Star Style Alert!!!!!!!! One Shoulder Dresses!

Mary J. Blige has been seen rocking the one shoulder dress lately, taking sexiness and class to a whole new level!!!! She proves that you can still look hot without showing a lot of skin. Shoulders can be just as sexy and flattering as any other body part. Bold one shoulder dresses will definitely get you noticed at any party or lounge. They are appropriate for all ages and with black tights from American Apparel paired with the right shoes in the winter months, you will prove that being chic and stylish doesnt end despite cold weather!!!
*The bronze dress is Mango Clothing for 40.00, black one shoulder chiffon dress Forever 12.00, and yellow ruffled dress River Island 45.00!!!! What a steal!!!


  1. I like one shoulder dresses when they are sinple like the black dress Mary is wearing. I don’t like them when the one shoulder is made puffy or with extra embellishment to make up for the missing shoulder.

  2. i think one shoulder dresses are for bolder people…i don’t know why even back then in the late 90’s when everybody wore them, i couldn’t rock it. that’s just me tho. i could wear the black one if it was 2 shoulder.

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