Stacey Dash & The Romney Backlash

On Oct. 7 actress Stacey Dash tweeted her support for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. I’m sure we’ve all read the tweet, but just for fun, let’s look at it again, shall we?

She tweeted: Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @MittRomney @TeamRomney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney

Of course, she’s received backlash for her tweet with people telling her to go kill herself, calling her an idiot and saying she’s still clueless. She then appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight this past Tuesday defending her tweets. Dash explained how everyone is entitled to their opinion and the backlash she’s receiving shows her America is still divided.

Media outlets are reporting the backlash is because Dash is a black woman opting to vote for a white man, not our black president. Like the comments Gabby Douglas received about her hair, people are stunned this black woman would receive criticism from her fellow black community members.

Two issues arise from this situation for me: reaction and voting preferences.

It seems to me that various media outlets make it a point to sensationalize certain events while disregarding others. Everyone is SO shocked that people, especially black people, would criticize Dash and say mean things to her on Twitter. Where was everyone’s shock when the Trayvon Martin case was spewing months ago? Every day for months straight as media outlets reported new things about the case, I would read the most hateful, vile comments from people. And, no shade, but most of them were from whites who openly stated they were white and happy that there was one less black person living.

Where was the media coverage of countless people tweeting racist remarks and blatantly supporting the fact that a teenager was murdered? No celebrities, so no news? The same goes with people’s racist Twitter comments about the black actors in The Hunger Games. I read a couple stories about it online, but I failed to see those actors get their “15 minutes” on TV like Dash did.

Forgive my venting, sistas, but I am so tired of our media outlets deciding which situations are wrong and racist (and giving those coverage) and which are not. Donald Trump blatantly disrespecting our president by continuously asking to see his birth certificate isn’t racist or an outrage. Fox News calling Michelle Obama Barack’s “baby mama” or saying she was going on a lynching spree is no big deal. But anyone voicing their opinions on the PUBLIC internet where an actress voiced hers is unacceptable.

Like seriously? What people prefer to react to is ridiculous.

On to my second issue: voting preferences. Back in 2008, when Obama was initially running, if I had a dollar for the number of people who said not to vote for him solely because he was black I’d be rich. And today, with the Presidential election just weeks, I am hearing this same thing.

People have been saying this in reference to the Stacey Dash “incident” as well. Just because Obama is black doesn’t mean she has to vote for him. Now, this is true. Stacey Dash, as well as the rest of America, has the right to vote for whomever she pleases.

But I wonder what you think, my sistas? Should you vote for a candidate just because of his/her skin color? More specifically, should you, as a black woman, vote for Obama because he is a black man?

I know you have to research and know the facts when it comes to choosing whom to vote for. Voting isn’t something to be taken lightly. I also know not every party or candidate’s beliefs and policies will fully align with your own views, so you will inevitably end up compromising on something. Most Americans aren’t fully Democrats or Republicans, but fall somewhere in the middle. But if you have your beliefs and see who most closely matches them, do you still allow it to come down to a person’s race? Some would say that’s like basing your voting preference on how attractive a candidate is, how they speak or dress. I say it’s something totally different.

For every one person who voted for Obama because he was black, you better believe there was someone else who voted against him for the same reason. You may disagree, but while I know it’s vital to take the issues into account, I believe his “blackness” is just as important. Being black and having the history of slavery, unequal rights and inequality; remembering how our ancestors were beaten and killed if they tried to vote or how policies like the Grandfather Clause restricted them from voting and how they walked and marched just to be able to drink out of the same water fountain as whites makes Obama’s “blackness” equally important. I think anyone who says not to vote for him because he’s black doesn’t fully understand what it means as a black woman or black man to look at a picture of the President of the United States and see someone who looks like you. To have that opportunity to put one of your people in a position we’ve never been in (this time being a second term). My grandparents never dreamed they’d be alive to see a black president and neither did I. His “blackness” means something, half black or not.

I’m very interested to know your views on both issues, my sistas. How do you feel about Stacey Dash’s tweets, backlash and the media’s coverage on it? What do you think about voting for Obama just because he is black?

Shala M. Marks
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication
-Print Emphasis-
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Arizona State University
“…a woman who fears the Lord shall
be praised”(Prov.31:30)


  1. When oh when will my people learn?

    Stacey Dash is only partially black. She has a parent who is Mexican and another of mixed parentage, who like Stacey is simply considered black because she is brown.

    Look at Stacey’s life. The men she dates and marries. Her children.

    Stacey’s children are all white except the one I believe by Christopher Williams.

    Stacey feels her best interest lies with whomever keeps the status quo the way it is and this time around she feels that is Romney.

    Personally I am disgusted at the way she is playing the victim. But as a woman with a white man fetish she knows where the bread and butter is and will be rewarded handsomely for her betrayal. Expect Stacey to come up in the next few months, especially if Romney wins.

    As for blacks, they shouldn’t give this bed wench another job in their videos or on their television shows and not because she is pro Romney, but because her victim game is clearly anti-black.

    Her Twitter page shows a woman blind to the plight of the masses or poor brown and black people in America who will suffer immensely under a Romney/Ryan regine.

