Style: At the “Notorious” Premiere

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Last night was a very stylish night at the “Notorious” movie premiere in New York City. Despite most of the ladies stepping out in dark colors, the artist partly known as Beyoncé arrived wearing an off-the-shoulder Donna Karan dress with matching sequin wrap, metallic clutch, chandelier earrings, and platform YSL sandals. Though the hair is a bit messy from her St. Bart’s vacay, she still looks fab in that color. Cassie was the cutest thing on the scene, sporting a créme and black Givenchy jacket, with emroidered detailing, and cutout platform heels. Ciara looked every bit a model, as she posed sexily in her leopard-print Christian Louboutin pumps. I mean seriously, who else could make leather look this good? — not too many! Oh, and I LOVE her side-swept bangs.

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Antonique Smith, the singer/actress who portrays Faith Evans in the new movie, looked amazing in this slinky black gown, with its sequin overlay. She looks gorgeous! June Ambrose, stylist to the stars, also came out for the occasion. She wore a tweed YSL dress, with tiers and blue lining to match perfectly with her favorite YSL pumps’ blue soles. Watching her walk in these is like something out of a movie — she definitely knows how to work a pair of 5in+ heels.

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Angel Lola Luv surprisingly looked good in her soft pink dress, and the hair was on-point, but the heels are a definite no. Me no likey! Angela Bassett was of course at this event, as she plays Biggie’s Mom (Voletta Wallace) in the movie. She wore a black and silver Pamella Roland polka dot gown, and strappy black heels. Malinda Williams doesn’t seem to age at all, and thus, she looks amazing in this black and white chiffon water-color dress. To spice up her look even more, the pixie-haired actress strapped on a black and gold belt and matched it well with a piar of suede peep-toe pumps.

* So, who do you think was the best dressed at this event?


  1. Cassie, Beyonce and Ciara look hot! I love Angel dress but the shoes are not my favorite but i can say she is improving! I louve angela bassett N Malinda stay on top her game!!

  2. Beyonce looked good except for the hair, Cassie is always stunning I guess she can’t help it.
    Ciara’s outfit looks ok but I could’nt get past her what happened to her face she looks 43 instead of 23. She should have worn a top that was not see thru. That’s one of the worst boob jobs I have ever seen.
    Melinda looks pretty. Angela Bassett also looked fab. She should write a book on aging gracefully. Angel Lola Luv looks nice and demure.

  3. Are you kidding me?! Cassie is the worst dressed when it comes to the style of the other ladies…there is a tinge of tacky when it comes with her. She really missed the mark…you can’t teach style and class.

  4. My Baby Always Going To Come In First Place And Her Top Is Perfect

  5. Eh…All very pretty but no one seemed to bring their best to this premiere. It all just looks so drab to me. I’ll give Beyonce and Angel points for wearing some kind of color and trying to brighten up the occasion.

  6. Honestly, Beyonce shouldn’t even be in there. The Beyonce/Sacha confusion/marketing ploy she’s doing is messing her up. I’ll give it to Ciara. For the first time, i think she looks good all around. Angela Bassett looks great as usual. I like Cassie’s look. I’m pleasently surprised by Angel lola luv.

  7. Ciara is the winner of this for sure. I love the skirt, tank, shoes, bangs, makeup, breast action- long and short everything is on point. I feel that Ciara dressed sexy with an edge while still looking humble, effortless, and classy.

    Cassie is usually good with the style thing and she dresses her body well. I personally do not like that style of shoe but Im not knocking it. I like the jacket, it is cute and bold. It also fits the occasion

    Weavonce, hmmm ok so I have the same complexion as her and that colour looks great on this type of skin tone (im sure many others as well). Ok, so she does not look a hot mess as she often does. I hate the shoes, her legs are way to big for those chunky, clunky shoes and the gaudy accessories such as the clutch and the sash have to go. Then again my personal style does not reflect gaudy and over trying type items. I like it when she just looks humble and I wish I knew how she dressed when she is not trying to impress. This is probably the problem here. Otherwise, I do not hate it. The dress has a great colour and great shape.

    Question: why is it that celebs do not dress in accordance to the weather. This is how you know that they are fake fake fake.

    I was like hold on, Im in Toronto (45mins away from NYC) and we basically have the same type of weather, atmosphere, etc. Now I do remember it being winter, but from the dressing, my first reaction is that they are in FL, the Caribbean or something.

    Celebs, maybe if you were real real real you would get more love. Why cant you inspire fall or winter fashion. are we supposed to sit and love your clothes and wait until summer or spring to rock them.

