“Sparkle” Remake Is Officially A Go!

Sony Pictures and the creative team of Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil are officially on board to remake the 1976 classic “Sparkle.” Mara Brock Akil, who created “Girlfriends” and “The Game,” will write the script, while her husband Salim will direct it. Debra Martin Chase, who spent years developing a remake that was suppose to star Aaliyah, will be the film’s producer.

The original film, like Dreamgirls, was inspired loosely by the story of The Supremes. It centers on three Harlem sisters who rise to fame and then slowly watch as things start to fall apart. Originally starring Irene Cara and Phillip Michael Thomas, the movie is a cult classic and one I have written about several times on this blog.

As for who the stars of the new Sparkle will be, I put my money on the usual names being brought up: Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys.


  1. Though Sparkle was the title character it is the role of Sista that every actress/singer wants to play. I didn’t think Aaliyah was right for either character but Beyonce can definitely play the role of Sista. I think they will get someone like Terrence Howard or maybe even Ne-Yo to play the role of Stix. Rihanna’s voice isn’t suitable for any role. Alicia Keys could do Sista too.

  2. I’ve been hearing about this remake for some time, but never seen the original movie so idk who should play who.
    What I would like to know is if the Aaliyah movie is still going to be made or a no go?

  3. Go watch the original and you will see how truly no one should try and remake this movie.

  4. What’s the significance/importance of Sista’s role? I’ve never heard of the movie in depth, just vaguely

  5. Classic movie that should not be re-done. But it seems that the younger generation has never heard of it. PLEASE, PLEASE do not let Beyonce star in this. They need to find a fresh face or two.

  6. I dont think this movie should be remade. But if they do so happen to do a remake. I think they should pick new faces, but even if they do that. Whose to say that the new faces would bring in more profit than if they would of gotten Rihanna, Alicia, Or Beyonce. I hope they wouldnt choose Rihanna because of her vocal ability. And i dont really think Beyonce should do it either considering she did Dreamgirls which is kind of on the same lines as Sparkle. I dont really see Alicia doing it either though. IDK

  7. @LOL, Sista had the juiciest role in my opinion and she is the lead singer in both videos I posted. No one cares about the role of Sparkle. It was Sista who made Sparkle such a great movie. I think things actually get boring once she is out of the storyline.

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie should watch it ASAP. It was released on DVD a few years ago.

    It is truly a classic and the soundtrack is amazing. Aretha Franklin actually sings the songs on the soundtrack but Lonette McKee and Irene Cara did all their own singing in the movie.

    Check out Lonette performing her single “Save It” on Soul Train back in in 1975, a year before Sparkle was released.


  8. They need to stop trying to remake these movies. The first one is classic. All they are going to do is use this as another star vehicle for some bubble-headed R&B chick who shall remain nameless. Ugh.

  9. I don’t think Beyonce should play in this remake. I think Jordin Sparks may be a good prospect for sparkle Alicia Keys might do Sista some justice as for Stix I agree with someone who said Ne-Yo a good choice also Laz Alonzo could do good too. Although nobody seem to mention who would be good to play Delores I would think Gabrielle Union.

  10. Just stop it next they will be remaking Lady Sings the Blues or Mahogany. There is no one that I can see that can play either of these roles. All the sisters roles were important to the story. Beyonce has the look of Sister but not the acting chops. Just please don’t do this.

  11. I hope they don’t remake it either, I’m sick of remakes and please leave Knowles out of it if they do. I’m sorry but her country accent in every role she seems to get is horrendous. Acting just isn’t something she does well. Give the part to someone if you must, who can speak and act elloquently. Thanks!

  12. Unless Gabrielle can sing I would not cast her. I didn’t mention Delores because she never sang solo. I don’t know if Dwan Smith who played Delores can sing or not either though.

  13. How about Mariah as Sista? I know the girls in the film supposedly start off as kids in school but I think Mariah could play someone in their late teens early twenties.

    I also think Terrence Howard would make a great Satin Struthers.

  14. Sparkle is a classic and should not be touched. I don’t see how it can be improved. What’s next..remaking The Color Purple..stop the madness

  15. Mariah doesn’t have the look for Sista imo. AT ALL. I think Beyonce would have been great for this movie if she wouldn’t have done Dreamgirls. I don’t know if she can sing, but I could definitely see Thandie Newton in the role of Sista.

