Spring Nail Trends

Tired of your old French manicure? Looking for a change from your boring basic black? The seasons are changing and so should your nail polish! Spring’s new nail colors are all about making a fierce statement. Here the top 5 new shades you need to know about before you get your next manicure!

1. Paint em’ purple! Spring’s purple nail trend is all about soft shades of violet that are appropriately named after flowers like lilac and lavender.

2. Color yourself citrus! Bright colors like yellow and orange will make your nails POP! These hues look great on darker or tanned skin tones.

3. White is the new black! Black polish is so last season. Go the opposite of goth and change it up this spring with a clean, white polish.

4. Go chrome! Step into the future with a metallic mani/pedi. Look for sleek gold and silver polishes or check out minx nails for a chrome look that will last!

5. Hot hot pink! Take girly pinks to the next level by going for shades that are bold and bright.

Want more cool nail ideas? Try Minx nails!!!


  1. White nail polish is such a white girl club thing. No one really looks good wearing that color. Maybe Rihanna could pull it off though.

  2. White nail polish is a “white girl club thing”??? O RLY?

    I think if you’ve worn a light cream color then wearing white won’t be that much of a stretch. When I was in high school I used to paint my nails with Liquid Paper when I was bored in class. LOL. I like the other colors mentioned. The chrome I’d like to try. I’ve used metallics before but non that were really opaque…more translucent and shimmery than anything. Thanks for this!

  3. white is very cute on, definitely not a white girl thing, maybe a younger girl thing. i know a couple ppl who have tried minx nails before and it comes out very pretty as well

  4. ha ha lol Kanyade, mee to with the liquid paper thing. thought i was the only one. well speaking of French …i’ve never gotten one in my life, cuz my nails are naturally pink with white tips. but right now i just go with browns and reds and pinks. i got a gold one to and it is sexy.
    btw those MAC nail polish are a complete rip off. just saying. i bout a fuchsia pink one 3 years ago and it is just…crap + it is not cost effective.

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