Style Stealer: Rihanna vs. Beyoncé

Our favorite candid sista, Rihanna, was spotted leaving Da Silvano restaurant in NYC over the weekend. Pairing together proudly-recycled pieces from her wardrobe (i.e. her Balmain jacket, white J Brand jeans, and black suede boots), Rihanna completed her look with a white marble print Helmut Lang tank top, and a snakeskin bag. Beyoncé recently wore the grey version to Rihanna’s Helmut Lang top, while shopping at the Balmain boutique in Paris. Bey looked effortlessly cute in a sequined mini skirt, cropped leather blazer, printed tank top, and leather peep-toe ankle booties.

* My vote def goes to Bey. I love everything about her outfit, from her statement necklace to her sequined mini. Her hair also looked great!


  1. Bey vs Riri!!!!! You trying to start something?


    I bet there will be 120 comments by tomorrow.


  2. i actually think they both look bad, beyonce looks worse in my opinion

  3. @mario yes i agree i like ri-ri look minus the boots.

  4. They both look good, But i’m not feeling the sequin skirt … Its a bit much for a shopping trip.
    But yeah they both look pretty….

    :lol2: at pearls, definately 120 comments…. :lol2:

  5. Well. I’m all for the “not matching look,” but there’s no need for Rihanna to pair snakeskin, marble, and checkered prints together. She should lose the boots, the scarf, and the jacket. Then add on a pair of heels. Maybe black.

  6. :hifive:

    im with mario..i choose the lesser of 2 evils..riri


  7. both look awful
    your vote goes to beyonce??? FASHIONISTA please! that skirt look like half a bottle of Pepsi, the jacket was unnecessary , the shirt is too long, those shoes are dreadful, the hair GOT TO GO, bad, statement? there haven’t been any statement in beyonce’s close since 2004

    Rihanna’s shoes make me wanna slap her, the scarf needs to be burn, her hair is seriously getting on my nerves, did i mention her boots? Minus the scarf those combat boots, she could have…,NEVER MINd she look BAD too

    Both of them chicks look like they dressed up in the dark so don’t gimme that

  8. I’ve gta go for Beyonce…she does look effortlessly cute…Rihanna looks kinda like a cute construction worker.

  9. Bey looks ridiculous! – she has an apt just for her clothes (as she said in a recent interview) and that’s the best she could come up with?

    RiRi looks comfortable..not feeling the boots but the outfit is ok.

  10. Rihanna looks like a model; relaxed and cute. She has the attitude and confidence to pull anything off.

    Not feeling Beyonce’s look to much.

  11. @ lady yeah they both look really bad i mean really bad, but if i had to chose rihanna does look better but for both of them thats not saying to much just horrible IMO

  12. Where do celebs find those old and rubbish looking boots? I prefer Rihanna’s look but those boots…why Rihanna why? I don’t like Beyonce’s dress.

  13. I hate Beyonce outfit, hair etc. she needs a new stylist and hair person, she has just not been looking cute lately with the clothes she’s been wearing. she needs a more edgy style. Rhianna i must admit I do love her style, and I am a Beyonce stan, I don’t even like Rhianna but she has a mad stylists.

  14. Wow…both of them look like they dressed in the dark. But I give my vote to Rihanna. No one carries clothes like Rihanna and no one has Rihanna’s style right now. That is her arena and she’s the current champion.

  15. lmao at being the champion of having a great stylist. how old are some of you? 12? since when is dressing cute or having a great stylist such a great accomplishment?

    that means if you give someone rihanna’s stylist, then you could easily have another rihanna.

    sorry but me personally i’d rather be the champion of having talent and being #1 after 10+ years in the game or something of relevance i.e beyonce.

    bey can wear a clown suit and it wont matter to me because i dont care about her style, i think she enjoys being the champion at performing.

  16. Rihanna looks better. Some people have that ability to make everything they wear look fashionable and Rihanna is one of those people. She is the new Halle Berry.

  17. Im a person who actually KNOWS fashion and they both look cute! But Personally Beyonce’s fit looks cuter…I dont like Rih’s boots with that fit…But Rih’s jacket looks better..minus the bag.