  2. I agree Britney_Bitches.

    Stacy won’t be the first or last black celebrity or black person in general to say they are pro-Romney. I think the attention this D-List actress is getting is designed to make Obama supporters look like bigots when in truth Twitter and most social networks are havens for racist Republican retards. Stacy acting like a victim of racism herself and claiming the comments aimed at her on Twitter show the world is not united (supposedly under Obama) shows a woman out of touch.

  3. Speak, sista! There was nothing newsworthy about Stacey’s tweets. However, white media saw it as an opportunity to say, “Aha! look at how “racist” black Obama suppoters mistreat (intelligent black), innocent Romney supporters.” FOH! Totally disgusted.

  4. She has the right to support Romney. This is a free country and I’m tired of the media looking to twitter for news. They take something so mundane and make it to some extraordinary news.

  5. ************STUNT************

    she does this then releases a music single…

    haux goodbye

  6. I unfollowed Stacey right after that interview, which I didn’t actually see. When I saw her Romney tweet it didn’t bother me, she is a black Republican and has the right to be so. I unfollowed her because her tweets and re-tweets show a woman hell bent on trying to make blacks and black Obama supporters as bigots, when we know it is just the opposite. How come the media didn’t come calling when writer Terry McMillan was called everything but a child of God on Twitter by crazed Romney supporters? Stacey is no sister of mine and should be shunned by black America, not because she supports Romney, but because she clearly she has no sense of what it is like to be a black person in this country, always under attack and always under the gun.

    I believe she was paid to do what she has done and is seeking media attention to salvage a career that had reduced her to appearing in d-list rapper’s videos.

  7. She is a republican, so what! There are a lot of people of color that are conservative or independent; MLK Sr. was a republican. The big issue here is there is a huge number of minorities in this country that have not registered to vote or haven’t voted, ever. The media used Dash as a token and we wasted man hours hyping it up. We got a few weeks left to vote people, follow the issues, check the facts,and make your your voice count !!!

  8. STUNT!!!!

    she does THIS then releases music video

    looks like you fell for it

  9. I’m not surprised by her endorsement or bothered. I agree there are many conservation black people. Black people used to belong to the Republic Party. Truth be told, the democratic party has done much to set us back…Clinton signed the mandatory drug sentencing law to look tough on crime and get re-elected. Brothas makin real nice furniture in north carolina… Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement that allowed companies to take jobs overseas…we want talk about the welfare system or reform…public housing that should have led to home ownership…instead it created generational poverty until gentrification…politics is a two-headed beast, right now President Obama is without a doubt the best choice in my independent opinion!

    Plus, Stacy needed the pub since getting booted off of “Single Ladies” and she will get some work and favor from this…like Dwayne “The Rock”…I ain’t mad!

  10. I think it’s foolish for celebrities to vocalize who they want to vote for. In case they don’t know, their names are their brand. By becoming a famous, you give away freedoms that you would have had as a normal person. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to freedom of speech — you most certinaly do — but it’ll cost you, or your brand.

    Stacey Dash can vote for whoever the hell she wants to vote for. It’s her right. And she can say whatever she wants. That is also her right. It’s sad that people get so worked up and it’s so incredibly sad how race is such a divider in our country. I would never vote for someone because they were black. Do I talk to people only if have the same skin color? No. Am I friends only with black people? Of course not. Do I only find black people worthy of my time? Nope. So why would I vote for someone just because they looked like me? I vote for someone because I believe in them and what they stand for.

    I endorse Obama, but Stacey Dash is entitled to vote for and endorse whoever she wants. If she believes in Mitt Romney, that’s her thing. She doesn’t owe Obama anything. Unfortunately, because she’s a brand it’ll cost her some public appeal with her black fans (or non-fans)–which is sad, but she’s certainly entitled to her beliefs, however unpopular they may be.

  11. I totally agree that this is just a publicity stunt because ain’t nobody checking for her as an actress or anything else. She is an entertainer first and as such any publicity is good publicity and that is all she is doing. people need to get real, people in entertainment have to keep the public eye on them. Who cares who she or anyone endorses because people are going to vote for who they want regardless of what color because if i had my way Hilary Clinton would be president because she is a woman. So there you have it people do what they want for whatever reason because the only reason i vote is for Medgar Evers and all the other voting rights supports who lost their lives to help me vote. so i don’t necessarily believe the voting system is legitimate, it could be rigged up, we don’t know but like i said before we all have our reasons to vote whether it is for someone because they are black or not, we are all entitled to do what we please regardless of public backlash. The article is great though and i enjoyed learning from everyone’s comments.

  12. I think she is getting exactly what she wanted attention. I think she knew she was falling off fast so she had to do something to get attention when she couldn’t even stay on a Z-rated show she knew what she had to do. She has already done Playboy that didn’t get attention so she knew this was the next best thing. She is on shows now where the people I guarantee had to research who she was and to tell you how far they had to go back they keep saying the actress from Clueless. How long ago was that.

    I believe you have the right to vote anyway you want to but this chick here is getting exactly what she wanted attention.

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