Style Stealer: Amber Rose vs. Amerie

What’s worse than showing up to an award show wearing the same dress as someone else? — Hmmm — Obviously being the one whose look fell completely flat! Last night at the 2009 BET Awards, both Amber Rose and singer Amerie showed up wearing the same backless white Alexander McQueen mini dress. Seeing how I dubbed Amber best dressed last night, it’s obvious that I felt she looked best. On such a beautifully sunny day in LA, it was nice to see her liven up the red carpet with her neon pink patent leather pumps. For me, it wasn’t Amerie’s shoes that ruined it for me because I love her Alexander McQueen peep-toe booties, but her makeup and appeal was all wrong. You would have never known she was wearing a backless dress! She’s also such a naturally pretty girl, so the need to cake on all that eye makeup was unnecessary.

* I believe that overall, Amber Rose killed Amerie in every department. She definitely owned this look!


  1. Amerie wins without question. I’m sick of Amber Rose and her bald head. Ameries look was more classy. I liked the shoes with it, and I like how she dressed it with jewelry. The make up and hair was on point as well. Why is the world suddenly idolizing this stripper?

  2. I love the way Amber rocks it because of her shape. But I agree with Truthtealler… I still don’t see the big deal with her. [???] It looks like a sports dress on Amerie though. =/

  3. I don’t think anyone is “idolizing” Amber, but she is very fashionable, which is what I personally like about her. She wears the outfit well. I love it.

    As for Amerie’s makeup. I totally disagree. It’s way too smokey. A bit frigthening too.

  4. Amber Rose killed it. Simple, chic – color added with shoes and purse and nails – very summery. Loved it!

  5. So what she is a ex stripper you can’t hold what somebody did in there past over there head for life, the point is she doing something with her life now!! She signed to the ford modeling agency and she wants to be a global humanitarian. People are so quick to judge n i get so tired of it!! As far as why people love her, she’s fashonable, she is not afraid to take chances. On top of that her bald head works for her, she is fierce!! If she broke up wit yae she would still be hot! b/c she her fashion is on point!! I love amerie but this look just didn’t work for her sorry :-(…lol…

  6. Amber looked way better, I really like her fashion sense.

  7. 😳

    Ok for starters… I love Amerie, but everyone who knows Authentic fashion knows if you wear a backless dress your hair must be pinned up in a bunn or something… that ways in exsentuates your back… 2nd her make up was way tooo dark for that to be “Day wear” she should have lightened it up just a tadd…

    Amber rocked it, hands down. She’s beautiful, confident, and ubber sexy… She wore that dress to the T… Curves are a great thing… I know cuz I got it too lol… 😛

  8. I voted for both; trying to be diplomatic. LOL.

    I think each lady ‘fills out’ the dress differently but they both look good.

  9. 😛 @ Kanyade

    I feel ya on the diplomatic thing… but come who would’ ya choose??

  10. Amber is HOT! Im sorry…her fashion game is out of this world!!! Amber owned this one, although Amerie’s shoes are the BIZNESS!

  11. I go with Amber she looks so fresh and her confidence makes her look sexier.

  12. wow that would suck to show at the SAME awards with the SAME dress on. Not cool at all. But the dress is not all that anyway, it look like a night shirt. Amerie is very stylish so i think she should have chose something different. nothing special about that dress at all

  13. Amber wore it better!
    Amerie is way classy though!!

  14. Nothing special about this dress but yes Amber rocked it…in her hookerish way…

  15. My vote goes for Amerie on this one! I love how she accessorized the dress and those boots are HOT! I do think Amber Rose filled it out a little more but she didn’t make the dress look more special than what it was the way Ameie made it look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. @ Styles,

    If I had to choose I’d go with Amber simply because of the extra components she added: pink pumps and lipstick and a bald blonde head. Like someone said, it highlights the back, makes you look again.

  17. @ Songbird

    “I do think Amber Rose filled it out a little more”

    I think thats why she won for so many. I must say, she is in great shape for a “thick” girl.

  18. I like Amber Rose, but all I can think about when I see her name, now, is my son’s recent question: “Mama, what’s wrong with Kanye? Why does he want a bald headed woman?”

  19. I think Amber killed it, her small frame is what got Amnarie beat. but Anmerie is on her tail. But Amber is so not cute. She’s done up well, but what is the big hoopla? a bald head. GREAT

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