Spotted:: Halle Berry + Simmons Sisters + Rihanna

The beauty that is Halle Berry was spotted leaving her dentist’s office in L.A. I love her new laid-back looks. They’re very comfy, yet chic. To get a dress similar to Halle‘s, try a Graham & Twill halter dress [$214]. On her arm is one of her fave Versace bags — the Puckered Leather Hobo [$3,440].

She’s also rocking the new ‘tribal-inspired’ sandals look!

Vanessa and Angela [Simmons] recently visited TRL with their fam to talk about the upcoming season of ‘Run’s House’. They looked super-cute while Angela sported a pale green nail color, and Vanessa rocked a pair of black Chanel pumps. They were photo’d with Keri Hilson, who also made an appearance on the show, to promote her new video ‘Energy’.

*For more great summer nail color choices, check out my picks on F101. And, that pale green is such a fab color..I left mine on for like a month!

You’ve probably already seen these pics of Rihanna floating around the ‘net, but it’s okay, I’m still gonna show them! Ri was recently spotted in Milan, Italy doing a little shopping with her bff/assistant Melissa Forde. They both looked cute, and I’m glad to see that Ri finally did her hair — it was lookin’ a little dry while she was on the road for the past few weeks!

Her dress is by Stella McCartney, and her shoes are by Dries Van Noten. I like how she stays true to her ‘rocker-themed look’, even in such a feminine dress. She accessorized by loading her arms with bangles and bracelets, and wore a studded shoulder bag.


  1. why the hell is hakle still hiding her baby is she trying to do a tom cruise,, its been months,,, ri ri is hot right now seems the more haters you get the bigger you hvae become, i for one love her she is young fresh and minus the weave,

  2. to Zeb,
    why do u have o be so negative towards halle. If she chooses to keep her baby out of the spotlight that`s her perrogative. She don`t owe u or the world anything nor did she promise. Let her be. What`s the big deal of her hiding her baby??? Why are u tripping. Halle has the looks, money, and class you will never have in your lifetime. So keep on Hating and being the nuissance that u are while the celebrities are living their life making millions and u continue being the Negative. lowlife, hater tha you are. Do u really think halle and other celebrities reads all that garbage that pople like u write about them. NOPE. But continue wasting your time.

  3. Halle is doing what responsible mothers do. She is a class act. Nicole Kidman revealed that she wasn’t going to sell her baby out either. I am so proud of Halle for being a good mother rather than a Hollywood mother.
    Keri Hilson needs to change her hairstyle and soon. She always looks the same and that mushroom haiedo is so 1985.

    The Simmons Sisters are so adorable and age appropriate. They carry themselves with such class and grace. They are great role models for young girls.

  4. Halle looks great, the simmons sisters are cute and Rihanna looks different but cute.

  5. Everyone looks so cute. Halle is so chic and classy. The Simmons sisters are so cute and trendy.

    I agree that Keri needs to change up her hairstyle. SHe is too cute to rock that mushroom look 4ever.

    Riri looks so cute!

  6. i actually like keri’s mushroom cut! if she decides to lose it, it needs to be something with bangs….her forehead is f-in’ huge!!!!

  7. OMG! I love Rhianna’s shoes! Love Halle. I understand that people want to see the baby (as do I), but she is doing what she should be doing. Keeping the baby inside for a minute. That is why some babies get sick, because they are out in the open too soon after they are born. We will see the baby, who knows maybe in Essence , Ebony, or Oprah, she has a good relationship with them.

    The Simmons Sister look cute, hopefully after the Summer Keri will change up her hair style.

  8. I love what Halle’s wearing it looks so comfortable and light! I think Keri’s hair is cute and fits her well.

  9. Again….Rihanna shoes are just SICK. 😆 Continued success to the Simmons sisters! 🙂 Halle, casual and relaxed and love the sandals too. 😉

  10. Can we get a place where we can get a cheaper version of that dress. It’s a recession going on right now people don’t have money to blow that much on a dress. Let me correct myself because some people may be doing extreme well. But there should be an alternate like Essence does. Gives you the designer and then they give you the knock web site also.

  11. Rihanna and Halle’s looks are flawless! Sheer flawlessness. I’m also glad that Run’s House is doing another season. The show is so adorable.

  12. Halle looks effortlessly beautiful!! As always. All of the other ladies look great too.
    Bria – I agree $214 is still alittle steep for the current economy.

  13. if Halle wanted to keep her baby out of the spotlight she should not have gone on Oprah glowing about her preganancy telling everyone how she peed on 35 EPT sticks to be sure and kept them all… nasty heffa

  14. I agree with Gloss n Glam…Hallie put her business out there saying she wanted a baby with whomever she is with. Every time you turn around she was showing off her big belly even up to the day of her so-called delivery. So you don’t think people aren’t interesed in at least seeing the baby??!!!! Please!!!! That’s not being negative. Where was all the “class & elegance” with the hit-n-run a few years back??? Whatever. If you listen to gossipmongers on the boards, she wasn’t offered all that much money anyway, her and Nicole. Just saving face. Unless she pulls a Michael Jackson and put scarves on the baby, sooner or later the child will be seen!!!!!!

    Btw, Hallie and her flunkies do get on the boards to see what people are saying about her. Ever notice whenever people start saying where’s her man.. all of a sudden in a few days she is out and about with HER MAN lol!!!!

    I can care less. I am more concern about the rising gas prices.. now go on and be negative about that!!!!!

  15. They all look really gorgeous, I like how Keri is rocking the Hot Pink Shorts with the Black & White vest top…..

    And I really, really love Rihanna shoes …. But they sound really expensive just by looking at the name of the designer…. and love the dress as well….

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