Has Stacey Dash Been Fired?

Has actress Stacey Dash been dropped from VH1’s breakout hit series “Singles Ladies? Well, according to InTouch Weekly and entertainment journalist Jawn Murray, the answer is Yes!

Murray tweeted the news earlier this week and said he had personally spoken to several actresses who went in for an “emergency casting” for Stacey’s role as upscale boutique owner Valerie “Val” Stokes.

InTouch reports that Queen Latifah, who is the show’s executive producer, made the decision to fire Stacey personally, citing the actress’ inability to get along with fellow castmates and crew.

A VH1 publicist only added fuel to the fire by releasing a statement that was anything but a denial: “No casting decisions have been made for season 2 of Single Ladies yet.”

So what does Stacey have to say about the rumor? “Well, not much. She did however tweet this statement on Monday- which sounds a lot like a woman who knows she has a job to return to in the fall: WELL? Fantastic, right? Isn’t the writer brilliant? Can’t wait to see what Stacy Littlejohn has in mind for Season 2! 1 more hour here in LA.”

“Single Ladies” made its premiere on VH1 in May and has averaged nearly 2 million viewers an episode- making it the channel’s second highest rated series- right behind “Basketball Wives.”


  1. I only watched part of an episode. Guess I need to pull it up on the DVR.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. I love Stacey Dash as an actress in the superficial way we love all celebrities. Of course I dont know her so “it is what it is”. I will say I absolutely HATE her character of Val she is such a drama queen. Maybe its the way Stacey portrays her, its straight up annoying and whiney. I can tell she is supposed to be the bougie one and I usually like it when its done right. There are only two divas in the history of TV in my opinion that can do bougie… (LOl) Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert on A Different World and Jill Marie Jones as Toni Childs on Girlfriends. These two immediately pop in my head. I am sure there are others… oH yeah and Karen Parson as Hilary Banks on Prince of Bel-Air.

  3. Gabby Union should be on the show
    it sld be gabby and stacey.

  4. I watch this show, but really can’t support this show considering the fact that the women on this show are all one complexion. Even Kenya Moore commented on this. I don’t understand how any project that is connected somehow to the hip hop world, always have a smell of colorism. But, she makes the show, and she probably knows it.

  5. @Blacksista,

    I agree with your choices of Black actresses who play the bourgeois roles well, but you will have to go a little further back to get to the Grand Dame of bourgeois in my book and that is Miss Diahann Carroll as Dominique Devereaux on Dynasty. Nobody threw out bourgeois snobbery better than her (IMHO). Loved her!

  6. I have a simple question.

    Why does it seem like everything has to be about a woman’s complexion ALL the time? Can’t it just be that they were the best for the roles?

  7. John i totally agree it really makes me angry when people don’t look beyond color and understand that movies and televisions are about money so they have to put someone in the roles that will draw attention and who can pull off the vision of the shows goal.

  8. I will not watch it if Stacey is fired. She is Val that role is for her..I can’t see anyone else playing it

  9. I generally enjoy the show, for the entertainment that it is. However, I doubt that I will watch if Stacey is not cast in Val’s role for season 2.

  10. I’m from the UK so I haven’t seen the show. Wow Stacey Dash is light skin now. I grew up watching her in clueless she was dark skin. SMH! I’ve not seen a black sitcom since Girlfriends. Hopefully they’ll air this in the UK.

  11. @ JOHN yes we do need to get over complexion cause in this day and age light skin is not good enough or else you’d see Jada, Nicole A. Parker, and even LisaRaye is more films.

  12. @ ANONYMOUS You aint neva lied DC is the TRUE DIVA of bourgeois. She played Whitley Gilbert’s mother so there you have it! LOL

  13. I dont think everything HAS to be about complexion…but they could have mixed it up a bit more like they did on that show Girlfriends…Or even Living Single in which Queen Latifah herself starred in….find it hard to believe that with all the starving actresses out there looking for work that these ladies were the only ones they could find. but hey..its her show and maybe she just prefers light skin women (her alleged girlfriend is light) so she can cast whomever she likes…

  14. I’m glad some of you agree, because either way you put it these women are BLACK period.

  15. Has Stacey Dash been fired?


    This show is still on…???

    And wasn’t there some issue at the very beginning before it aired that Stacey was not getting along with the rest of the cast?

    With high ratings replacing Stacey could slow the roll of the show’s success, all of which I’m sure QUEEN L.A.T.I.F.A.H.IN.COMMAND & Co. are taking into account.

  16. I hope they all work it out…I like Stacey’s role…I don’t really watch it, but if I’m surfing, I might stop in for a segment or episode. Lisa Raye and the white girl are not good actors and I know Lisa really tries, love her! But, it’s nice to see all the fine brothas for sure!

    It’s difficult for people not to notice skin color. For us it’s skin color and for white people it’s blonde hair, blue eyes and thinness issues! For Asians it’s cosmetic eye correction surgery, skin bleaching…all people of color take issue with skin color and the sometimes preferential treatment. Darker skin Latinos are viewed differently than white Latinos.

    I agree we shouldn’t be bothered by skin color because we can’t change it! We have to continue to take every opportunity to showcase black diversity every chance we get like this website consistently does!

  17. i luv stacy dash as val if they remove her it just wont have the same feel. shes beautiful articulate and funny snobby this role fits her to the tee. i heard nia long, keshia knight pullum & chritina millian were considered for this role but none will work better than stacy.

    i luv this show hate to see them mess up the foundation & val is the only one that has a real storyline…

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