Spoiler Preview: Kelly Rowland on Empire

So, Kelly Rowland fans have been hitting me up on social media asking about the singer’s role on season two of Empire, which returns tonight on Fox.

As I previously stated, I have seen the first three episodes of Empire. However, I only saw about 30 minutes of tonight’s episode (The Devis Are Devils), so I am not sure if Kelly appeared in that one or not. The other two episodes, Without a Country and Fires of Heaven, I have seen in full and feature several flashbacks involving the singer’s character.

Be warned… spoilers may be ahead.

Kelly plays Lucious Lyon’s mother, Leah. They are close. He loves her, she loves him… but there are problems.

Another warning… below is an absolute spoiler.

Lucious’ mother is mentally ill. She’s emotionally, up, and then she’s down and you can see poor baby Lucious is pretty much left to take care of his mother, rather than the other way around.

This particular bit of info comes to light on Empire’s third episode (Fires of Heaven) which airs on October 7. Kelly puts in a wonderful performance, and I hope to see more of her character as the season progresses.

Remercie moi plus tard.


  1. Yes Miss Kelly. I am here for whatever you do. Congrats. Now bring on the music. I heard those snippets. They are fiyah.

  2. I cant wait to see kelly! Thanks so much for the insight spolilers lol More acting from her i hope and perhaps shie is readying herself for the Donna Summer biopic?

  3. She looks beautiful in the picture above. I’m way behind on EMPIRE. I will eventually catch up.

  4. She will be playing Donna Summer in a Neil Bogart biopic, it’s directed by Spike Lee and Neil Bogart will be played by Justin Timberlake. I can reveal that it’s a MASSIVE production from Lionsgate so they are planning to go all around the world with it. It’s a HUGE role for Ms. Rowland, cause Donna Summer was discovered by Neil Bogart and he took care of her career. So basically Justin Timberlake and Kelly will be the lead actors of the movie.

  5. That’s just a longstanding rumor that’s been floating around for years. I haven’t seen any actual proof of it yet. Much less with Justin Timberlake.

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