Spotted: Claudia Jordan in Gucci Platform Heels

Model/actress Claudia Jordan was recently spotted on the set of Fabolous’ new video ‘Throw It In The Bag,’ featuring The Dream. If you know Fabolous, then you’d know he likes expensive things, so it was no wonder as to why Claudia looked so fly on set. She wore a buttercup yellow romper that featured a deep v-neckline. Her belted ensemble was matched perfectly with the fiercest Gucci platform heels, to date. They’re from the Spring 2009 collection.

I love the song, and can always expect a winner when The Dream and Fab team up. Below is a snippet of what to expect from the upcoming video. It reminds me of a few “urban” books I’ve read in the past.

Girl walks into Louis Vuitton lookin’ fly. Girl steals. Security catches her. Baller saves her life. Then they live happily ever after. Such a pitty that those are my favorite kinds to read. LOL. Anyways, enjoy the photos and video.

…Hilarious how all he had to do was show his black card, and everything was good!


  1. I am so glad that you put someone on here who is not regularly shown because even though I have never watched deal or no deal, I loved her on Celebrity Apprentice. It is nice to see some of the non-regulars on this site. Thanks.

  2. I apreciate seeing new faces Stephanie she look fab but Akeys made me buy some very expensive sandals and i am not spending another dime on a pair of shoes…Until the next rihanna’s pairs :lol2:
    Claudia is picture perfect and she always step out looking perfect, Have you heard that d.woods is shooting a video Steph?

  3. For some reason, I do not like Claudia. I use to kinda like her and I kinda wanna like her… but I don’t *shrug*.

  4. See how nobody has anything to say Voice? Everytime I give ppl those new faces they claim they want- they have nothing to say. That’s why I stick with a group of popular women everyone knows. If this had been Beyonce in that dress and those heels- this post would have had 50 comments by now. Instead there are only 4 and that includes my own. :thumbsdown:

  5. stephanie: I feel you sister, Yet the same people will get fiercely mad when there is 5 beryonce or rihanna posts in a row, But I apreciate it :hifive: You do it as a brown sister, you know how hard it is to get recognized in this industry by posting new faces you are giving a chance to all these talented chicks out there that needs the right platform and I thank you, They thank you and god is blessing you ! :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  6. Claudia better work it! I pray I look that good when I get her age! :bowdown: :brownsista:

  7. Nne

    I don’t like Claludia anymore either after her stance on Miss California and the gay marriage issue. She was more worried about making an enemy of Perez Hilton than free speech. Typica shallow video model or whatever she is

  8. Those are cute, but EXPENSIVE I know where you can get some shoes similar for 1/10th the price though! LOL I don’t know what it is, but I don;t like her either!

  9. I love the shoes she looks great. Stephanie I also understand your point :hifive:

  10. @Stephanie also how can I register on your site?

  11. @ Stephanie

    Since you are the author of this blog, only you would know how many views vs comments your articles receive. Are comments valued more than a view when it comes to your bottom line? I just feel it is not necessary to give my 2 cents on every post when someone has already read my mind and said exactly what I am thinking. If commenting makes a difference with advertisers or just gives you confirmation that your news is relevant to others, then I will help a sister out with a “amen” on everything I read.

    I may not comment on every post but I do read most of them. Personally I am not as familiar with models as I was 15 years ago when I subscribed to all sorts of magazines. Though I am not a fashionista I enjoy the “who wore it best” post and ocassionally comment on those.

    In reality I can not afford the original or the knock off of some of these outfits. Even when I like something I would be lying if I said “oh I got to have it” or”‘i’m gonna buy that”. NOT!

    I believe the more you feature lesser known celebrites and artist the more interest will be generated in following their careers and there will be more comments. But do know that your hardwork is appreciated by yours truly whether I choose to comment or don’t comment.

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