‘State of Georgia’ May be Canceled

According to IMDB insiders, Raven Symone’s new ABC Family comedy, ‘State of Georgia,’ is currently in a state of flux.

Rumor has it the show, which debuted on June 29th and wrapped up its initial 12 episode run on August 17th, may not be coming back for a second season due to poor ratings.

The show originally debuted strong, pulling in an audience of just over 1.3 million viewers. However, ratings dropped with each subsequent episode, with the final two drawing an audience of just over 600,000.

ABF Family has not officially canceled the show, however loyal fans have already drawn up petitions and started a Save State of Georgia Facebook page in hopes of garnering enough public support to convince ABC to bring the show back for a second season.


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  2. this show if funny. i saw a few episodes from tv links-i like it. Loretta Devine’s character trips me up all the time. She’s hilarious, i think if it were to get picked up by Fox it could do better…..idk.

  3. Well if they wrapped 12 eppys then they can at least release a dvd-set that may help boost interest. I totally forgot about this show and didn’t watch. But I would rent the series, most definitely.

  4. I didnt find the show to be good. She should re-vamp. I know she can do better

  5. Co-sign on the FUBU route. This would be great for BET/TV1 to pick up. I enjoy the show for the most part. Loretta D. is hilarious and Raven is just always on my list to watch – love her. Stay positive Raven!

  6. @ Bohwe
    I actually enjoyed the first and second Season of HawthoRNe, but then the show began to seem unreal and I was disappointed with Jada’s love scene with M. Anthony. It was way too much of her personal life and very little about patients and thats just not realistic. But I totally understand what you mean about BET playing garbage all the time. As far as Raven’s show, I LOVE Raven, but I though the show lacked something. Maybe another strong well known Character, a larger cast or something. Also I got tired of seeing her throw herself at men

  7. This is hard for me to admit but Raven is not funny to me. I like her and think she is a great actress, role model, singer, the whole bit but is she funny? Not really.

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