Monica: Still Standing

Life is a journey that leads us down various paths. And no one better can attest to that fact than R&B star Monica. Monica will be the first to tell you that her path in life has led her to some real turmoil and some real life pain. Monica will also be the first to tell you that through it all, she’s still standing.

Classy, beautiful, and talented are just a few words used to describe this sista who has touched so many lives with her music. Never the one to shy away from sharing her real life experiences in the hopes of helping others, Monica’s genuine appeal has never gone unnoticed and it’s easy to understand why the girl from “ATL” has amassed a legion of die-hard fans that truly love and support her.

Monica has indeed come a long way since the release of her 1995 debut album “Miss Thang.” With well over a decade in the music business under her belt, Monica continues to deliver great music that separates her from the rest.

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  1. What happened to her? Why is she so skinny these days?

  2. Well COCO Monica has always been naturally skinny that means no matter how much she eats/exercises she wont gain much weight just like some people who are naturally built or big boned. But to get on topic love Monica and that chick can blow.

  3. Yea, I was about to say. She’s always been skinny. But yes, this is someone who truely has a voice. I love her as well. BEAUTIFUL in her new video. =*)

  4. hmm? She’s always been small lol. Maybe her face a lil wider (i.e. the “Before you walk out of my life video”) but even then she was tall and slim

  5. My everything is the best R&B song I have heard this year. She really sang that song. I will buy her album.

  6. @17150918 well said I am naturally slim too and no matter how much I eat (lord knows I love food) I still remain slim….but back to the topic Monica Is a soilder for real she can definitly stomp with the big dogs I love how she remains humble and she Is a great mom to her son’s …and Eveything to me get’s MAD play on my radio!

  7. All my friends who turned to be a mom became skinny, it’s not easy to raise kid especially when you really want to devote all your best to your kids.

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