    @Honidip, YES Jordin Sparks would be an EXCELLENT choice for Sparkle.

  16. Nowadays, it’s about who can bring the box office…producers aren’t interested in developing new talent…Christina Milian or Jordin Sparks as sista…Teairra or Ashanti as Sparkle or third sister Gloria…Columbus Short as Stix…Alfred Woodard as the mother…I think producers will want to go with younger actresses, otherwise Thandi Newton, Gabrielle Union (if she can sing) and Sanaa Lathan would create a serious remake…whoever plays sista will have to bring it…that movie is a classic and a horror movie at that (sista’s role)…Debra Chase isn’t a slouch…so I expect a great cast…I hope they bypass Terrence Howard for this one…I also agree and wish they would have left one alone!

  17. I think Ashanti as Sista

    Other two sisters…

    Tierra Marie and Tiffany (from Tyler Perrys movie)

  18. We need some original movie scripts and roles for BrownSistas. Nothing against remakes but we are losing creativity we have stopped thinking outside the box for character roles and story lines.

  19. Though Sparkle is a classic and one of my sentimental faves, the movie was filled with production errors. The music and wardrobe this not fit the time period it was trying to represent. I welcome a re-make. I think many in the biz can make it a better movie on paper and on screen. I also feel that a non singing actress would do just fine also as there is good chemistry between the sisters. Angela Bassett was great as Tina Turner and she lip synched.

  20. I am glad to hear this I love this movie I think Ashanti as Sista, Solange, and the chick tht played in dream girls IMO. I can’t wait to see u cast in this.

  21. @DANA,

    You just told the truth and shamed the Devil!!

    Like seriously why do they keep “trying” to re-make classic stuff. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!! It was what it was for that time.

    How about someone make some original ish for a change instead of digging up old stuff.

  22. I have never seen the original so I can’t say anything about it being untouchable (although history shows that remakes are usually not as good as originals). I’d watch the remake.

  23. Illbe damned if they even think about putting Rihanna’s ass in this movie. She would not fit.

  24. There’s NO need to remake this movie. The film & the music are old-school classics & should remain as such.

  25. if this is being remade….


  26. I love the orginal movie. If they cannot find the proper actresses and actor for Stix then please leave this movie along. However Terrance Howard would make a good Stix. They have remade so many classic movies that have not faired well….I hope this will not be the case for Sparkel.

  27. I agree with the majority… this movie does not need to be remade. Some things are just meant to be left alone & “Sparkle” is one of them. We have seen them we know what happens why makes REwatch the same plot O_o? Like someone uptop said next thing you know “Lady Sings the Blues”, “Cooley High”, & etc will be remade. If someone is curious about these films, they are on DVDs… make it a movie nite & rent. Heck if you have TvOne I think they showed these films several times on there. So there you have it, rent or wait till it plays on tv.

  28. I hope we get some real actresses to the story. Lip synching is acceptable. Angela Basset didn’t sing one note of Tina – they don’t need to sing. They just need to ACT ACT ACT! And if you have HAVE to remake it at least get acting talent. No Bey, No Riri, No AKeys, No JHud, No Mary, No no no!

  29. Thanks for the breakdown @SISTA!

    I’m gonna have to agree w/mostly everyone here…I mean, we already have Dreamgirls (which makes more sense since it’s a transfer from stage to film, which is acceptable) but a remake of Sparkle seems wholly unnecessary, esp if the original is a “cult classic” anyway

  30. I don’t like the idea of actors lipsynching. Why do you think they hired singer/actors in the first place? They wanted people who could sing the songs themselves. And who will they be lipsynching to, the original actors voices or Aretha Franklin who sang the songs on the soundtrack? They should hire actors who also sing which isn’t very hard in Hollywood. Most are multi-talented anyway. Sadly I do not think we will be seeing any new faces. Howllywood just does not believe in new black female faces. I bet we will soon hear of the usual names of Ashanti, Bey, Alicia and even Rihanna who would butcher these songs. I would love to see Anika Noni Rose who can sing her behind off or maybe some other black actresses from Broadway. Also people need to stop trying to color cast this movie. Sista doesn’t have to be lightskin and Satin doesn’t have to be dark. The best actors should be used with no concern of making them carbon copies of the original.

