Stacey Dash Talks About Career, Family and Why She Posed For Playboy

Stacey Dash recently sat down to talk to about what the future holds for her career wise as well as the death of Aaliyah and the real reason she decided to pose for Playboy Magazine.You can read the interview in it’s entirety below and don’t forget to check out Stacy’s photo gallery on which has been updated with dozens of HQ images.

Q: So Stacey, what was the very first role that you were ever featured in. And we
mean the VERY first I.E.extra,stunt double, ETC?

A:The very first role that I ever had was a commercial for a hair product called classy…in 1984 I think.

Q: At what point did you decide that acting would be your FULL TIME job?

A: It was really after my role in the 1988 film with Richard Pryor…. Moving. I knew I wanted to pursue this full time. It was something about being in front of the camera. I knew I wanted to do this.

Q: Can you tell us the 3 toughest obstacles that you have had to overcome in your career, and how you succeeded?

A: The first one I would have to say be being a black actress in the business… I mean its already hard enough being a female but to be a BLACK FEMALE makes it even harder. I succeeded through this just by working hard at what I do and never letting anyone tell me I cant do this or I cant do that.

The second I would have to say is regarding my Playboy Feature , which is actually a recent thing. I was talked about for doing that at my age and because of my children. Everybody thought that it was so I could boost my career, but in actually
it wasn’t. I did it for myself. I’m a woman who just entered my 40’s per say and I wanted to feel sexy. It wasn’t to heighten my career. I don’t need playboy for that.
It was strictly for me.

The third thing is the death of Aaliyah. She was a dear friend to me and I loved her
and still do as a sister. When her death happened I was really hurt and disturbed. I had to be there for my cousin and for her family as well. So I had to be strong but
at the same time I was weak. I had to just know that god had a purpose in life and that he took her for a reason…

Q:What does a typical day in the life of Stacey Dash consist of when you are not working?

A: A typical day for me… lol… Wow… Well I am a mother and wife outside of my acting. So a day as Stacey dash is the same as the next wife/mother. I spend time with my son and daughter as well as my husband. I just enjoy spending time with them. I mean ,we grocery shop,I take my daughter to dance class, I do what every devoted mother/wife does… lol.

Q:If you were to be put in full control of the ENTIRE TV, Film, and Modeling Industries, what would be the first five things that you would fix?

A: 1. As far as modeling, I would change the stereotype. Not every model is thin, so I would put more full figured models on the runway.
2. Wow this is a good question… lol… I would change the amount of black shows there are. I feel that there are not enough representing what’s really going on.
3. I would change the censorship. I don’t think that there is enough censorship on television. I mean I’m not against what goes on because its reality, but I don’t feel that kids should be watching some of the things that go on.

Q:How often do you get asked the question” What Are You?” referring to your ethnic
makeup? And how do you respond?

A:Oh wow!. I get asked that all the time… LOL. My response is. Well what do I look like, and they will say Black, and I will say well why did u ask me what my ethnicity is then?…LOL… then I would just tell them… LOL

Q: Who are 5 people who you currently consider as role models?

A:Hmmmm ,I would have to say Denzel Washington is role model for all black male actors…Alicia Keys is a role model for young black artist…. Beyonce…. Hmmm can I say myself? LOL. And of course Oprah

Q: You recently shot with Playboy Magazine. Do you feel that it was a liberating experience?

A: Actually I do. I was always thought to be the innocent, conservative
actress. Playing school girls… LOL… And when I did the shoot for Playboy, it was like a burden was lifted off me. like Im not the innocent actress anymore… lol

Q:What is in store for the near and far future for the Original Exotic.AKA Stacey

A: Well, I am currently filming Mortal Kombat movie with Michelle Pfeiffer is soon coming out… I’m an assistant producer for Roc-a-Fella Records,so Im doing alot these days. I would have to say you are going to be seeing PLENTY of STACEY DASH… lol.

Q:This is the freestyle question.Any shout outs,Pluggs, and”Get @ Me’s” go
here. So… S.D, we pass the mic to YOU, show the people, what you got to prove.

A: Well, I just wanna give a shout out to my husband whom I love so much, my babies, Mommy loves you. All my TRUE and LOYAL fans. My myspace family and friends. I love you all.



  1. She needed to pose nude for millions of strangers to feel sexy- is she serious? She didn’t get that feeling from her husband? And speaking of her husband, I didn’t know she was married.

  2. You guys are such haters…..Imma need you to work those demons out…:dance::hater:

  3. [quote comment=”1810″]She needed to pose nude for millions of strangers to feel sexy- is she serious? She didn’t get that feeling from her husband? And speaking of her husband, I didn’t know she was married.[/quote]
    I agree 100%.What a stupid reason to pose butt azz nekkid.Women are so stupid.Notice you never see men doing crap like that.Denzel ain’t sripped to feel sexy yet.She did it to garner interest in her lackluster career and might as well just own up to it.:thumbsdown:

  4. I feel she’s deserving of more success than she’s actually obtained (not that she’s not successful), and that the Playboy move didn’t help anything along. It’s her body, and her choice, but if she’s serious about acting I don’t know what made her think that was a smart move. 🙄

  5. Stacey has been taking her clothes off for years and has done a number of risque roles with graphic sex and nudity- usually with white men too.Showing her stuff is not new to her.Check her out here and here.Stacy is a freak from way back people. 😆

  6. I remember that movie.It was called Blue something or the other.She played a lounge singer or something like that.That clip is mad old.She had to have done that movie almost 20 years ago.Damn time flies.

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