Summer Time Essentials!

I am jammin’ to hip-hop’s original summer anthem and while we’ve got summer’s music classics on shuffle, it’s our summer beauty selection that is due for an update.

Summer is a great time to update your look, too! Experiment, try something funky and fresh and new. Just because you can’t get a Brazilian blow-dry at Rush Hair London or a sweet new chop at Toni & Guy every day doesn’t mean you can’t always look your best. The rising temperatures mean wonderful summer fashion, come rain or come shine. It also means that more skin is on display, so make sure to exfoliate and moisturise regularly. Invest in some great products so that you can look and feel fabulous all the time!

Here are my top picks in beauty from hair to skin care.

Kerastase Bain Satin Gently cleanses and nourishes hair. Apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair and scalp. Massage head using palms of hands. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Leaves hair soft and shiny with a lightweight finish. $35.00

Bobbi Brown’s SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free
Created for women with oily skin who want light moisture, sheer coverage and sun protection in one. The formula glides on smoothly, blends easily and provides coverage for soft and natural-looking skin. Vitamins C and E protect
skin from free radical damage, while SPF 15 helps prevent sun damage. An SPF 15 is the perfect amount of protection for women of color who are also at risk for melanoma and skin cancers. $40.00

SPF 30+ Sunscreen Swipes with Zinc for Sensitive Skin
Formulated to calm, soothe and protect, these soft pre-moistened, parabenfree, water-resistant wipes deliver powerful SPF 30 protection for the face & body. Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and 2-3 months of age and up. $12.00

Carol’s Daughter’s Lip Butter Provides your lips with essential almond and vanilla oils. The innovative buttery, balm can be worn on bare lips or under lipstick leaving lips feeling soft, never greasy. $7.00
What are your summer essentials?

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  1. Lauren, I have found that many sunscreens have a white tint that doesn’t look good on brown skin and must be rubbed in vigorously. Do you know any that won’t leave us looking ashy?

  2. Great question, Dana. I’d like to know an answer too. My sunscreen does the same. I have tried mixing it with cocoa butter lotion just to dampen down the ‘white’ but it still comes through.

  3. Wow, someone else with the same problem. I have bought several sunscreens for my daughter and all of them leave behind this white ashy residue. Mu daughter hates it so much she refuses to wear sunscreen now. Even the spray on ones are iffy.

  4. I use Clinique’s Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer for my face – it’s not as reasonably priced as I would like, but it works wonders and no ashy residue…they have a SolarSmart line of sunscreen that I have not tried yet, but the brand tends to be pretty solid, so it might be worth the $.


  5. The Supergoop Wipes featured in the post work beautifully as well as 3Lab’s SPF 55 cream leaves the skin without the white, streaky film otherwise known as zinc.

    Thanks for your questions, keep them coming!


  6. (it’s so cool how Zoe looks african american but is not!) anyay-i love Carol’s Daughter. Only bought like 2 different products though lol. CD isn’t cheap-i just got paid and though my hair could use a splurge type treatment.

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