  31. My mom has this on DVD and I recently watched it on TV1 when I was spending the day with my oldest sister. Why the need to remake all these movies? Why can’t they come up with original ideas? With all these dumb reality shows they have, they should come up with shows for young writers and directors. Anyways, no one that was involved in Dreamgirls needs to be in Sparkle. Rihanna, no, unless she plays that sister that no one really paid attention to. I do have to admit, once Sista died, the movie did get kind of dull from there.

  32. WELL GET THIS YA’LL…..RAVEN DIDN’T LOSE WEIGHT FOR NOTHING!!!! SHE announced has been cast as……..SPARKLE!! I know she can hum a tune but I’d like to hear her version of given em something he can feel!! SMDHLOL OH but as far as the acting it might be good for her career to do more serious.

  33. Well if they have to remake it, I would suggest as Sparkle, Melanie Fiona, as sister, Alicia Keys, and as Deloris, Anika Noni Rose. As Stix, Ne-Yo, Levi, Columbus Short, Satin, Idris Elba, Effie, Alfe Woodard. They should also have some of the original cast make cameo’s.

    Or better yet, just leave it alone and don’t do a remake at all.

  34. IMHO, I don’t feel this needs to be remade. They need to leave the Classics alone and bring forth this great creativity that they posess to the screen. New material to sit along side the classics.–But if it is necessary and a must that they do so, then please use real actors and actresses. I am in support of the ppl who have studied their craft to make a living. I don’t need to see any of the cute cookie cutters who are singers. We get our fair share of seeing these few ppl. Almost to the point of being harrassed. We need not to forget how important it is for us to see (ourselves) other black actors, and bring them to the big screen once again. Why is it that our prideful classics are made with real actors, some of which were unknowns or not as known? But now we can only see using Popular R&B, Pop singers. Have we been so dumbed down that we forgot what really makes a real good movie?…These last few years we’ve(comsumers) bought enough crap to put in our closets. It’s time we get quality movies to place on our shelves.

  35. Sparkle does not need to be re-made. It’s a tragic movie and I think the original has stood the test of time. If anyone wants to see Sparkle, just buy the original. Instead, I wish they would make a movie about Motown singers, The Marvelettes. They were quite awesome and Motown’s Number One girl group until The Supremes came along. What’s their story?

  36. OH God, please say it ain’t so. Today’s hollywood would only jack this up. What remake, (besides Dreamgirls) has even been decent. Furthermore, PLEASE, and I’m BEGGING, if it’s going to be done, don’t let Tyler Perry anywhere close to the set. Or it’s guaranteed to be jacked up. LOL

  37. Fresh faces please no one actress should be bigger than the movie. If they just want to make money then why even bother remaking it? Alicia and Beyonce are too damn ole we’ve seen what they can do on screen and I am not impress give someone else a chance who can really sink their teeth into the role. Lets not make this the Beyonce or Alicia show. Can we please have something to be successful that is not driven by hype.

  38. I love the idea of Anika Rose too but wasnt Sparkle 15 and Sista just out of hs? Laz Alonzo alone would get me there

  39. OMG come on, Where’s the creativity in that? I liked the original movie so much that I just dont think it should be touched. I want to see something new, not a watered down version of something that’s already been done.

  40. My dad had this movie on betamax tape yearsssss ago I should not have been watching it but I did and I loved it. My favorite should be no surprise Sister was to me as a little girl a goddess and I still love Lonette Mckee to this day. I would do the routines in my living room with my sister over and over again. Watching the film as an adult I think what the hell was I doing watching this considering some of the scenes in the film “Crawl Bitch Crawl” being the main one….I hope they do the film justice and stick to the original soundtrack and cast good actors/singers some new faces would be nice. I can’t wait.


  42. Actually guys u are WRONG! It was not Beyonce, Rhianna, or Alicia Keys it was my girl JORDIN SPARKS AS SPARKLE! !!!!!!!!!! WHOO WHOO

  43. I love the first Sparkle and I don’t care who play in it., it just won’t be the same.

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