrity’s we bring LIFE into the world without women there would not be life we are miracles! Let’s support Solange and what she stands for I do believe she is the begining of change…..she is strong women who beleives in who she is and what she stands for and as you can see there is only on JUDGE in her life…..!

  18. Why are the same people who were saying “I hate her attitude” or “she’s doing it for attention” now on her side?

  19. I liked her first CD but I won’t support her until she gets that nasty attitude straight.

  20. Ummmm ok ok? WOW maybe I missed it? But can someone give me EX SAMPLE of this nasty attuide Solange has? I do see a lot of people saying this.. so help me out here….

    The only thing I can think of…… living in the shawdow of her sister is how everyone judges her in the entertainment business..I am sure they tryed to make her excatly that…(lke a second hand beyonce)… she probbly didn’t want to go there because she knos what she has to offer and no one wants to give her that… I would have a bad attuide also because iam who iam and unless I try to be lke beyonce they will shut the door in my face…. have you ever notice new people in the music world? How come the always remind me of an artist that’s out now? Ex sample RIhanna look at who she is now compare to who she was then? Alomost like a lil Beyonce at first.. her style,hair,dress

    Its takes a lot of work to be a nasty person….maybe at the time she was going thru something? She needs the support of her fans to make it, so maybe now that she doing what she likes she can drop the attuide like she did with her hair……..she is FREE! FREE at last! (That was a comment that she made in Essance Magazine when they ask her….how does she feel without the hair)

  21. She sounds simply amazing, to me, her and bey sound alike in some parts of this song. However,overall,I’m loving Solanges sultry sound and her falsetto is beautiful. I think she sounds excellent and those high notes are SO on point and effortless!!!!!!! Would like to see this live. Shoot, I almost forgot it was Solange.

  22. After listening to Dirty Projectors I can’t see what all the hype is about. She cpied their song completely down to how she sings the melody and all. Bag Lady’s beat is what’s making people think that Solange remade that song, that beat is copied too. Artist need to created new product, not recreate and remake what’s already out there. She stole this song.

  23. Can’t lie, i did hear that from the Janet incident with big sis, to the Kelly incident. She does come off sassy, now rude i don’t know. But she did say in about the janet thing- Bring it or sumthing kinda juvenile. ANyway, i need more 2 label her a female dog-so 4 now, she good$

  24. Go Solange!! What a beautiful song. She’s so raw and true. God Bless bb

  25. I actually like this song and the some of the ones on her previous CD. Although, I did think she got a little pitchy towards the end. But this sounds really good. I hope the radios and televisio stations give this song some airplay.

    Nice work Solo!!!

    BTW is her dad still her manager??

  26. i love it!!!!! im proud of her for finding what sounds great for her!!!! go girl!!!

  27. I’ve always loved Solange’s music, even her first album, b/c I was in the same stage. She’s just amazing to me. Her falsetto is so pure. I mean, I’m always gonna like Beyonce a tad bit more b/c of her ability to entertain me all the way around the border, but Solange is great. I still bump her sophmore cd. I feel her, ’cause no matter where I go, I’m always being compared to my older sisters. So, YOU GO SOLINSKY!

  28. Ummm, someone mentioned she copied it, yeah, it’s a cover genius. I swear I can’t with some people on these blogs. And someone said Bey does not support her sis, really cause she is always getting her sister in ads and commericals with her. Some people just say the first ignorant thing that leaves their mouths. SMDH

    Anyway Solange sounded awesome, the origional version is great too. Good cover.

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