  18. UGH!

    I hate that look on Bey AND to know that she has on pantyhose w/ that outfit… *sigh*.

    And what a disappointed to not see Rih looking fab as she usually does. Them boots have gots to go! Otherwise, the look would’ve been rockin’…

  19. My opinion: another threatened bey stan to add to the list is not going to change anything on B.s,

    However i know now why stephanie keep recycling the same celebrity , a few days ago NO ONE was on claudia jordan outfit post, when she looks better than both of them bishes up there, and i just went to see my nieces upstairs and look how many comments have emerged?

  20. Bey and the Dreamgirls glitter is killing me. I’m just glad yall didn’t put up the pic with Bey in the sandals with the stockings.

    Rihanna don’t even try – she just does!

  21. Fashionista101 said,
    May 18, 2009 at10:47 am 55 minutes after
    @Miss T

    LOL. Did you see what Rihanna was shopping in a few weeks ago?

    But Bey has on stockings with peep toe ankle boots – Ima need you start fashionista-ing and give out fashion tickets b/c stocking are a no no.

  22. Mrio :hifive:

    “Ima need you start fashionista-ing” :lol2:
    “Bey and the Dreamgirls glitter is killing me.”

  23. Rihanna looks way better but I dont care for the boots at all.

  24. Beyonce!

    I mean really! A whole post about shirts you can barely see! I would rather have a post about homewrecker Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats going public! Even Foxx news got that post!LOL

  25. @ Melissa…ur right…lol…now that I think of it, it’s not really necessary tho.

  26. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Beyonce looks a hot mess from the waist down. Rihanna looks cute, minus those hedious boots.

    @Voice Alicia Keys stole Swiss from Mashonda and denied it all, but now they public. Yeh but Alicia all for our sista moving foward, but bish butt naked making breakfast for swiss. N E WAYZ I want miss keys to come out with an album, come on im waiting…………………Beyonce that skirt is Horrific looking

  27. The both look dreadful! Normally Riri is on top of her fashion game, but lately she has slipped. She needs to keep her head in those fashion magz and have her stylist on speedial because her face and fashion sense are her money-maker.

    Notive how since Rihanna became a fashion icon, B tried to dress more edgy but she lacks natural fashion accumen so it doesn’t work.

  28. Beyoncefan: Wow alicia must be one hell of a woman, or have a fire engine to take another man who is CRAZY IN LOVE WITH HIS WIFE and make him love her :hifive:

  29. I agree with you Voice. I guess Ms. Keys got that fire engine!!!! Well I still love that homewrecker and will continue to support her in what ever she do.

  30. Janelle: Me too because i know insecures women are so damn quick to point the finger at someone else whereas real women knows that some things are just not meant to be and you CANNOT force a man to stay in love with you, so i’ll still support alicia and watch her continue to be the best selling black female entertainer since people can encourage and support a DUMB, SONG STEALING ,INARTICULATE,MORONIC ,GHETTO,LOW CLASS idiot, we can sure as h-ll support a POWERFUL COOCHIE :hifive:

  31. Hey ladies & Mario :brownsista:

    Ummm…is the voting booth still open?

    I vote for NEITHER.

    They both look a mess. :bag:

    But I still got love for ’em.


  32. who are you talking about

    Well you can recognize people not even knowing them right? you can tell alicia is a homewrecker, i’m sure you can tell WHO i am speaking about :hifive:

  33. Kanyade hey :hifive: i like how you said ladies and mario, i feel special 🙂

  34. Samia: Yeah girl i heard you were sitting right there when they were doing it is jay-z good or what?

  35. They both look a mess and wth does Alicia have to do with this post??? Damn yall are some instigators who love drama!!!!!!! :loser: :loser: :loser:

  36. LMAO at 120 comments….i love bee but she looks a mess in most of her clothes..nothing ever works on her except plain jeans and a tee.. i guess she dnt care anymore.. been there done that and got the bank account to prove it..

    riri looks a mess as well.. tries to hard.. its like i wanna be the baddest bitch but with no bank account to prove it..opps..

    clothes dnt make a person and these who rocks it best are really silly..just shows they all buy or (borrow in some peeps cases ) from the same places..

