Still Standing

Sometimes you may feel like you are carrying the world’s burdens on your shoulders. Sometimes you may feel like that things, that life, just ain’t going right. Sometimes it seems like you can’t get ahead, can’t break through, can’t break free. But through out it all, remember this, you are still standing. Yeah, you are still standing.

Shown above are new photos of model Toccara Jones by photographer Derek Blanks via Twitter.


  1. I could get used to logginn on everday and reading these feel good posts. Sometimes a little reassurance at the beginning of the day can be just what a sista needs.

    Love the Tocarra pics too 🙂

  2. Thats so true as Monica said it well also..”STill Standing”. Tocarra looks nice and has slimmed down very much.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I really needed it to day! Unfortunately, I am still in the process of learning how not to care what others think about me! I guess you can say I am still green behind the ears and expecting the adult life to be a fairytale world as it was in my teens! Things are definitely alot tougher and not as clear to me on how to be an adult in the adult world. It seems as if others just dont care and are all about self no matter how it affects someone else. I have to get thick skin and very soon! I’m trying to find my way without making life shattering mistakes. I have trouble dealing with people with long handled spoon. This journey into adulthood is making me question who I really am and worry alot!!! Im trying my best to come out ahead and “standing”!!! 🙂
    Any advice sisters?

  4. I hate the 5th picture but for thr rest she is gorgeous!Life is a fight and honey trust i’m a heavy weight CHAMPION, you can’t give up!

  5. Thank You… I REALLY needed to hear that… YES I did ** sighs** =)

  6. Hated it, she looks like that big mouth Nene Leeks. beautiful girl though.

  7. The baddest thing one to ever be on that America’s Next Top Model. The baddest.

  8. @love girl, i thought i was the only person who thought like that, wow. Its makes me feel so much better to know I wasn’t. I needed to hear this


    People will dislike you for what you said or did or didn‘t, your confidence, personal style, swag, because someone else doesn‘t, to conform to the group or appease the ring leader, co-workers, manager, family member or so-called friend, narrow perceptions and for no reason at all, miscommunication or a mistake on your part, selfishness, arrogance or nasty ways.

    “People who don‘t like themselves can‘t like you! So it’s impossible, no matter how nice you are and the value you bring to any relationship!”

    “People are either a help or an hindrance.”
    Michael Braisden

    “Believe what you see the first time.”
    Maya Angelou

    “At the end of the day, if you don’t get “thank you,” “I appreciate you,” then it’s all been a waste of time.”
    A former co-worker

    “I don’t compare myself to anyone and what they’re doing or having.”
    Amel Larrieux

    “Surround yourself with people who LIKE you and demonstrate this in words and deeds.”
    Susan L. Taylor

    “It’s difficult for people to like and celebrate you, when they’re jealous and envious of you!”
    “A preacher”

    “When someone is envious of you, they want to take something away from you!”
    An Oprah Show Guest

    “Jealousy is different than envy, it’s resentment and breeds a strong dislike.”
    Life Experience

    “Someone disliking you, is THEIR problem, it‘s not your responsibility!”

    “Everyday list five great things about yourself!”

    “Write your own biography and philosophy”

    “Write five things you’re grateful for or feel blessed about when people get you down!”

    If you stay out here, you’re going to get a break, the person who gives you the break may not even want to, but they will!”
    A wise friend

    Deep breath, rationalize the intense moments as they occur, be direct, be bold, be honest, the ego-driven, cowards or bullies hate calm directness, express your true feelings about a situation, speak up, being exposed without cursing or going off disables the culprit who likes to disturb the peace!

    Remind yourself that people like to push hot buttons to get a reaction and to feel in control of YOUR emotions because they’re not in control of their own lives.

    Feel beautiful, worthy, be the most sensual woman that you can (feel), exhibit courage in the face of fear, offer generosity over selfishness and greed, wisdom and integrity over foolishness, dishonesty, lies and delusions.

    “The most important asset you possess is your self-worth (God given to every man)!”
    Life Lesson

    “Your net worth will fluctuate, but your self-worth never changes.”
    Chris Gardner

    “You’re worthy simply because you were born!” it’s just that simple.
    Oprah Winfrey

    “If I’m happy, then I’m successful”
    Model, Alex Wek

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