Swag-Jacker of the Year!

…and the “Swag-Jacker of the Year” award goes tooooo Nicki Minaj! Most of you already know why, but for those who do not (including the few stubborn stans), read on.

When Nicki first stepped on the scene a few years back, the Queens, NY native seemed like any other tough New York chick. Back then, her lyrical style and swagger reminded me somewhat of Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown’s, which was cool because it wasn’t anything major. Now in 2010, Nicki has been accused of jacking one of her favorite icons’ swag.

Though Nicki has expressed her appreciation for Lil’ Kim’s art and talents in many interviews, Kim does not agree with the phrase “Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery.” It seems as if Nicki (and her team) studied Kim’s career and found out what works and what didn’t work. From the colorful wigs and contacts, to the self-proclaimed “Barbie” title and even album covers, there’s no question that Nicki is a copycat!

Plenty of musicians like Chris Brown and Ciara reference Michael Jackson as one of their icons. Like MJ, the two young stars are amazing dancers and talented singers. They even act. But, you don’t see them going around rocking Jheri Curls, red leather motorcycles jackets with the “crazy zippers” and white gloves — unless they’re paying tribute to the late wonder.

If you let Nicki’s fans (aka Kens and Barbz) tell it, they’ll say something like, “Kim is washed up! Nicki’s bringing something fresh and new to Hip-Hop.” And any Lil’ Kim fan would then say, “Lil Kim is a legend, she is undeniably one of the hottest rappers to exist!”

I personally like Nicki Minaj. Mostly for her lyrical style. That, in my opinion, is what’s different about her. She used to rap hard, but now it’s just a bunch of stuff (words and thoughts) jumbled together, that may not necessarily make sense, but definitely sounds good over a hot beat. She’s a character, so I try not to take her seriously. She stated in a recent interview that Kim will be the one to “go down in history as a sore loser.” Though I like Nicki, that comment was extremely disrespectful. That’s like someone stripping you of everything you’re known for, then trying to front it as their own. I could’ve sworn identity theft was a federal offense! (LOL) My point is that Lil’ Kim isn’t dead, locked behind bars, or too old to re-establish a rap career, so why is it okay for someone to jack her style [totally]? When Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as the “Queen” at the 2008 Grammy Awards, Aretha Franklin definitely did not let that one slide, reminding everyone that it is she who is the “Queen [of Soul].” Not one person I know argued with that comment, and no one called her a “sore loser.”

Other artists Nicki has been said to “copy” include Lady Gaga and Tokyo Diva, who actually released a statement a few months back.

“She can’t survive without a stylist. That’s the difference between me and her. What I am doing is not a gimmick. It’s not made up. It’s not fake.”

**Stay tuned for more “Best of 2010” posts!


  1. Some of those pics remind me of what a true legend and icon Kim is. She took what she had and just ran with it. She is 4-eva the Queen of Hip Hop.

  2. Girl, you about to start a fire storm. I love it though. Allow me to help you! Off to twitter and facebook I go to kick start the madness…

  3. oh wow! put together like yo can def see similarities esp the album cover, and the gold outfit. I think what may have happened was that nicki’s stylist was like – well this worked for lil kim I dont see why you cant do it-

  4. Can anyone nominate people? Cause if we can, then I nominate Lil Kim for the Has Been of the Year award.

    Did James Brown hate on Michael Jackson or Prince? Did Janet Jackson hate on Aaliyah? Did Aretha Franklin or Chaka Khan hate on Mary J. Blige? No they didn’t because those new artists helped expose the older artists to a younger generation of fans who probably would have never known them. Likewise Nicki helped expose a new generation of rap fans to Kim and instead of being grateful Kim started hating.

    Kim’s time has long been up and Nicki ain’t have nothing to do with it. She tried to help Kim and show her love. Instead Kim took out her anger at having a failed career on Nicki and why? Because she knows Nicki will not make the same mistakes and will become bigger than she ever did.


  5. Let me add my thoughts before things get out of hand lol.

    I have mixed feeling on this topic. No doubt Nicki has borrowed from Kim’s visual image tremendously. No one can honestly dispute that. That being said, Nicki has added her own personality to go with the image which is why I think she is doing so well and may eventually become an Hip-Hop icon like Kim, maybe even bigger.

    It isn’t fair to act as if Nicki’s entire career is based solely on colorful wigs and outrageous costumes. Nicki’s over the top attitude and lyricism had added to her appeal and she deserves some credit for that.

    But seeing as how this is all about swag jacking then I agree. Nicki did everything except steal Kim’s thoughts.


