Stand Out Pout

Pinks lips prove to be the most vibrant of makeup accessories. Think juicy fruit punch, glossy electric neon, matte cotton candy and poodle pink glaze.

There is nothing subtle about this movement. If you’re ready for standout lips here we go.

Keep pink lipstick’s staying power. If it’s a glossy pink that’s got you hot, line the full lip with a matching lip pencil. * Fully lining lips creates a base for the lipstick to adhere. Apply lipstick then gloss if you fancy.

For a flattering and lasting matte lip, exfoliate lips with a toothbrush and blend of white sugar and Vaseline. Rinse lips and blot dry. Use a powder puff, sponge or brush to dust a translucent powder onto the lips. * Using translucent powder will secure matte lipstick to the lips. Apply liner, then lipstick.

Pink lips are powerful, passionate and worn perfectly with soft foundation and pink or bronzed cheeks and neutral eyes.

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  1. I love a matte pink lip. It is so sexy.

    Lauren, how do you know what shade of lipstick to choose for your complexion?

  2. Choose your lipstick wisely and it will blend with any trend. Keep your under tone in mind when making a lipstick selection.

    Before you hit the makeup counter, ask yourself this question: What lipstick texture are you looking for? A bold and dry matte, a smooth and creamy texture or a romantic stain. Once you’ve decided on the look that you want it is much easier to find the perfect color.

    If you’ve got fair skin opt for a true cherry pink to red base. Olive skin, try a blue based red that will stand out against your radiant complexion. Medium brown skin tones should try a lipstick with an coral-pink value to it’s undertone, this shade will pop against beautiful brown skin. Deep chocolate skin tones should try a pink with a deep violet saturation to is base color.

    More questions, ask me on Twitter @NAPIERMAKEUP

  3. Pink is a beautiful soft color that automatically makes a woman look a little bit more girly. I love a great matte lip also. MAC has great colors. You can never go wrong with them.

  4. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IM going straight to NARS to get the pink jump off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I love the shade Janelle Monae has on. I wish I knew who it was by.

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