More Sparkle 2012 Movie Stills

Sony Pictures and Akil Productions have just released more stills from their upcoming remake of the classic 1976 film “Sparkle.”

The movie stars Jordin Sparks, Tika Sumpter ,Carmen Ejogo, the late Whitney Houston and is set to be released theatrically on August 17th.

Let’s hope the next release from the Akils and Sony is some clips. I’m personally dying to see how the film and characters will differ from the originals.


  1. Yeah, it is time for some clips. I hope Jordin Sparks’ role isn’t the main focus of the movie. I can’t see her carrying a film.

  2. Jordin Sparks and Tika Sumpter lack umph in my book. I think ppl want Tika to be the next Gabrielle Union, but this chick is just boring as a piece of wet cotton.

    I also hate that they attempted to color cast the women in this movie. Clearly choosing ppl based on complexion rather than talent.

    Of course they didn’t color cast the lead male role though. They had to choose the blackest most unappealing black male out there to star as the love interest of the biracial lead.

  3. I hope this movie is better than the original otherwise its just a waste

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