Style Stealer: Taraji vs. Ciara

                         taraji vs ciara by you. 

For this edition of Fashionista101‘s ‘Style Stealer’, Taraji recently attended a screening for her latest film, ‘The Family That Preys’, wearing a cute pink opened-back mini-dress. Ciara first wore hers to a Choice FM party, back in April. She paired it with a set of black platform sandals, while Taraji rocked hers with some blue suede peep-toe pumps.

* Who do you think wore it best?


  1. They both have too much of similar look all the way through, they could pratically be twins 😐 . They both look GREAT but neither one of them out did the other IMO.

  2. I didn’t even realize they were the same until I saw pics from the back. Ciara wore it best because it hugs her curves better. I agree with JBL however that Taraji’s bold shoe choice really set the dress off. Btw, did anyone notice, in the other post, how Taraji and Sanaa’s outfits totally complimented each other?

  3. I’m inclined to go with Taraji simply because of the bright, blue shoes. Love them. 🙂

  4. Ciara’s dress does fit better, but Taraji did her thang combining the shoes with the dress….I’m giving it to the both of them…They are both beautiful!

  5. Ciara looks better in the dress, and she wore it first. So she gets my vote.

  6. While both ladies look nice, Cici pulls it off a tad bit better, imo. Don’t like the blue shoes with the dress at all

  7. I am going to go with Taraji. It is sexy on her as opposed to being just another tight. tight, tight dress as it is on Ciara. Furthermore, I love her choice of shoes. Ciara looked nice too though.

  8. Taraji…I love those shoes my eyes keep getting drawn to them when I look at the pics. I love the shoes in combo with the dress.

  9. What they are wearing looks like an 80’s hooker dress. Cheap and Tacky. Taraj could’ve have worn something better at her own movie premiere?

  10. Ciara wears it better. But I love Taraji’s complextion with that color.

  11. im luvin them both too 🙂 , but Taraji’s shoes jst don go flow with it and Ciara completly rocked it!!

  12. I like the way ciara is rocking the dress but tara looks great in it as well.

  13. Both ladies rocked it, but I’d have to give it to Ciara because she looks amazing. Taraji’s shoes are hot!

  14. They look too similar! i cant tell who is who! i think the one who wore it first. and the one after that must fire her stylist

  15. I’m voting for Taraji, because it looked spunky on her, not just sexy. And because those blue suede pumps SET IT OFF!!

  16. it does look a little 80s, but that is the way fashion is right now, with the 80s influence. i think they both look cool and on trend in the dress, but i think taraji funked it up more with the bright blue shoes. it complements the pink in a great old school way! love it! 🙂

  17. Hmm.. First of all, I think the dress is so cool!
    But I actually disagree with the many of you, who likes Tarajis shooes. I don’t know why, but I just dont like them.

    I also think, that both ladies looks great in the dress, but I must say, that Ciara looks best.

  18. Ciara!!! Tarajii nice try…she added pockets and some blue pumps to be diff. she has same hairstyle n everything! Ciara!!!

  19. I love taraji and Cici they both look good but i see the dress on a curvier sister 🙂 like alicia keys

  20. Ciara rocked it better. The black zipper down the back makes me think the black shoes Ciara has on look better than those bright ass blue suede shoes Taraji has on.

  21. They both look great, but I’ve gotta go with my girl Taraji! She looks fab!

  22. I think it looks similar on both but if I had to pick, Ciara simply because she is better looking so the outfit just looks better on her overall. My eyes keep going back to her.

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