Style Stealer: Nia Long vs. Ciara + Naturi vs. Dollicia Bryan

A few weeks ago, the lovely Nia Long attended Will Smith’s ‘Seven Pounds’ movie premiere in LA wearing a black sweater dress, leggings, and a brown overcoat, with a fab pair of patent-leather leopard-print Christian Louboutin pumps. Just last night, ironically at another movie premiere and in the same CL leopard heels, Ciara gave us a taste of what an aspiring model should look like. Yes, she does seem to have slimmed down a tad bit, but she still maintains her well-toned physique. An obvious candidate for *Best Brown Sista Legs of 2009* — I think yes!

nia-vs-ciara-b nia-vs-ciara-c

And here’s another. Naturi Naughton, who plays rapper Lil’ Kim in the new movie “Notorious”, wore a strapless beige mini-dress, with its sweetheart neckline and metallic embroidered all-over detailing, paired with chandelier earrings and the sorriest excuse for a pair of heels. Girl. Are you for real? Anywho, I think its safe to say that video vixen Dollicia Bryan, who first wore the creation at a King Magazine party back in June of ’08, wore it best. Though they sported very similar hairstyles, Dollicia wore her dress as a halter-neck and threw on a very popular pair of gold Gucci Sevigny heels.

naturi-naughton-vs-dollicia-bryan-b naturi-naughton-vs-dollicia-bryan-c

**Thanx to Stephanie for spotting these two fantastic comparisons!


  1. Dollicia and Naturi wore it well to me because they each have a different shape. Ciara looked stunning to me and she does look like a model. But Nia Long is so beautiful and always looks great to me. But I like the styles of everyone at the movie premiere and it seems that black hollywood came out in force. I hope the movie does well.

  2. Ciara looked amazing and both she and Nia worked the shoes, but I give it to Ciara over all.

    As for Naturi and Dollicia- Naturi from the waiste up and Dollicia from the waiste down.

    Dollicia’s tig ol bitties make the dress overall look too small for her. While it basically loooks perfect on Naturi. I prefer Dollicia’s shapely figure which I why I gave it to her from the waiste down.

  3. It’s a tie for Ciara and Nia. “Stunning” is a word I have never used for Ciara but I think it is appropriately used for this look. I do prefer Nia’s shoes but the red soles on Ciara’s heels gives her look an element of surprise.

    I prefer Naturi’s look to Dollicia. Dollicia looks a lil bit hoochy. IMO more like a Lil Kim than Naturi.

  4. Oh..I see clearly now. Nia’s blended into the red carpet.

  5. Nia wins
    It’s amazing how much younger she looks than Ciara. wow

  6. Wow Ciara & Dollicia All Day Everyday, Simply Two beautiful Ladies, Nia & Naturi Are Also Beautiful . Over All My Baby Will Always Come In First Place

  7. BrownsugaDiva u r sooooo on point….its funny how Nia looks so much younger than Ciara…..I love Ciara, but she looks so wierd to me and as far as the othe two Naturi looks classy so she wins that rounf and oh of course I have to go with Nia……Ci Ci tries way to hard when she poses…..!!

  8. I like Naturi’s look better. I think Dollicia’s dress is two sizes two small. I bet she couldnt’ even sit down in that thing. By the way who is the dress made by?

  9. I wanna thank everybody that said I look better than Ci Ci. I try my best yall! 🙂

    But seriously, who cares who rocked them better? All I wanna know is…where can I buy some imitations?!?! Fashionista, work on that for me, will ya??? Preciate it!

  10. Nia, you so crazy!!

    Anyhoo, I actually like Nia’s look better, Ci’s look is just not doing it for me. LOVE the shoes

    I vote for Dollicia….the dress just doesn’t look right on Naturi to me at all. She didn’t wear it right or something…

  11. Nia is always rocking some fierce shoes!

    Naturi wins the dress showdown..Dollicia’s puppies are spilling out and that’s so not cute IMO.

  12. ima have to go with ciara and dolicia but all the ladies look good!!

  13. Nia hands down!

    As for the other two. Naturi needs to lotion her knees and Dollicia (was her mama for real?) just overall looks too thirsty to me. If I had to decide, I’d go with Naturi…a little lotion can fix her situation. If I was going to a wedding with my man I would rather look like Naturi.

  14. Naturi wears nice in her dress, I don’t know if that’s just a bad pic of Dolicia but the dress was not becoming on her. Nia and Ciara both look very nice with the Christian Louboutin pumps.

  15. Sorry, Naturi looks nice in the dress (it’s time to shut down the PC)!!!

  16. Nia Long, I love that her outfit is casual but still sexy. Ciara’s looks never seem to do it for me.

    Dollicia, she fills it in better and I like the dress as a halter. I’m hating Naturi’s choice of shoes. =(

  17. Nia a classic beauty. She is pushing 40 and still able to hold her own against the ladies in their 20’s. She is my girl crush, lol.

  18. Nia Long will always have a special place in my heart, simply due to her role in Love Jones. So I’m always going to pick her over anyone else! lol

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