Stacey Dash Has Been Replaced

“All My Children” actress Denise Vasi has been chosen to replace actress Stacey Dash on VH1’s hit series “Single Ladies.” Vasi however will not be taking on the role of Val, but rather a whole new character by the name of Raquel.

Described as a prominent business woman and friend of Lisa Raye’s character Keisha, Raquel will join the show “looking for passion.”

According to executive producer Queen Latifah, Vasi is a “perfect addition to the cast” and “will bring a fun, new element to the show.”

Editor’s Note: Urban/Black shows get less black when it comes to the women every day. Though these shows are aimed and marketed towards black women, the chances of seeing a woman who looks even remotely like a sista is slim to none.

A cast of women with one white or other non black parent just doesn’t wash with me anymore. I want some color- some real color. In other words- I want to see me, just as whites, latinos and other races want to see people who look like them represented on their television shows.

Vasi is a mixture of Puerto Rican, Doiminican and Greek- which if you can believe it- will easily be passed off a black/African-American. It is what those in the media call multi-cultural casting, which I actually have no problem with if it didn’t seem as if this sort of casting wasn’t being used to specifically EXCLUDE black women from being reprsented in their communities.

Black women need to boycott this show and Hollywood in particular. If we don’t we are signing our own death certificates. We are allowing ourselves- our true black/African selves to be erased and replaced with a watered down version of us that is deemed “less offensive” by the masses.

In closing let me say that there should be a standard for blackness just as there is for whitness. Are we so insignificant that just anyone can be us? Can a woman who looks white really be called a black/African woman? Can a woman who looks Asian really be called a black/African woman?

Something to think about…

I could rant about this forever but for now I am done.


  1. You know you people really need to understand the difference between between race and nationality. Being Puerto Rican or Dominican can also mean you are Black. The majority of Black people in this world are not Americans, just in case you dont know. It would serve you well to do some traveling sometime, you might be amazed!! just get out of your box!

  2. Excellent article! This has been going on for sometime now and is getting more noticable. Soon mixed race and non black wome will be casted as black women effectively eliminating real black womenand the european partiarchy and system continues…..

  3. …ok so where do I start?..Well she’s beautiful first off, also I just think about it as this, back in the day (slavery times) she would be considered black. I remember Paula Patton on Chelsea lately one night, and Chelsea asked Paula her racial background and Paula said she was black and Chelsea said something like you “look like you have more in you” and Paula replied “yea but I’m black”. So what I’m saying is if you LOOK black your probably gonna most likely be considered black.

  4. I can’t wait to see what Denise Vasi brings to the Single Ladies. This is my first time hearing about her.

  5. I agree with this article 100%. I’m sick of BLACK BEAUTY not being considered BEAUTY! The world wants to look like us!They want colored skin so they(TAN)They want our full lips so they get(lip injections)They want big hips and Butts and now they can get injections for that!!! Every aspect of Black Beauty they want…but a few years ago everything about black-girls beauty was considered UGLY! But now it’s the must have look! I love Latifah but she got it wrong this time. What’s wrong with a chocolate sista?!

  6. I agree with WASI. Why are blacks in latin america(Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Brazil) not considered black? We have the same mixed ancestry as African Americans (native american, european and african). What is the difference? Please tell me. Why can’t some African Americans understand the concept of nationality vs ethnicity? PLease travel out of the country more.

  7. *it’s not about nationality, it’s about ethnicity*

    I agree with the article actually- the issue is that here in america, black american women are not being represented by actresses who look like them in media targeted for them.

    let’s be real here- Denise Vasi looks like a tanned white person.

    I am extremely aware that blacks comes in all shades/lip sizes/nose sizes/eye colors, but the fact is, throughout history and even now, the only a slim percentage of black women are revered/ represented adequately.

    So if we have 8 million black women in america, (I dont know, I’m making that up for illustrative purposes) do you think that it’s fair that in a show ****aimed to the black community****, the actresses dont really look like black women??

  8. There is no one in this world that is just one race. There is no straight latino, black, white, asian. We could all be mix with something. Now without Stacey i am over the show.

  9. I’m sorry but I think a few of you don’t understand the point…The issue is not Race/Ethnicity/ or Nationality. If you’re cast in a black show as a Black person you should be Black!! Most people should know that people from the(Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Brazil,and,Puerto Rico are of African descent because most people should know that 17.5% of Slave were transported to the Spanish Colonies such as (Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Brazil,and,Puerto Rico…But if they’re only claiming their Latino heritage why should they be cast as blacks in black shows, if that’s the case black woman should be cast in Latin shows as Latin women!!! If you don’t check the African American box when you’re asked what’s your race then you should not be portrayed as black on TV point blank period!! P.S. The world is a melting pot we’re all mixed with something but don’t claim to be one part without acknowledging all parts of you heritage.
    Peace out Bloggers;)

  10. None of us are 100% ‘Black”. There are darker skin sista’s that have more white or Dominican in them than the lighter blacks. I don’t get it. Oh if your skin is really dark you are more black..I get it. If a person who is a “mixture” wants to play a black woman who are we to say no. Saying no to people who are not “black” enough is showing the same lack of consideration that ‘ fully black” women are compleining about. Why can’t we all just love each other and be happy that the “mixed” or “full” black woman is on tv.

  11. Please tell me that the network and the audience didnt take this trashy show seriously leaving it on air? UGH! Forget the color of this woman. Think about the color of trifling this is casting over black women as a whole.

