Summer’s Hot New Lip Trend

As the mercury begins to rise we’ve gone from creamy nude lips to hot, bright colors. The color of summer is bold, bright orange.

Take two tips to the makeup counter with you to find your one and only orange!

What lipstick texture are you looking for? Bold and dry matte, a smooth and creamy texture or an easy to wear lip stain?

What is color intensity do you desire? A soft sheer display of color, a medium wash of color that will match accessories like earrings or a bag, or do you want your lip color to be the stand out color in the room?

Once you’ve decided on the look that you want it is much easier to find the perfect color.

If you’ve got a creamy, honeyed skin tone opt for a true orange with a zesty citrus undertone. Olive skin, try a red-orange that will soften in tone against your skin yet stand out against a radiant complexion. Medium brown skin tones should try true orange value to its undertone, this shade will pop against beautiful bronzed skin tones. Deep chocolate skin tones should try an orange with a deep pink saturation to is base color wear with matte skin to perfectly compliment your beautiful and richly pigmented skin tone.

Will you dare to wear the trend this summer?

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  1. Coolio. I usually go matte or a stain. I’ll have to try this/these color(s). Thanks!

  2. Peaches and ornages tend to look great on dark skin tones. I am a huge fan of paech in particulaR. I love a matte peach lip tint. Looks very natural.

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