    *GASP* Failed career?! — You can’t be serious! — Either you’re way too young to know all the great accomplishments Lil’ Kim has had (especially in her prime), or you know nothing of Kim..period.

    Just because she fell back a little, like EVERY artist does at some point, doesn’t make her a fail!

    You poor, unfortunate soul (aka stan).

    …and furthermore…nothing Nicki Minaj has done has shed GOOD light on Lil’ Kim. Everyone just makes comparisons or bashes Kim. People only believe she fell off because of the amount of plastic surgeries she has had, but Nicki had ’em too…sooooo what!

  7. Hahaha @ Dana’s last sentence. True.

    I totally agree. & I have stated all of that in my article. I am a fan of both Nicki and Kim. & the two are both extremely talented musicians.

    I was just sayin’…maybe she can “borrow” a little less? LOL.

  8. Those pics say it all *[Maury Povich voice]* Nicki you ARE a swagger jacker.

  9. Don’t forget to add Lady Gaga.

    She swagger jacked Lil Kim and Madonna.

  10. I personally think they are both talented, and WHO CARES if she “swagger jacks” honestly nothing on God’s beautiful earth is original NOTHING. It’s 2011 people!
    S.N. I see you love mentioning Beyonce for comparisons huh?

  11. Cosign……..@ Southern Dive & @ Teamminaj.

    Get real people. Like someone mentioned before nothing on this earth is original especially at this day in age – Its 2011.
    Nicki has already stated that she was influenced by Kim. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE is owed to Kim. Kim is washed up and her time has expired MANY years ago!!! It’s time for her to let go of the past. If she is so Iconic and true to the game she would still be doing music instead of scheduling multiple miserable/hatred interviews talking about Nicki!

    Get ya mind right Fashonista! Yes failed career! No TRUE artist, especially a rapper, completely gives up on music. Hell even Janets old a** is still touring over seas! What is kim doing?-Dancing with the stars? LOL

    Nicki said it best “B**** if you aint shi*** then get off the pot!”

  12. I nominate ASK ME IF I CARE for the Delusional Stan of the Year Award. People who get that emotional over strangers generally have no life or accomplishments of their own. They stan for strangers because they can’t stan for themselves.

  13. We already knew this, and this still isn’t going to stop Nicki Minaj’s rise to the top. I can’t knock her hustle anyways my favorite rapper will always and forever be TRINA.

  14. Nahhhhhhh I strongly DISAGREE. Nicki is the new Lil Kim. That’s all there is too it. Nicki is young fresh and Lil Kim has done nothing to preserve her legacy except run around the country harping on her old sh&t and making shallow threats that could land her back in jail if she keeps talking too much. Just drop a classic album or hang up the mic for good!



  17. When you have to literally steal your wardrobe from someone else your career is going to flop as soon as fast as it started. Mark my words by the end of this year Nicki would have been here and gone.

  18. One person makes a career on playing a fake another copies and it’s a problem. They’re
    3 black women above turning themselves into something they’re not. Can you swagger jack fakery?

  19. @Ranjay – SMH…….I’m staing my opinion just like everyone else on this blog. Obviously I said something that affected you in some way that got you to respond, so who’s the emotional one or the one who has no life?

    I’m flattered that someone as insignificant as you found me delusional & emotional enough not only to nominate me, but personally attack me (which was poorly done btw) for my opinion! You know nothing about me nor my accomplishments! You should feel foolish for making assumptions and an a** of yourself stating things in which you have no knowledge of!

    You are dismissed after this post! Holla at me next year (2012) when I may not only be delusional, but officially insane to waste more of my valuable time on you!

    #TeamAskMeIfICare – Is that stan enough for you :-p

  20. Lil kim clone clown is the description that fits her perfectly. Its really freaky how Diddy completely transformed into Lil Kim Jr.

  21. ITA w/ all of the above. Minaj is an aper of Kim via costume only. Lyrical style & content differ major. Kim is iconic Minaj is making her mark. I say battle head 2 head or collab. I personally would LUV for Kim to release new, old, remix, collab, ANYTHING!

  22. I also wanted to add that Lil Kim swagger jacked a white woman !

    I was looking over the pics above, and you can see the definite change in her looks/skin tone and that’s just plan scary. Like Im not gonna hate if someone feels better getting their boobs done or gastric bypass because they wanna feel better about their appearance, but Lil Kim looks as if she just wants to be a white girl.

  23. The only thing separating these two ‘likenesses’ is the generational gap.

    Proof positive that “there is nothing new under the sun” and that “imitation is the best form of flattery!”


    On a serious note, playing dress-up is fun at all ages. Good luck to both of these women/artists/wrappers/pop-figures.


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