  12. I like Denise Vasi. She was on All My Children. I also think Keshia Knight Pullium would have been a great choice.

  13. @Just Me

    Great analogy to this debate!

    The show “Girlfriends” got it right and it was a major hit. “The Cosby Show” got it right. “A Different World” got it right. “Living Single” got it right.

    This show is trying to reach a broad VH1 demographic. It won’t be what the other shows listed above were. We have to tune into BET for more black diversity, i.e. “The Game” “The Reeds” and “Let’s Stay Together”…kinda a “jim crow” thang still going on!

    I know it seems like black women are always belly-aching about “colorism” and the lack of media images that we feel represent our diversity. Unfortunately, black women have been demoted and have lost some precious ground gained over the decades. We’re constantly slated as the “most undesirable” women, least likely to get married and bombarded with “ghetto-depictions” all day long.

    Michelle Obama, Oprah and our black pop stars and black actresses aren’t seen as black women, but exceptions to the unspoken rules of what black is deemed as.

    The trend is to capitalize and create a bi-racial or multi-cultural black market that will appeal to white people. Like in in the past…history is repeating itself! We should be vocal about it, silence speaks volumes!

  14. @cynthinia

    Excellent response, and you’re right.When I wrote my response, I was also thinking about those shows you mentioned!

  15. I love the show. Can’t it just be a show about fun, trivial side of dating. Did anyone call for a boycott of Friends? lol Give it a rest. Maybe there is some “browner” casting in the future. lol. Stacy Dash is of multi cultural heritage as well. I think they were trying to find someone who kinda looks like Stacy to make the transition easier. Chillax and let’s see what happens.

  16. Well, this is just how the entertainment industry work and this applies to ALL races. White folks go through the same thing. The entertainment industry hire beautiful people and mold them to suit their script. Sometimes it is ridiculous but that’s how it is. I watched Sarah Jessica Parker’s biography on Biography Channel the other day and they said that the lady had a hard time getting roles at first because even if she was perfectly good for the script and had the talent, her face was a problem for casting people and the roles went to attractive people like Andy McDowell.

    I am not African American but most “black shows” use actors that nowhere depicts real black people.

  17. This show is created by Queen Latifah, she comes from the Hip Hop world. The Hip Hop world is colorstruck, and glorify anything but black. So, I’m not surprised.

    And as far as race goes, African Americans aren’t black. Genetically, we are not black, but a hybrid race. the only reason why we and the world say that we are black, because the white government said that anyone that had 7/8 grandparents black, meant that we are black. But, it’s more socially than biological. My grandmother wouldn’t be considered black biologically because her father was chinese, and her mother was white and creole. My grandfather wasn’t black because he was Cherokee,Creole and Black. But, at the end of the day the world see black folks as blacks. Only, when we become famous or notable that we become less black to become accepted. Pres.Obama is jewish because of his mother, but you don’t see him saying i’m this or that, because the world see him as a black man, let’s say we shall move on from this race garbage.

  18. It would be nice if we could get a balance of what “real black women” look like. Many of us are thick, have full lips, and have medium and dark complextions. The media does “NOT” show the above described women as often as our light skinned sistas. That is why I loved the show..Black Girls Rock. It showed us in all of our beautiful and various sizes, complextions, relaxed and natural hair styles. When I think of issues like this, it makes me think that the media would love to divide us and make us fight and dislike each other based on skin color. This should sound famliar. This is what happened to our race during slavery times.
    All African American women are beautiful.

  19. Someone said Denise Vasi looks like a tanned white girl. Umm no she doesn’t. She doesnt have any “white” features besides her eye color. She looks African-American to me. LisaRaye is African-American and has light eyes too.

  20. I see everybody is still confused about
    ethnicity and race. Latino/Hispanic is NOT
    a race but a cultural heritage. A mixed
    person is biracial therefore he/she cannot
    be only one race just because other people
    consider he/her so. Remember that the
    “one drop rule” was a racist law
    applied during the segregation time by
    white supremacists. We are in 2012
    and thank God we are not segregated
    anymore! People should just embrace their
    culture and race with pride and if it’s more
    than one, it needs to be recognized. It’s sad
    how much complaining there is if someone
    is too dark or too white. Can we just all be
    part of the human race? Tv shows should
    be a melting pot as it is our society and
    not a one color/race show!

  21. Black women are effectively being erased from the entertainment industry. And Black women WHO ARE in the entertainment industry wit enough gravitas to raise hell about it, aren’t doing so. Too busy worrying about their next paycheck. Which is why I’ve stopped watching a majority of shows churned out from La-La Land. Instead, my sisters, you should read more…self-educate. Turn off your TVs and stop going to the movies, just to illustrate your point. Once we stop spending our dollars towards that industry, it will eventually effect some changes. I heard Zoe Saldana is slated to play Nina Simone; why not India Arie OR Lauren Hill??? I’ll tell you why…they are actually Real Black women!! Zoe has NEVER embraced her African heritage. In interviews, she has ALWAYS described herself as Latina of Puerto-Rican and Dominican mixture, never Black, even though she obviously LOOKS like a light-skin Black woman. She always play Black roles…ALWAYS!! So, until Hollywood gets it OR our illustrious Black film makers get it, stop watching their watered down shows, stop giving them your hard-earned money. Because you just wasting your breath complaining.

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