Star Looks, For Less!

Unless you’re a celebrity, rich, or hoping to be in financial debt, it’s not easy to splurge on things like an $11,200 Louis Vuitton bag, $600 shades by Chanel, or a $2,000 pair of Christian Louboutin pumps — EVERYBODY AIN’T ABLE!

For this edition of ‘Star Looks, For Less’ we have…

Gabrielle Union

She attended Alonzo Mourning’s ‘Summer Groove Beach Ball’ party in Miami last night. On her feet, Gabby sported a pair of Roger Vivier’s ‘Satin Rosette Platform Sandals’, originally retailed at $1,050!

Like I said — “Everybody ain’t able!” — so if you’d like an affordable pair like Gab’s, check out Baker’s ‘Salma’ pumps, with a 4 1/4″ heel, for only $39.99 .

Solange Knowles

Solange proves that fashion and style comes from within, not your checkbook. She wore this tiered black skirt on day 1 of the Essence Music Festival. It’s actually the real deal item — she paid only $40 from Target.

*I love that store. I practically live there!*

Lauren London & Meagan Good

Lo first wore hers at a BET event last month, then Meagan was spotted wearing them last weekend in West Hollywood. They’re the ‘Masonic Platform T-Strap Sandals’ by Report Signature, and retail for about $250. Very cute! But, you can have yourself lookin’ just as fly in a similar pair by Chinese Laundry, for a fraction of the price. — [I sound like an infomercial]. Hit up for a pair of the ‘Bobbi Platform Sandals’.


  1. What a pleasant surprise to see another post from you Fashionista101. The shoes are really my thing. I love the platform sandal similar to Meagan and Lauren’s and especially those black Baker shoes. They are even cuter than the ones Gabrielle has on.

  2. I don’t like the pair that Gabrielle has on…but black and white less expensive version is cute.
    I might trip and fall with them though lol

  3. I love Bakers they make me feel fabulous even though I’m broke. lol
    Nice suggestions ;I think I will try Target. Are they less expensive than Lane Bryant?

  4. never REALLY shopped at Lane Bryant. Just a few bras here and there…

    but, Target is the best. I’m there at least once a week! The price of their tops range from $12 – $18. If you want some of their designer products like ‘Rogan for Target’, then that’ll run you about $25 – $45.

    also, their jeans aren’t made for curvier girls — no stretch material what-so-ever! It’s a very unflattering look for you butt! And you know that we can’t have!

  5. Nice post! I agree the Bakers version looks way better.

  6. Oh my, I have got to get to Bakers. They always have classy heels, and I love heels. I love that skirt, too. I think Express (Love them, I do) has a top that would match the shows. Put it with that skirt and there will be pure cuteness in a few bags.

  7. Mo’star you funny! This is a nice post. I shop at NY&Co, Target and many other inexpensive places and you would be surpised how many compliments I get. Even the Gold diggin girl at my job who is so full of herself and a so called “Big spender” is always askin me where I got some thing 😉

  8. that’s today’s lesson:: everyone needs to stop by their nearest target, or ‘cuz they have some seriously great fashionable pieces. and it’s a one-stop shop!

    best brands at target are::
    – xhilaration (12.99)
    – merona (14.99)
    – mossimo (under $30)
    – Rogan for Target (currently on clearance!!)
    – GO International (up to $50)

  9. Love Solange’s fit! And Lauren Lomdon is so adorable! Those shoes are fierce. I am searching for the knock-offs right now!

  10. Def going to stop by target before the week is out! I want that skirt Solange is rocking and I love the short jumpsuit look LL is wearing!

  11. I don’t like none of the items display but good job 😉

  12. Hmmm…I thought everyone knew about Target! Love them. I remember reading an article about Solange and she said that she doesnt mind shopping at discount stores (Marshalls) to get a good deal. Gotta love that! Another good post!

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