Style Stealer: Lauren London vs. Meagan Good

Actress Lauren London arrived at the June 2008 BET Awards Celebrity Billiards Tournament, wearing a strapless grey romper and a pair of brown studded Report Signature t-strap sandals. Meagan Good also owns the same pair of heels, and the Sony Ericsson VIP Party at Liv Nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. Meagan paired hers with high-waisted black leggings, a slouchy white t-shirt, and her fave black leather jacket.

* Who would you say wore them the best?

Check out more Meagan at the Sony Ericsson party below.

[pageview Meagan Soni Ericsson Party]


  1. My vote def goes to Meagan Good. She looks amazing in her laid-back ensemble, and her hair looks amazing!

    Lauren’s isn’t bad, but I don’t think the color of the dress suits her. It washes her out.

  2. I give it to Lauren based on the photos you used. Had you used the image of Meagan at the Spike Awards I would have given it to her.

  3. I agree with Dana because this particular style stealer was brought up a while ago on other blogs about them wearing those shoes. Same photo of Lauren and they did use the one of Meagan from the Spike Awards. I do give it to Lauren this time though.

  4. Though they kinda blend in with Lauren, you can see them better, so I’ma vote for LL


  5. There is something about Lauren London that whispers “ho” to me idk why,but she wore it better to me

  6. I really had to think about this and make sure I’m not being bias (cause I luvs me some Miss Good), I gotta give it to Megs tho’!

    Lauren looks cute but some brighter colored shoes would’ve been cuter w/ that romper.

  7. Meagan is a legend in my books so i say she wins by :bowdown: default

  8. None of them i would see those sandals with a short skirt and fitted top

  9. Both rocked ’em :brownsista:

    Bluefly is having a sale on their Report Signature shoes…sizes and styles are limited though as it’s been going on for a while, but they do have some cute ones left.

  10. I’m gonna go with Lauren, as someone said in an earlier post, you can see the shoe better on Lauren

  11. Meagan Good gets this one, just because she has a cuter body and nicer face. Also the shoes pop more against her outfit.

    @Voice-In a mag interview, she allegedly said she only likes thugs. She also use to date Lil Wayne. Not only that but in her neighborhood, in LA, she alledgedly got around.

  12. Im tired of seeing meagan’s annoying ass in the same sh*t all the time she needs to switch up her style I dont like the way they rocked them, but ill say lauren just bcuz she is so cute and meagan gets on my nerves!!

  13. and why is it such a big deal about a celebs past… of course ppl are going to hate and make up rumors, but unless u grew up with them or are from where they are from :hater: how the hell do u know and her dating lil wayne wow! who cares

  14. @Sunshyne-You have to care if you are commenting in reference to what I said. And yes, I know because I am from around her former neighborhood. Some rumors are true, and she does like thugs. And no, why would I hate on LL? :noway: She is not doing big things.

  15. Megan has on American Apparel tights… they’re the best^_^!

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