Style Stealer: Estelle vs. Nia Long

                                          estelle vs nia long by you.

The 28yr old British singer recently wore a pair of the very fashionable Pierre Hardy velvet heels [w/ gold cube detailing] to her arrival at a performance she took part in, last week, in London. Nia first wore the same designer heel, in black, a few weeks prior.

* Atleast Estelle sported a different color, but who do you think wore it best?


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  1. I luv both ladies, but I’m a sucka for black. NIA! I actually like the shoe better in black, and I like her whole ensemble better

  2. Ok, I have a confession to make.

    I thought Nia had a piece of tissue stuck to her shoe 😆

    I see now it’s really some sort of shiny thing on the side of the shoe, either way Nia they look better with Nia’s outfit.

  3. Nia makes the dress better because she fills it out and her stance is the hotness.

  4. I like the shoes in both colors b/c they are HOTT! But I think that…. Nia wore them best.

  5. Nia!!! She is so gorgeous. I will admit that I thought that was some money or something by her shoe. ..hehe….. Fab!

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