Stacey Dash Preps New Reality Show

Celebrities looking to regain the popularity most of them lost a long time ago are now turning to the reality series genre to make that happen. Adding their name to list is actress Stacey Dash, who is best known for her role in the 1995 cult classic Clueless. According to Stacey her show will air this summer on VH-1 (where else) and chronicle her life as she attempts to balance both career and motherhood. Besides her new reality show you will also be able to catch the 44 year old actress in the upcoming movies House Arrest and Close Quarters.

FYI: Stay tuned for a fabulous new photo shoot from the actress… it’s beyond HOT!


  1. I must say she has some great genes. She still looks like she did in ’95.

  2. I actually think this show will be good. She was very honest on the Wendy Williams Show about whats been going on in her life. I think I will enjoy rooting for her as she journey through life as a single woman for the first time in her adult life.

  3. oh GOOOODNESSSS enough with this reality S**t already I mean damn It must really not be no more scripts for movies for these actresses….now that singers and rappers are taking movie roles

    well then again singers have realtiy shows too….just to promote there new album :-/ ugh anyway NEXT>>>>

  4. All of these “reality shows” aren’t reality but…they ARE entertaining.

  5. Weedy said on her show last night that VH1 contacted her and said that Stacy show was not picked up…so there will be no show….. 🙁 i was looking forward to it…

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