Style Stealer: Rihanna vs. Kerry Washington

A few weeks ago, Rihanna attended the 3rd Annual DKMS Gala in New York City wearing allover Louis Vuitton Fall 2009. Brown Sista’s ’08 Show Stopper of the Year, Kerry Washington, also sported allover Louis Vuitton to a charity luncheon at the Cannes Film Festival in Antibes, France on Friday. The ensemble Rihanna sported was straight off the runway, and Kerry’s was paired together from a variety of different looks.

Who wore their LV Fall 2009 tulip skirt the best?

* Though Rihanna looks great in hers, my vote goes to Kerry. Mainly because there was some type of effort thrown into her look. It wasn’t just pulled right from Look 41 @ the LV fashion show. & plus I hate Rihanna’s boots.


  1. I think Kerry’s ensemble is a bit more wearable….though both ladies do look very nice :thumbsup:

  2. I pick Kerry because she made it her own…y did Rihanna take the exact outfit from the runway? Every single detail, from the top to the skirt to the boots to the clutch even the hair…so Kerry is more original and lady-like to me.

  3. Kerry wins, but I don’t like her choice of footwear. The ankle ties are distracting and not in a good way.

  4. Rihanna looks adorable but I would expect Rihanna to make it her own and not take it from the run way being that she is a fashionista. So I give it to Kerry too.

  5. Ill give it to keri,but those shoes aren’t right for this outfit.I like rihanna’s dress better and i love her rings,but the necklace makes it look like too much.

  6. Kerry would be the less intimidating choice But rihanna has this one from me, n

  7. I’m in the minority; I think it works better with RihRih…maybe it’s coz of the boots and the color…


  8. Kerry’s is HOT!!! I love hers… but Rihanna looks better in that style of dress, so its hard to choose…..overall Ill have to give it to Kerry she’s owning that dress :bowdown:

  9. I prefer Kerrys style as others have said, she has made the style her own. Whereas with Rihanna, her people are obviously trying to make her into this fashionista type person, they are trying too hard and copying straight from the catwalk. It looks a bit too mad. But she usually looks great…this is just not her best outfit in my opinion.

  10. both ladies look good in their own unique way but i prefer riri coz she is wearing it with attitude, confidence is written all over her and i believe confidence is a fashion accessory

  11. as far as fashion, rihanna wins. but as far as something people can actually wear and look good in it for the average person kerry gets it…over all i guess i will go with kerry, riri just looks like she needs to step out on the runway not very original but still looks hot

  12. Rihanna looks better – more playful and girly.

    Kerry is gorgeous but ther skirt is sticking out a lot and the bowtie shoes are too distracting.

    Both ladies are fab

  13. I like Rihanna’s oufit better but I love Kerry’s shoes.

  14. I’ll have to give this one to Rihanna… not necessarily crazy about the outfit but Ms Fenty pulled it off moreso. The bodice of Kerri’s ensemble is ill-fitting and to me at least she does not look comfortable in the outfit whereas Rihanna does. Add in Kerri’s too small shoes and lack of accessories and Rihanna’s more pulled together look she again gets the head nod for me…

  15. Rih Rih’s my girl and all, but I gotta go with Kerry. Not that I would wear either of those skirts, I must admit that I like the elegance and simplicity of Kerrys outfit. Kerry scores points for originality too, b/c Rih Rih just took her fit right off the runway, which would be fine if it was the better looking of the two.

  16. riri’s look was taken straight from the runway..liked it on the model better though still think the boots are hedious.. kerri looks nice and made this her own.its simple and worked..there is not too much going as much as riri’s. :thumbsup:

  17. kerry looks classy in this one . . . rihanna was expected so definitely KERRY :bowdown:

  18. Rihanna has this one fuh sure!! yeah so her outfit is straiht off the runway but that not the issue as to who wore it better.Rih colours add to her hue & give her a glow.kerry skirt give her a look of out of shape hips & her shoes though cute they look like they r 2 small for her.Rihanna still made the oufit her own b’cuz that model on the runway looks terrible(1/2 starved) r someting anyways something’s missing .RIhanna took it & ran all the way with it .Mybe she should have model it in the 1st place

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