Stacey Dash Covers Smooth Magazine

Stacey Dash is covering the latest edition of Smooth Magazine. The 44 year old actress recently made news when she separated from her husband and then announced her relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. Stacey also announced an upcoming VH1 reality series but according to VH1 Stacey only taped a pilot and it was never picked up. Stacey however isn’t sweating the snub as she has 3 new films scheduled to be released in 2010- including one that co-stars Meagan Good and Reagan Gomez Preston.


  1. I think you made a mistake with her age.44? Na you had to make a mistake!

  2. 40-whointhewhatnow??!!! these 40-somethings are seriously inspiring me. i NEED to look this good when i hit 40.

  3. Stacey Dash is not Bony however I find it amusing when bigger women refer to normal size women as bony? Like really is the hate necessary? I am exactly the same size as Ms. Dash so if she is Bony so am I. lol

  4. Trying to figure out why @LOVEMYBONEYNESS was obviously offended by someone elses opinion/or assessment of Stacey Dash. You don’t know what size the poster is and if you were anywhere near secure it’s unlike you would not have retorted in that manner.. hate and name calling?…let’s be mature now, after all your’e happy with self right? sistas we have got to treat each other better

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