Stunning New Pics From Dreamgirls

While doing my usual late night search for new photos I came across the most stunning pics from the Dreamgirls movie to be released so far.I haven’t seen them anywhere so I’m hoping they are as new to you guys as they are to me.Beyonce, Annika Noni Rose and Jennifer Hudson all look stunning and these pics alone have me anticipating this movie now more than ever.You can check out all the pics below and head on over to gallery where I will post the others tomorrow.



  1. In some of those pics there is Beyonce, Anika and then another girl.Does anyone know who she is? She obviously takes over after Jennifer Hudson’s Effie character is replaced.:?:

  2. I love this site man you all get the best pics of the sisters and rep them well.I love each one of them, Bee, Annika Rose and Jennifer Hudson.This movie is going to change the direction of the Black movies for years to come.I’m so proud of each one of these ladies and Brown Sista.:grin:

  3. Oh my gawd I cannot wait to see this movie.All the ladies look amazing but Bey really did become Diana Ross.I swear she is reminding me of her so much.December 25th needs to come already 👿

  4. The pic of Jennifer, Anikka and Beyonce dancing in the red dresses is so fabulously 1920’s.Can’t wait till this hits the theater.Thanks for posting the pics Debbie. 😛

  5. All the ladies look beautiful and I hope the movie lives up to all the hype.People give her a lot of flack but I think Beyonce will rise to challenge.Annika is a trained actress so I know she will do well and from what clips I have seen of Jennifer, acting seems to come naturally to her as well.Bravo to all the players in the movie Eddie and Jamie included.Gotta show the brothers some love too.

  6. I think I may have seen one or two of the pics but most are totally new to me.The pics of them as a group are fa-bu-lous.Can’t wait to see it.

  7. The still are lovely and I know my girl Bey will rip it up.This is her year.Don’t be shocked if she gets an Oscar nod for her role in this movie.

  8. I love girl groups.From The Supremes to En Vogue to Jade to TLC, girl groups always bring the drama and the good music.We haven’t truly had a girl group on the level of The Supremes since En Vogue.DC was cute but too fluffy and dependent on Beyonce to have have my respect.Cute pics I guess.I look forward to seeing Eddie, Jennifer and Anikka mostly.Eddie and Annika look to have some hot scenes together based on the clips I have seen.

  9. Thanks for sharing.All our sisters do indeed look beautiful in these pics and I too look forward to seeing the finished product when it hits the theater in December.
    Stay blessed my Brown Sisters

  10. My butt is already there.This is going to be the movie of the year and probably sweep the Oscars next year.From top to bottom is sheer perfection.We have an accomplished Oscar winning director, an Oscar winning actor and spectacular singers.Everything is perfect and I cannot wait to go out and support it.Look out for Annika yall cause she is gonna shock a lot of ppl who don’t know how talented she is.

  11. I agree with Monique 100% all the pics have Beyonce in the middle like she is the better singer! Jennifer is the BOMB!

  12. It may all be good, but here’s the question: are you going to pay $25 to see it in New York opening week?:sad: That’s how much they’re gonna charge. I wrote about it on my blog today. That’s a little much, if you ask me…

  13. Will people please stop saying that movie will get an Oscar you know good and damn well that ain’t happening. Beyonce’s acting skills are so terrible! If that happens then it will be more than George Bush getting some “extra” votes! Somebody will be getting paid a little extra to make that happen!

  14. :lol2: lol at Beyonce getting a Oscar. Has anyone seen her acting? Hip-Hopera, Pink Panther, Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Fighting Temptations; not one of her appearances shows decent acting skills.

    Anyway, the buzz is that newcomer Jennifer Hudson (yes, from American Idol) has a chance at an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. :thumbsup:

    What is Beyonce getting? Nothing, but I’m sure they’ll use her star status to promote the movie.

  15. The movie isn’t just about Beyonce.We have Jennifer, Annika, Eddie and Jamie as well.There is already a great deal of buzz surround Jennifer’s performance.I agree DG won’t win big at the Oscar’s though cause there are no humilating parts to reward, ala, Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball.Plus we have two films about White folks that other White folks love, that being The Queen and Bobby.Come Oscar time these two movies, one about the Queen of England and the Other about Bobby Kennedy, will walk away with all the main Academy Awards and at best DG may win for costume or make-up production. 🙄

  16. [quote comment=”1791″]It may all be good, but here’s the question: are you going to pay $25 to see it in New York opening week?:sad: That’s how much they’re gonna charge. I wrote about it on my blog today. That’s a little much, if you ask me…
    Yolanda I met you in Nassau over Thanksgiving email me and I will send you pic of you on jet ski

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