Star Style: Get Celebrity Hair Now!

Everyone wants hair that looks as good as a celebrity’s. So we went to Pantene celebrity stylist Chuck Amos, whose clients have included Mya, Brandy and Vanessa Williams , and we talked to Bridget Hill, a Peter Coppola colorist recently named by Allure magazine as one of New York’s best, to dish about what styles the hottest stars are rockin’ and how you can get them. What’s Hot Now?

Big Hair
“Hair is hot right now,” says Amos. “And lots of it!” Amos suggests wearing hair big this season. Take notes from Beyoncé, who is doing things big these days – especially with her hair. From award show appearances to her sexy “Deja Vu” video, the Grammy Award-nominated songstress is donning big, wavy, beautiful curls. To create the look, try pumping up your hair (or extensions) with large hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron just before you wash your hair. “Dirty” hair is your best friend when going for the wild look, experts say. After curling hair, flip your head upside down and scrunch the roots of your hair with a dab of volumizing gel. Then apply a small amount of pomade to your ends so your hair won’t look dull or dry. Spritz with a small amount of holding spray and then go rock the party. Oh, but be sure to wash everything out the following morning or you’ll have a matted mess to deal with.

Deux Color
Spice up your hair with the latest hair color techniques. Color stylist Hill suggests adding two different colors to your hair to create a dramatic multifaceted look, like trendsetters J.Lo and Halle Berry.”It’s called panel coloring,” says Hill. “It makes hair really stand out and look great.” Hill continues describing the style as having two tones of hair — darker on the bottom and lighter on top, especially around the crown. To create the look, have your stylist use deep browns to add depth underneath. Then apply a lighter color, such as honey brown or warm blond to the top layer. Not a technique to be tried at home, this style is for women with thick hair. Hill advises against this technique for those with thin or damaged hair.

Cut it Up
Heavy bangs are also a celeb favorite this year. Cassie, Tisha Campbell, and Solange are just a few of the many stars who have been spotted with edgy bangs. Worn full and flirty, this look is for people who love wearing bangs and want an edgier style, Amos says. For those craving a quick style makeover, try using hair extensions to create bangs rather than making a radical change by cutting them in.

Natural Curls
Is natural hair your thing? “Girlfriends” star Tracee Ellis Ross and songstress Jill Scott prove that the natural look can be ultra sexy. Hill loves this look and notes that it’s timeless and can be sported year-round. “If your hair is natural, don’t have your stylist cut it in a triangular style,” says Hill, describing a common practice of cutting the hair shorter at the top and longer at the bottom, which leaves natural hair looking puffy and frizzy. “Try to stay with rectangular cuts like Mya. These cuts are great with natural hair, because you can wear it curly or straight without having to change your cut.” She also suggests working in some color if you have fully natural hair. Try copying Kelis’s “Milkshake” hair and add great looking reddish-brown highlights to achieve a sexy glow.


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