Spine Heels

It was the late great designer Alexander McQueen who first introduced skull and bones into the fashion industry, and now Dsquared has attempted to take his concept to the next level. The design house has introduced three versions of their somewhat creepy spine heel and celebs are now catching on. Alicia Keys tweeted a photo of herself wearing the shoes, while the ankle boot and thigh high versions have been spotted on celebs like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

I’m loving them… what do you guys think?


  1. Gaga did it already, but they are still cool! 🙂

  2. Everyone has done them already. Lindsay rocked them last year. Gaga is not be all end all in fashion.

  3. Very cool, interesting, weird heels.

    Funnily enough the column is a SPINE. I’m quite sure after wearing these for so long, one might experience ‘back’ problems. LOL Or not. :bag:

  4. Those shoes were designed by someone who clearly does not like women. To think that is cool is crazy. Those shoes are not safe and will destroy your spine, knees, and joints. Try again.

  5. I just had a SHOE-GASM :bowdown: I >3 them ALL!!

  6. Alicia wore hers while performing at the WorldCup Concert. I prefer hers than the boots and the lace up. I still don’t know how they walk in these things cause she was sure moving all over during the concert. It must be a learned skill or maybe its the platform that holds them up. Anyway celebrities don’t walk that far in them anyway.

  7. LOL at folks thinking Alexander McQueen, may he RIP, only made one shoe size..lol does it make a diff who wears it first.. Women can be so ridiculously petty!

  8. Eh, I must be missing something cause I’m really not feeling these. :bag:

  9. I hate these shoes! They are ugly, and they look scary-creepy…and I never thought a shoe could look creepy.

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