  8. Ciara’s outfit is on point….. the hair is ok, but her face looks weird I dont know whats up with her she looks old…..Cassie looks cute as usual
    Melinda and Angela can do know wrong and not to mention they look better than the young ladies ….Lola????? awful as usual theres nothing u can do to her!! Beyonce is a disappointment that scarf and purse NO those shoes HELL NO and her hairstylist should be fired!! the dress was cute though….I JUST CANT GET OVER THOSE SHOES!!

  9. Beyonce hair mess up the whole outfit. I think she should just wear some jeans nice boot and cute coat. It a biggie premiere her hubby should told her that. She miss the mark biggggg time. Here lace weave do not match her real hair like come on. Everyone else look really nice. I wish you had a picture of mary she look comfortable and very nice.

  10. I think Ciara was the best dress followed by Angel lola luv. Mary J looked the most comfortable – love the boots. Cassie looked cute but the weave was a bit much.

    Beyonce was the worst I’ve ever seen her. It looked like she just threw anything on (including that horrible weave) and showed up. The blogs are having a field day with that (in yahoo’s words) FRIED WEAVE. For someone who is suppose to be at the top she’s looking like a bottom feeder right now..Step it up Bey or Step aside.

  11. Ciara looks fabulous. Cassie looks good also. Malinda Williams always looks so cute. Angela Bassett, so classy.

    Sorry, but Beyonce looks a hot mess. The hair looks crazy and the make-up is just too light. Since she got married, she has lost cool points in the fashion department. Girlfriend needs to get rid of those lace front weaves and hire Ri-Ri’s stylist.

  12. Angela Bassett looks stunning, she is such a beautiful black woman. Ciara looks hot. Love Cassie’s jacket. Beyonce totally missed the mark here. With all that money she has her hair should ALWAYS be on point.

  13. in my opinion most of the ladies looked okay…beyonce sorry hun but from head to toe…a big thumbs down from me….

  14. Cassie looks especially nice. I’m a little surprised at Beyonce. I think she could have done a little better than that.

  15. Bey still looked fab messy hair and ALL! That green dress looked fab on her! Cassie has this one Ciara’s outfit Ive seen before. NOTHING special. Cassie gets this one then Angel Lola…

  16. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder because as much as I love Bey, that color really washes her out. We’re about the same shade, and I wore that color ONE time in my life and never wore it again. It’s not working for Bey either.

    Ciara and Cassie look nice. Angela Bassett looks stunning. She’s dressing age appropriate; I aint mad at her.

    Angel looks nice. I just refuse to call her Angel Lola Luv. LOL!

  17. Ciara looks HOT!!! Cassie oh well whatever and Beyonce looks a little tired, and really bloated!!! Keep trying B with age comes more trying.!!!!

  18. I love Ciara’s look. I like Cassie also, i think she is so pretty. I am a Beyonce stan (yes i admit it) but i hate her hair and shoes ugh!! she needs a new hairstylists because the one she has, has not been doing a great job with her hair lately! and those shoes not with that dress!

  19. I love all their looks altho beys a lil messy! Ciara is fab and spicying things up!

  20. June Ambrose – winner
    Beyonce looks a mess
    I like Cassie’s shoes and Melinda’s
    Lola luv looks…nice

  21. Cassie is a natural beauty, she looks great here.
    Ciara…I don’t know…the outfit is cute but I think she needs to weight back on. She looks sick to me.
    Beyonce’s style this era has been all wrong. She is taking the I-wanna-prove-I’m-natural mess too far.
    Angel Lola Luv is a hoodrat; I don’t care how you dress her up. No class.
    Melinda rarely does wrong in the styling department. Looking good.

  22. Angel Lola Luv a hoodrat? Is that a special term set aside for Black women only? Never ever have I heard other races of women referred to as one. Case in point: Kim K. Kim Kardashian is basically a black Angel Lola Luv but while Kim is praised for her behavior by mainstream media, Angel is condemned and/or not even recognized at all. *sigh

  23. correction: Kim is a non-black Angel Lola Luv. Perhaps she thinks she’s black tho

  24. Well here is your special day because that’s exactly what Angel Lol Luv is. There is nothing respectable about that female. I know of her first hand. I don’t care what race she is, she is a hoodrat. Don’t care about the other person and don’t understand why she is even being bought up. You have to talk to mainstream America as to why they praise the other chick. This is for the brown sista.

  25. Melinda Williams looks flawless, Beyonce NEEDS a stylist besides her mother, she looks like her mother dresses her, drop the wrap and some simple gold hoops and FLAT IRON your hair, Ciara looks good for a Hip Hop funeral girl please add some color somewhere and Angela Bassett is gorgeous , but look like a holiday BARBIE.

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