    And finally, yes A Keys is a home wrecker.. couldnt wait until the ink was dry before she could snatch another womans husband…

  37. the way i hear it alicia is gay and does not like men. this is a publicity stunt to quiet the gay rumors.

  38. @ goons

    If you think Rihanna has to pay a dime for clothes you must be sadly unaware of they way designers advertise these days. Girls like this Rihana/Beyonce/ etc have ROOMFULLS of free stuff to sieve from. Free promo for the designers. Candids shifts more clothes of the racks than ads.

  39. All this hate over clothes they borrowed or was given for free.When we people have to by our own.

  40. :stop: could someone please explain how basically a “who rocked it better” got to be so personal and or about someone who is not even on here (alica keys?!)???????

    im soooooooooooooooo confused 🙁 :lol2

    i think that i have seen them both look better but in this case i would have to go for riri…not hatin just sayin :hifive: :lol2:

  41. Not crazy about neither. But if I had to choose, I would give it to RiRi.

  42. Ri rocked it better. as usual, Bey looks like she’s trying to hard. i generally don’t like much of the stuf Bey wears, unless she’s kickin it in some jeans and a tee with heels. whenever she tries put an “outfit” together, she always looks like her stylist was working for hours to try to maintain a “casual” look. Ri looks like she’s just chillin and it’s actually something i’d wear. :thumbsup:

  43. What! 1 day and 4 hours and only 53 comments!

    I am shocked!

    Where are the fangs?

    Have we turned the page on the Bey vs Riri madness?

    :lol2: at all the comments.

    Everyone, thanks for brightening my day.

  44. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :lol2: :lol2: @ zy

    Rihanna looks like she is chillin, she looks like the scarf’s are choking her to death, i agree beyonce is trying to hard

  45. This is definitely Rihanna’s style. She pulls it off even with those ugly boots. But we know for sure this kind of style is expected with Rihanna.

    Now…Beyonce’ keeps embarassing herself. :bag: She is concentrating on everyone else’s style and thinking it looks good on her too, but it doesn’t. I think if she stuck to her own style it would be better for her because this outfit takes aways from her (not good) and makes her look cheap and out of place. And with her star status she deserves better. I don’t know whether to blame her or her stylist. But I do know that she had to approve this HoBo looking mess.

  46. Beyonce looks a horrid hot wretched mess…the shoes are hideous. Celebrities can wear what the heck they want and possibly make it look decent because their egos and who people perceive them to be can allow them to take fashion to another level. But when something is obviously not a together look, no matter what celebrity is wearing it, it amazes me how many people co-sign that sh*t like it’s the business. But I guess those celebs count on followers to :bowdown: …

  47. @pam, you sound stupid.. we all know that all the stuff they wear is borrowed and yes somtimes given.. stlysist do that all the in point, rihanna had to appeal to get her borrowed jewellery returned as well as the gucci dress she wore coz the owners wanted thier stuff back..stop acting like borrowing is also not a common practise when it comes to celebrities..not all stuff is given..

  48. both girls just kidding it know big deal about the outfits. but my girl bey do look comfortable. can’t look like a fashion model everytime you out and about.

  49. Both of them look out of place but Rhianna looks more together than Beyonce hands down.
    @ Goons Rhianna has more money than you will ever see in your life time so stop already. Some of you Beyonce stans are utterly ridiculous how far your hate and jealousy goes for Rhianna.

  50. Ok Rihanna. n those boots!

    they make her look so manly!!! like ew!!

    Beyonce just looks more feminine, soft and pretty!!

    and im diggin those legs!

  51. @Fashionista101

    Ok I do admit the stockings rihanna had on were abit much for a shopping trip, but the corset wasn’t too bad cause she had them on with jeans and there wasn’t a bit of sequin or glitter in sight. 😆 But I guess both outfits are just as bad as each other.

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